Affiliate Marketing Traffic – Free or Paid?

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Hi, I am Michael Wong and a recent father. I have been figuring how to make affiliate marketing money 7 years ago. During the process, I have gained some success, learn the process, loss money and failed the business. But I refuse to give up. I stayed on and worked my bud off. I continue to look for better ways to make things happen. I can only say you will learn a lot when you want to build something without resources. In the process I also learn about branding, managing finance and became a better marketer...
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affiliate marketing traffic

When come to building your affiliate marketing traffic, be prepared to accept the hard fact that there is no free traffic.

Yeah. You read that right.

There is no free traffic.

Although there are still see people advertising that you can make money with affiliate marketing with free traffic. You need to be exposed to the real deal of this.

[wps_hide_none text=””How about SEO and guest blogging like with ComLuv?””]”How about SEO and guest blogging like with ComLuv?”[/wps_hide_none]

Well, unless you build the website in a SEO friendly way, write your own SEO friendly and keyword dense article or blog post, submit to reputable guest blogging and article sites, building backlinks through other blogs and forums, knowing clearly how to overcome the penguin and panda and not just that, you have to do all those yourself and do it fast enough, then you might enjoy free traffic.

The reason might because time is money. If you are not using other people time and talent to generate affiliate marketing traffic for you, then you are using your own time which could be use for making money online.

But looking at the rate of how online business is progressing and the rate of marketers entering the business, you probably will end up burning yourself tire instead of making money. That’s why wise internet marketers outsource their work and focus on looking for other profitable niche and the business development.

[wps_hide_none text=””Alright. Then how about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platform?””]”Alright. Then how about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platform?”[/wps_hide_none]

Social media is about content and engagement. This goes back to paying others for quality content or you do it yourself. In any case, you still pay for it in different credit.

Of course you can put some simple content and an affiliate link on the social media platforms. But those content have no value. You can also spam your friends and followers. But the truth is, you can only get away once or twice and you will feel

the pinch when you do it for the long term.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Do you think people will still believe you?

[wps_hide_none text=””How about social bookmarking?””]”How about social bookmarking?”[/wps_hide_none]

To date there are around 50 reputable social bookmarking sites on the Internet. Imagine the time you need to go into each of them to push out your content. That’s a serious time consuming work. Registering with all of them is already a hassling job and to input the necessary info for social engagement and SEO, it has to be done.

Although you can sign up the service to push your content out, that goes back to the previous opinion that there is no free traffic because when come to service, you need to pay for it.

It also goes back to quality content.

Of course you can opt to sign up for free traffic.

But signing with free traffic is that it is almost full of advertisement and the traffic that sends to you could be untargeted. The traffic will only be a nice figure when people are coming around the world but have no intention to buy your stuff.

[wps_hide_none text=””Then paid traffic it is?””]”Then paid traffic it is?”[/wps_hide_none]

Paid traffic does come with its strong point. At least you enjoy instant traffic (with the right price of course) while your SEO is taking effect. The only thing is that you need to keep it in control. If you don’t know how to, you can hire the people to do it but beware of preys out there.

When you pay for traffic, it can be more legit and give you more piece of mind. Because you know you are paying to search engines and they provide a clear platform to where your money goes. You can utilize the platform to manage your own advertising budget and campaign.

Although some people will tell you that paid traffic is more expensive, but sometime, depend on your need, an outsourced article could be as expensive as paid traffic.

Also, with the Google algorithm update, you might even need to pay more nowadays to get good content.

So, to get targeted affiliate marketing traffic to your site, you need to combine SEO and other paid traffic. There is no one method is better than the other. They are just different method to bring in traffic and you need them both.

The real question is, are you able to control your cost when you are building your traffic?