4 Ways to Generate Quality Traffic to Your Blog

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Oluwaseun Babajide
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 Top four Ways to Generate Quality Traffic to Your Website/Blog

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Obviously, traffic generation is a ‘Must’ for any online marketer to be successful. Everyone (including me) would want to generate handsome income online. However, such desirable income depends so much on the amount and quality of traffic that flows to your site. So, you need to unravel the most successful ways to keep visitors flocking to your blog or website. A good number of the known traffic generation strategies are on their own effective, while some require a little tweaking here and there to make them compatible and most effective for your own type of online business.

Here are four major tried and proven traffic generation strategies;

PPC (Pay Per Click) Programs and Online Ads

PPC is among the most successful tools for traffic generation. It simply requires advertising your URLs or banners on well-known websites. PPC is result-oriented but would put a little pressure on your pocket.

Article Submission

Article submission is also another effective traffic generation strategy that comes with good rewards. Creating unique and quality articles can generate good traffic to your website or blog. Such articles may be duplicated in wide range of websites and also attract several targeted traffics. If readers find your articles irresistible, they are likely to explore your author bio and would irresistibly click on your link. Don’t ruin your author bio by adding too many URLs. Only add relevant few links that are related to your bio and articles in

order to get good result.


Participating actively and consistently on forums would offer you high exposure and people would be attracted to your posts through your links. For instance, if you are specialized in weight loss services, you should not hesitate to participate on weight loss and health related forums; this way, you will eventually attract targeted traffic (people who want to lose weight and live healthy). The clicks from the folks in the forum will generate traffic that you need. According to forum experts, it is most effective to integrate just one link in your signature. This will help avert possible confusion. Although some folks indulge in multiple links for SEO purposes, it is not the best strategy as it wouldn’t generate targeted traffic.

Video Marketing

A successful video marketing strategy will help erase your past poor website traffic history. Video marketing is a great tool for attracting visitors to know more about your products or services. As the virtual world continues to evolve, video files have become important online marketing tool in addition to articles. Video helps online users to get more and visual information on just anything. If your online offering requires extensive explanation for potential customers to grasp, consider using a video marketing strategy.

However, such video should not be lengthy and should be easy-to-understand. It’s a great way to gain the attention of your potential customers, particularly if your competitors are not using videos. Besides, videos always make their way to the first search result page, your potential customers are likely to find you quicker. If implemented correctly, you can generate traffic massively within the shortest possible time frame with videos.

These tested and proven traffic generation strategies are highly effective. Please let me know if you have other ways in comment section. :-)