3 Reason Why I moved from blogger to wordpress

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blogger to wordpress

I started my blog in April 2013. I was not intended to choose the blogging as my career but according to me, blogging is a career even If it’s limited to hobby. At first I was on blogger because I was well aware of it. Blogger is easy to customize, you have complete coding at one place and you can change or edit anything without opening your hosting cpanel, domain dashboard etc. It is very easy to manage the sidebars, widgets, ads and layout in blogger. Blogger is owned by Google so it makes it more convenient to verify your ownership through single email submission, make followers through powerful feedburner, integrate Google comments through your dashboard and some other very attractive features. If this was all I got, so many benefits, why I changed my blogging platform then? Do wordpress have all these advantages? If I say No! There should be some reasons why I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress.

1) Layout and Templates

This is weird if I say I migrated to wordpress due to layout, but this is the fact. My blog is a multiple-niche blog and I was searching for retina based theme or the template with category wise homepage division. During all my research I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. Blogger templates are divided in to two categories.

  1. Blog Category
  2. Wallpaper Category.

There is no other category in blogger templates. Even if there is category for magazine, it is very difficult to manage it. You have to manually add different categories from the Html Editor or you have to widgitized the whole blogger template.


Blogger is not for plugins. If you are saying sidebar widgets are plugins, seriously we are not dumb. If you have no Idea what SEO is? You have to learn it from different sources. You will read books, online tutorials, videos etc and after it you will be able to make your post SEO Friendly…but wait for a moment, you are limited. There is nothing to measure how much your article will be SEO friendly in blogger. In wordpress, let’s take only YOAST SEO plugin. Giving you a complete idea of how much your article is SEO friendly even if you have no idea what SEO is, Yoast will check it for you. It will tell you add your keywords here, here and here. If you haven’t purchased your template and it’s a free version, no problem. There is author plugin, Custom header plugin, Share your article plugin and so on so forth. Decorate your free template with unlimited resources.

3) Commenting system

Are you kidding me? No I’m serious. Have you ever tried to install commenluv on your blogger blog? It looks weird. Like you have installed something forcefully. If not, try disquis. If your Post Area is less than 450px It will flow out from the main layout. Blogger default commenting system in complete failure, outdated and dull. We have advance commenting system on wordpress like livfyre, commentluv and disquis. Specifically if I say commentluv through which the readers can show their work as well,  very easy to use,  no need to link your most recently work as commentluv will do it for you, you can make your link dofollow by different options like sharing it on G+, tweeting etc. In fact you can get readers who want to comment if you are providing them backlinks. Isn’t it a fact?

WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress has unlimited resources. From the past few years blogger hasn’t bring any update to their users beside the HTML Editor and Google commenting system upgrade. Meanwhile, wordpress is going for another update plus all the resources are updating on regular basis. It is not necessary that everyone should be agreed to my points but all i want to say … Blogger S*cks.!!