Affiliate Marketing Scams – Are They Real?

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Hi, I am Michael Wong and a recent father. I have been figuring how to make affiliate marketing money 7 years ago. During the process, I have gained some success, learn the process, loss money and failed the business. But I refuse to give up. I stayed on and worked my bud off. I continue to look for better ways to make things happen. I can only say you will learn a lot when you want to build something without resources. In the process I also learn about branding, managing finance and became a better marketer...
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affiliate marketing scams -

Looking at the picture above, do you call the world renowned fast food chain a scam? Probably not. Yet many people still look at this business as affiliate marketing scams.

In some countries, the customers often don’t get what they really see. To joke about it, is common to hear that “if the image looks good, you might want to think about it.”

If you look at many promotional brochures, it is common to see fine print as “products shown are for illustration purposes only.” These fine prints are there to protect the merchant if there were any dispute to the product. So that they will not be refer as scam artist.

Come to think of it, it is kind of weird to have something so minute to protect the huge organizations’ benefits instead of the larger population buying their product. But the weirder part is that you seem to accept it. You do go back to your prefer fast food restaurant right?

Anyway, when come to affiliate marketing, people who fail to make money with affiliate marketing will seems able to ignore the fine print (refer as the earnings disclaimer) and comment that they fall into affiliate marketing scams.

You Have Been Programmed

Understanding how humans behave, merchants always get customers hyped up or take action with their products. That is what you experience with a sales letter and walking into a fast food restaurant. Every bit of your experience has been programmed. And many customers, being hyped always regret or doubt their decision after the emotion subsides. But because they have paid for the product or still somehow believe that making money with affiliate marketing is possible, they will continue to build their online business.

But after a few months of hardwork and money spent and still not seeing the desire result, many will throw in the towel.


But to be frank, you probably are already less devoted building your affiliate marketing business before you give up. Instead of engaging in your daily marketing effort, you probably procrastinated to do what you are

supposed to do. You probably already have the excuse to justify why you drag to publish the article that you have written.

But know this. When you are in affiliate marketing, you need to consistently work on your business. Particularly when come to building your online presence.

What do you think this guest post is for besides sharing affiliate marketing tips?

And you probably didn’t hear that from the affiliate marketing merchant you get your product from. Even you got that, the line just somehow gradually disappear from your mind as you are struggling for your affiliate marketing business.

When people get into the business, many will think that affiliate marketing is their silver bullet to slay the werewolf to their financial problem. However, that is not always the case. You need time to make money with affiliate marketing.

You probably didn’t hear that from the merchant you bought the product from. Well, that’s just one of the affiliate marketing secret you have to learn. If they were to tell you that you need time to build your online business and that the time is determine on how focus and financially prepared you are, they might not make any money with the business. In the end they might be joining the crowd to scream that they hate affiliate marketing scams.

You have to know that the affiliate marketing merchant will not tell you the whole truth about the business and they might never will. Just like the example of the fast food chain. It did provide you with a chicken meal. Just that not as how they have painted it.

Not to be harsh, but if you can accept some businesses taking your money everyday without showing you the whole truth, you should be able to accept the fact that sometime, that is how the affiliate marketing game is being played.

So, is affiliate marketing a scam?

Truth be told, there are indeed scammers out there preying your money. But most of the times, you need to be aware of what you are buying into, the journey you are going to take and the person you are following. But one thing for sure, if the merchant told you that you can make money with affiliate marketing overnight, then you seriously want to think whether this is an affiliate marketing scam.