Improve Your Online Reputation by Taking Advantage of These Social Media Tips


Social media has gone a long way in terms of branding. It has revolutionized the Internet in such a way that it influenced and humanized brands and certain individuals. In an environment wherein sharing content is a way of life, social media has greatly made an impact in creating and maintaining a positive online reputation, […]

Websites Become an Online Authority with Google Plus


Any knowledgeable website owner and web designer wants to be an authority in Google Plus. For one thing, ever since this social media tool was created, it immediately proved to be a helpful tool to websites, particularly in dominating search engine results on the Internet. It is poised to push away and as […]

Don’t Get Cheated on Your Next Business Trip: 5 Things to Watch Out For

Business man dreaming about his holidays

It’s no secret that when you’re traveling, expenses add up fast. Totaling up the final price for a business trip can be downright depressing. Whether you’re self-employed and on a tight budget, working for a company that compensates travel expenses very conservatively, or just don’t like to get snookered out of a few bucks, learning […]

How To Create A Successful Project Management Plan

Successful businessman

Every professional project, no matter the industry or personnel involved, is bound to have many aspects and require carefully coordinated efforts. Without a competent project manager to provide centralized oversight and keep the interworking parts running smoothly, even seemingly simple jobs can quickly go awry. So project managers have an important job cut out for […]

Calling All Guest Bloggers – Needs You


We all already know the benefits of guest blogging right? Of course, that’s why ComLuv is here and why Andy is on the leading edge of providing tools and services to encourage this.  I have put together a small team (for now) and together we are starting a new site at which will be […]

Top Five Apps for Keeping Blog Writers Organized


If you are a blogger, website content writer or any other type of writer, keeping your ideas from getting forgotten or lost is very important. Every writer knows about scratching out an idea on the back of a receipt or napkin and then accidentally losing it in the mountain of paper on your desk, in […]

Software, the Key to Today’s Enterprise


In today’s world software is running everything from Automated Teller Machines (ATM) to keeping an automobile running smoothly. In just a few years we have gone from industrialized mechanics to an electronic age where the use of an enterprise’s data, through software, is keeping them competitive through connected networks or “embedded software.” Software of Yesteryear […]

Three Tips for Successfully Giving Away Promo Products


If there’s one thing people hate, it’s having something shoved in their faces-even if it’s a promotional item. This tactic is often used at places like conferences and trade shows, and examples can even be found at your local supermarket or warehouse club. Think about the last time a person approached you on the street […]

Exercising Good Manners with Emails


Email has had the uncanny effect of equalizing everyone. This is a double-edged sword. It is good that students feel confident when they can approach their superior through email and ask for clarification of what they are studying. It is not a good thing when they demand, through the faceless intercourse of email, special attention […]

Responding to Negative Reviews: Is it Good for Business?


For business owners, consumer reviews can sometimes feel a bit like a report card. Reviews reflect on how well you’ve performed, and they tell you whether you can proudly keep doing what you’re doing, or whether you need to seriously step up your game. The problem is that reviews are even less objective than a […]