5 Essential Repairs to Do around the Home before Selling

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Selling your old house is much more complicated than selling a car or an old piece of furniture. The potential buyers will be investing quite a bit of money, and this house will possibly become their new home, so it is only fair that they have plenty of concerns going into deal. They also may have been burned before and have learned to be wary of sales pitches. This is why you need to spruce up the old place and make it presentable. No one wants to live in a dump and people expect a certain level of utility, as well as a good aesthetics. Here are some of the most important repairs you’ll need to make before putting your house on the market.

Take care of your roof


The roof is a major issue for people, and it’s not difficult to see why. The roof is right there in plain sight and it is something that’s not being given too much thought when it comes to regular maintenance. And it’s not just about how it makes the house look – a leaky roof can cause all sorts of problems like mold and flooding. Fixing the roof requires a bit of cleaning, replacing a few shingles here and there and paying close attention to the flashing – the thin metal or rubber strips covering the seams – and make sure that everything is solid. While you are at it, clean out the gutters and fix any leaks, and have the chimney thoroughly cleaned.


Repair any nicks, bumps and scratches on floors and wooden surfaces


The interior needs to be sparkling clean – you want to give of a feeling of a well-maintained and impeccable home. While this means a whole lot of vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing and arranging furniture, most people forget about the little details like nail holes and various nicks and bumps in the floor, walls and furniture. You’ll want to fix all these little problems, or at least mask them so that the house looks spotless.


Throw on a fresh coat of paint


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Repainting your home inside and out is a great way to significantly improve the way the house looks. This project has a very good return on investment, and it is a fairly simple affair. You can do it yourself or you can hire a professional painters for a relatively small price if you look around town for a good deal. The fresh coat of paint leaves a good impression and it can also cover up any small imperfections.


Repair the water heater and all leaking faucets


Hot water is one of the basic things people look for in a functional home. Water heaters can accumulate a lot of sediment over the years, parts rust and erode and the whole thing just loses its effectiveness. Chances are you’ve had the same old water heater sitting in your house for years, soldiering on with very little maintenance. You’ll need to get it inspected and repair any damage. Another thing to look out for is leaking or blocked up faucets and shower heads. You can have a plumber fix the faucets – have him do this while he’s there fixing the water heater to avoid being charged for another house call, as leaky faucets are a quick and easy fix. You can use a simple rag soaked in white vinegar on calcified faucets, and you can soak shower heads in the stuff and leave them for a while, then rinse them clean.


Clean up any mold that you may have

Home interior Mold

Mold is a huge problem and it’s one of the first things that potential buyers will look for. Have the house inspected for mold – a simple inspection doesn’t cost much and some companies will offer this service for free – and take the necessary steps to clean it up. If it’s just a small problem, some bleach, a good brush and a bit of elbow grease will do the trick, but if a large area is affected then it’s best to leave it to the guys that earn a living doing this sort of thing.

There you have it – the most important home repairs that will help you get your house in top shape so it can fetch a good price on the market.