Decorating Strategies for Small Bedrooms

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We all dream of a big house with spacious rooms, especially bedrooms. Unfortunately when we buy a house we end up compromising when it comes to size because of limited funds. With the value of homes in Australia at an all time high, especially in Sydney where median value of houses is $811,837, many first time home buyers find it difficult to find a house of their dreams and instead settle for what they can afford.

Small homes with small bedrooms usually mean inadequate storage space and cramped living/sleeping space that makes you feel claustrophobic. There is no reason to agonize about the size of your bedrooms. There are many ways to arrange and decorate a small bedroom to make it more spacious than it really is, with adequate storage spaces, without making the room look more crowded.

Check out these decorating strategies.

  • The bed    

Ordinarily, small beds are used for small bedrooms, but do you know that small furniture like a bed can make a small bedroom room appear much smaller? A bed with a high frame and tall headboard can make a small narrow room with high ceiling  look more spacious, especially if the bed has a canopy to draw attention to the high ceiling.

You can also position the bed backed or centered to a window to make the window as the focus of attention rather than pushing it awkwardly on one side. A lovely window treatment that gives the guise of a canopy will do the trick.

For a small room with a low ceiling, a floor bed or pallet bed with side tables scaled to match the bed is a great idea since it won’t block the sunlight coming from

a low window.

Another alternative for a small room is a loft bed where the space beneath the bed can be used for other purposes such as a storage room, a study or work area or even a place to entertain.

  • Colors

Do you know that a dark wall gives a room an illusion of depth?  When it is paired with walls painted in white, a small room can look bigger. Cheerful colors for a small bedroom are also a great idea and so are vertical stripes meant to draw the eyes upward towards the ceiling. This is a well-established ploy to make a room look much bigger. Of course painting the walls white and having white linens can make a small bedroom look airier and larger.

Painting the room in one tone or color – walls, cabinets, molding and even carpeting – will give the room a unifying color that will smoothen out the lines and make the different flat surfaces blend together.

  • Storage spaces

Imagination is the key to creating storage spaces for a small bedroom. A headboard can be used as a display cabinet or storage space, so is the space beneath the bed. A boxy shelf positioned against the wall that serves as a headboard can serve as display cabinet for books and other knick-knacks.  On the other hand, baskets or boxes with rollers full of clothes, shoes or linens can be slipped under the bed to take advantage of that space.

Overhead cabinets and drawers also called wall cupboards extending to the ceiling are also storage ideas that are great space savers. You can keep all your things and clutter in these wall cupboards hidden to make the place look neat. A neat room looks more spacious.