Awesome Adrenalin Rush Sports

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Many wonder what is going on inside the mind of people who take up extreme sports as their hobbies, or what is it that makes such a lifestyle so alluring. Some even argue that indulging in extreme sports is just a manifestation of suicidal tendencies within those people, whereas others claim that it is the addiction to adrenaline which causes one to opt for such a way of living. Whatever the case, I think it is an indisputable truth that each and every one of us is partially tempted to at least give some of these sports a shot, not for the sake of becoming a professional, but in order to discover how he or she would handle that kind of a situation. In the event that you are interested in experiencing an adrenalin rush connected to extreme sports, here are some suggestions of dangerous hobbies.

Wingsuit flying

Wingsuit FlyingIf there is one thing that everyone dreams about, it is to possess the gift of flight. Although this sport is not exactly a dream come true, it is the next best thing for sure. It involves a person flying through, or gliding through the air to be exact, using a special jumpsuit also referred to as wingsuit, birdman suit, flying squirrel suit and in some instances, even bat suit. The act of gliding is finished with the opening of the parachute, designed for sports like skydiving and BASE–jumping (also good examples of the sports likely to get your adrenalin running). In 2010 there were experimental jet powered wingsuits which would allow the user to achieve greater speed, as well as vertical ascension.

Running of the Bulls

Fiesta De San Fermin Running Of The Bulls - Day 8

Despite the fact that it is a sport more connected to the people who live in Spain, Portugal and Mexico, it is still one of the most dangerous leisure activities in existence. Just try to imagine that your primary motivation for running is keeping your limbs intact. The main purpose behind this sport is for the young man to demonstrate their courage, by running as fast as they can in front of the horde of stampeding angry bulls. Other origin story of this sport claims that people wanted to transport cattle for the purpose

of selling it, so other men wanted to hasten up this process by provoking it to run. Even though, it is not the sport I would personally love to have the opportunity to try out, I felt obliged to mention it since it is definitely one of the most extreme hobbies to take part in.



Now something which is not so much life-threatening, since the sport consist of riding a wakeboard over the surface of water. Wakeboarding is combination of water-skiing and surfing, since a person is towed by a motorboat while standing on a wakeboard. Compared to two other mentioned sports, the fear of losing your life is not that present, however, a rider is still filled with excitement considering that a boat is moving 20-35 miles per hour. It is also important for the rider to properly select the wakeboard he or she is supposed to use, since there are those for beginners crafted in a manner so that a rider can keep his or her balance easier. This is more than just riding across the water; there are a bunch of manoeuvres that one can master while wakeboarding.

Ice Climbing and Free Soloing

Free Soloing

Both of these sports include climbing to a high spot, the difference is that one is done on ice formations, with climbing gear included, whereas the other one is conquering the peaks without any use of climbing gear. It is pretty clear that Free Soloing is much more extreme since one must rely solely on his or her strength, and one wrong move can lead to a fatal outcome. Ice climbing does not necessarily involves mountain climbing, it also incorporates climbing over the frozen waterfalls. Both of these sports are practiced by extreme adrenaline junkies, but ice climbing is more popular for obvious reasons.

To conclude, these are all interesting activities, it all depends whether you feel more comfortable gliding through the air, hanging onto a rock or a block of ice, running through the streets or surfing across the water.