Why your articles must reflect the purpose of domain name!

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Domain NameBlogging is a vast field. Imagine an internet world having more than 33% of total world’s population and you are one of them. Internet world literacy rate should be 100% as an illiterate one can’t use how to write a blog or browse the internet. Blogging is one of the most used platforms in the world. People related to different professions use this platform to show what they think, how they think , how they work , what are their expertise, ideas, innovations, creations etc.

You may have all the abilities mentioned above but sometimes you may think that there is something from which you are deviating. This something is your domain name! It is very difficult for someone to concentrate on a single purpose but there are many ways to make your belief dismissed.

Let’s read this recommendation first.

How to choose a blog name?

Reasons why your article must reflect the purpose of blog name

Well there are many reasons that your majority of articles must reflect the purpose of your domain name. Let’s discuss the main points but note that this article is not for those who have multi-niche blog or website.

≡ Increase in bounce rate

Ultimately your bounce rate will increase if you have no related articles to the domain name. It is just like you have Major Rank in army and you are selling fruits in the market. It shows that an army man is deviating from his purpose. Suppose you have the blog name like techcrunch which is showing that there must be articles related to technology, users visited it and found articles on business, management and travelling, obviously you lose your tech-geek readers, you bounce rate increased and you will be left for the crawlers who don’t care what you are posting.

≡ Indexing Problems

Indeed there will be indexing problems, if your site is all about technology, your sitemap shows the post-format, tags and archives related to technology and your site description shows the purpose of your site name and

data is all about business, traveling and management, then you must re-think about it. It is a common SEO practice that your site URL, TAGS, CONTENT and everything reflects the same purpose, not 100% but somehow it shows that you are doing your best, otherwise it will take a huge time to index your site.

≡ Social Media Interaction

As a blog owner, you need to be a part of specific niche circle in social media networks. A technology guy can’t talk in business circle and vice versa. You need your voice heard clear and loud then you need to be a part of your niche circle. Have you ever heard lion romanced a puss? Yes! It is possible if the lion wants to deviate from its purpose that is; meowing instead of roaring. Well it looks awkward. All I want to say… ROAR! Otherwise no one will hear you. But hey! Roar in your circle, never do it in other’s circle. They will flee.

≡ Your responsibility as an owner

I explained it in bounce rate but specifically I want to mention some words on it. Never make your website for bots. The raking which came from your readers can’t be wrong. Digg.com is one of the most used social website for technology, politics, breaking news and entertainment once valued 200million dollars and sells for 50 thousand dollars. Decrease in price may have effect the readers and contributors but still it is one of the top 1000 websites in the world. They achieved their target not by the bots and crawlers but by the readers. They have maintained the purpose since it was born and millions of people still love to visit Digg.

As an owner you have to work hard on your domain name purpose. Later on you can recruit editors and contributors which can help you to grow your website.


It is not necessary that you have to keep all the data on your website 100% related to your domain name and description. Suppose you have technology site. Technology has sub-categories like Physics, astronomy, tech news, smart phones, gadgets and reviews etc. We have unlimited categories in every niche. A business site can be used for traveling articles if they are providing hotel reservations and facilities in different countries. The conclusion is, your majority of the site portion must reflect the domain name otherwise read the article once more.

Happy Blogging.

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