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I’ve been doing some jiggery pokery to the functions file for the theme used here and have successfully added a google profile link to the author archive page so any article indexed by Google gets associated with that authors google plus profile.


Guest bloggers, update your profile!

If you’re a guest blogger, have a google plus account and want your image to be displayed next to the rich snippet that shows in google search results then you just need to log in to and update your profile to include your google plus profile link.

Once you do that, your author archive will link your name with rel=”me” to your google profile and google will know that the article you wrote is by you and will add your image to the search results when that article appears.

Check google knows

When you’re all set and you can see your google profile link in your author archive page you can check that google knows about it by visiting the

title="google webmaster tools rich snippets">google webmaster tools – rich snippets page and pasting the url to one of your guest blogger articles into the field.

If all is good, it should show something similar to this

Go forth and post!

Now there’s even more reason to write for! this is just another one of the arsenal of tools that are available to guest bloggers. See this post to see the amazing results of other guest bloggers here.

Don’t forget! update your profile now!

You should also link back to your author page here from within your google profile, this is so google knows that the articles attributed to you are also known about by you.

Just visit your google profile and edit it, click the links and then add a new custom link like the image below