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Rob Boirun
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Rob Boirun
Rob Boirun
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Any knowledgeable website owner and web designer wants to be an authority in Google Plus. For one thing, ever since this social media tool was created, it immediately proved to be a helpful tool to websites, particularly in dominating search engine results on the Internet.

It is poised to push away and as major social medial tools as it promises positive results in any website’s marketing efforts. This is because the current top social media websites possess features that cannot be accessed by Google, which somehow restrict their ability to maximize SEO.

With the use of Google Plus, your website is able to dominate search results in an easy and convenient manner. It is highly possible that a well-optimized Google+ based website can be found in search engines’ top results. Here are ways in which you can dominate SEO via Google+:

1. You can embed your post links

Google Plus permits insertions of followed links onto posts. You only need to insert the URL, and will immediately consider it as a link. The link benefits your website since its value increases every time that the post is shared online or linked into by other websites.

Remember that links coming from Google Plus depends on the domain and webpage, much like any other social network websites. As long as you maintain the link, it will raise better visibility. This is true if you become connected to more online visitors, share more web posts, and make a direct link to your own profile.

2. It follows the links to your profile

While other social network websites and forums require you to perform actions, such as making a number of comments, in order to earn a followed link to your profile; Google Plus initiates the link to the rest of your profile pages on the Internet. At the same time, you are able to embed followed links in your author’s bio using your

choice anchor text.

3. Allows unlimited editing

With Google+, you can perform full editing of every web post at any time that you want. This social website is way ahead of and in terms of editing. In case of the two, users can only enjoy limited editing feature., for instance, only allows deletion of a tweet after it is created. With Google plus, you can update a post anyway you want even if it has become viral. You can also change the title tags and media attached to the post when necessary.

4. Effective optimization of title tags

Your Google Plus post’s first sentence is basically the title tag. Hence, you can benefit from high SEO by opting for the most appropriate keywords. It is a must that you carefully choose the words that you use for your post’s first sentence. The creation of the first sentence can either make or break the title tag of your post.

5. Gets you connected with major influencers

You can depend on Google+ to get connected with top influencers within your chosen industry. You know that you’re getting connected by receiving notifications such a SMS, emails, and Google notification bars.

6. Google Plus helps new content get indexed immediately

The best thing about Google Plus is the ranking benefits that it offers to web posts and pages. For instance, whenever you post new content via Google+, it is likely for search engines to index it quickly. Most web masters and SEO experts believe that new Google+ URL are being crawled immediately.

In the olden days of SEO, if an owner wants to have his website indexed, this can be realized; however, the process will take a number of weeks. Now, with the existence of Google Plus, indexing is as quick and convenient as pushing the Plus 1 button. Indeed, Google+ has been touted as the new indexing form.

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    Some great information..Thank You
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    They do and I have been actively monitoring my google plus and the returns I am getting from google plus are far more greater then the FB and twitter ones.
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    Great information for online marketing techniques. Thanks for sharing.
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  4. Hello Rob,
    Nice post about google plus. I find Google plus more interesting and helpful and as you said, your post get index more quickly and has more advantages in the Google search index. Thanks
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    Google plus offers various advantages over the other social networking today. The authority one gets is obviously better than any other social networking platform and plus it also proven to have seo benefits, which indirectly help the authority too.
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    Yep, Google Plus is a definite hidden gem for SEO. When I post new work on my pages and interact with communities I always see strong traffic with it. Great read!
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    And the good is, there are some free G+ comment plugins. We can easily communicate with customers
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    i always feel google+ is the best social network for bloggers as it allows anchor text with link and also getting more |+1s help is overall SEO so it is best
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    google+ is becming a power. it has changed its look and many featres, so i must admit that it is great for bloggers. google+ can change the fate of a blog. it has more value than any other social network
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    hey Rob,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. I learned lots of good things related to online authority and Yes, Google plus is really very helpful as compared to other. With adding new feature, it become more powerful.
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  11. Leslie Edwards says:

    I can vouch for index from G+. I can expect my latest post to be indexed within a week or 2 max with G+

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    Ya Google plus is a awesome networking site .I like it .One of n the most important thing about it that it is very helpful for bloggers. Authorship is the best example.Nice post.
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  13. jack william says:

    Google+ is the best social platform to increase website popularity.

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    Google plus has helped my blog receive traffic from the correct niche. I agree that it will overtake facebook and twitter in the coming future.
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  15. When talking about post sharing on Google + getting more traffic back to your website than other platforms is not totally accurate. The type of people that are on Google plus are very few people who are going to buy or want to connect with you as a client or consumer. They are most likely other marketers and business-owners who are trying to figure out how to use the platform. Very few people who are looking for a product are in or on Google plus. Now with that said, being a pioneer of this platform is a great idea so that when people are ready and coming into G+ in the future having a solid foundation can’t be anything but great.

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    Google Plus has in a way outdone itself in terms of marketing and partnering with the write people like the comluv premium tool. With regards to an addition to social media marketing it beats the rest with the ability to create a hangout group. It does wonders for customer relations.
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  17. Hi Rob Boirun,
    Google Plus is a definite hidden gem for SEO. When I post new work on my pages and interact with communities I always see strong traffic with it. Google+ is the best social platform to increase website popularity. Google+ can change the fate of a blog. it has more value than any other social network.
    Thanks .
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    Indexing become faster with google plus and moreover site looks like more appropriative with this on your site.
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    Great post and yes Google plus helps websites to get indexed easily. Google plus is really very important for our new blog posts. Thanks for sharing this.
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  20. Sara Tantri says:

    Some greatly useful information here, I think my business will benefit very much from using Google+ to get the website crawled quickly and using it to benefit the overall SEO. Any thoughts on link density on the feed? or would you just use it to simply bookmark everything?

  21. Twitter:
    a very nice post i guess ! yeah google + is becoming a hot intresting topic for online market ! and i have also seen amny of my posts becoming good in SEO just cuz of more G+ !
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  22. Twitter:
    I really dig Google+ Rob. Everything I publish goes immediately to Google+ as a post and my newly published information will show in search results within 10 minutes of publication. I never really thought of Google+ as the new indexing forum, but that makes total sense.

    I think it’s important to join as many circles as possible in order to spread your content further through Google+, it also seems to give your posts more authority that are coming from your website. But in order for this to work properly, I think authorship is of utmost importance. One should always link their Google+ account to your website through authorship. Just my thoughts on it, it really helps your indexed material stand out having the image attached in search results.
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    hello KEROL every person wants to edit the post to check the errors and for adding some extra points to the post.
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    Thanks Rob for this! I have not been tapping effectively from Google plus. I think with this post, I will see how I can improve my online authority through Google plus.
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  25. Twitter:
    I read an article few days ago saying G+ help rank your website. Not sure how much this helps but is worth trying.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel
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  26. Twitter:
    Very true, people commend me that I have over a 1000 Google Plus followers which has come about due to my websites and their influence.
    Gautham A S recently posted..Top 6 Adsense Earners In India – BlogsMy Profile

  27. I think Google+ is a smarter social media over all and it is more friendly towards webmasters. Most of the people who use Google+ are currently webmasters. I had no idea about the title tags. Thanks for this information.
    Narcis recently posted..Three Things That Suck About EnglandMy Profile

  28. Twitter:
    There are many long term benefits when you connect your blog to Google +, more valuable, more authenticated.
    himanshu recently posted..Best Jelly Bean apps for Android in 2013My Profile

  29. Max Manroe says:

    I’m not sure about Google+ for social media, I think it’s slow and not comfortable when I use it. But when we talk about the benefit of G+ for website, this is one of the best

  30. Google+ is a great tool to utilise if you trying to grow your authority.
    Personally I’ve spent more time using Google plus than to other social media platforms.

  31. Twitter:
    Hello Rob,
    Google plus has become a huge social network for webmasters as it can increase search rankings and it can also drive huge amount of traffic. So, Using this social Network is must for any online business to build authority and get indexed quicker and higher.
    Atinder recently posted..How to Increase Followers on Google PlusMy Profile

  32. Twitter:
    I forget to write about, Google Plus is really a great way to get authority for Websites and also rank in search for your followers.
    So, an Awesome Social network.
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  33. Your right that in terms of SEO everybody needs to use Google+, maximise its potential and actively work on building up for following and that of your posts for all the link juice they all provide. from an SEO point of view Google+ has easily taken over from Facebook and Twitter as Google plus provides social link metrics as well as the old fashioned SEO.

    However on the flip side, I believe its wrong! Everybody knows that you must please Google for your website, web game, blog or article to be found. However using this power Google now forces you to use yet another social media channel, and if you don’t you are left behind by your competition, is this right? fair? or another example of an unfair monopoly?

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