3 Reason Why I moved from blogger to wordpress

Osama Zia
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Osama Zia
Osama Zia
Osama Zia
Osama Zia
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blogger to wordpress

I started my blog in April 2013. I was not intended to choose the blogging as my career but according to me, blogging is a career even If it’s limited to hobby. At first I was on blogger because I was well aware of it. Blogger is easy to customize, you have complete coding at one place and you can change or edit anything without opening your hosting cpanel, domain dashboard etc. It is very easy to manage the sidebars, widgets, ads and layout in blogger. Blogger is owned by Google so it makes it more convenient to verify your ownership through single email submission, make followers through powerful feedburner, integrate Google comments through your dashboard and some other very attractive features. If this was all I got, so many benefits, why I changed my blogging platform then? Do wordpress have all these advantages? If I say No! There should be some reasons why I moved my blog from blogger to wordpress.

1) Layout and Templates

This is weird if I say I migrated to wordpress due to layout, but this is the fact. My blog is a multiple-niche blog and I was searching for retina based theme or the template with category wise homepage division. During all my research I was unable to find exactly what I was looking for. Blogger templates are divided in to two categories.

  1. Blog Category
  2. Wallpaper Category.

There is no other category in blogger templates. Even if there is category for magazine, it is very difficult to manage it. You have to manually add different categories from the Html Editor or you have to widgitized the whole blogger template.

2) Plugins

Blogger is not for plugins. If you are saying sidebar widgets are plugins, seriously we

are not dumb. If you have no Idea what SEO is? You have to learn it from different sources. You will read books, online tutorials, videos etc and after it you will be able to make your post SEO Friendly…but wait for a moment, you are limited. There is nothing to measure how much your article will be SEO friendly in blogger. In wordpress, let’s take only YOAST SEO plugin. Giving you a complete idea of how much your article is SEO friendly even if you have no idea what SEO is, Yoast will check it for you. It will tell you add your keywords here, here and here. If you haven’t purchased your template and it’s a free version, no problem. There is author plugin, Custom header plugin, Share your article plugin and so on so forth. Decorate your free template with unlimited resources.

3) Commenting system

Are you kidding me? No I’m serious. Have you ever tried to install commenluv on your blogger blog? It looks weird. Like you have installed something forcefully. If not, try disquis. If your Post Area is less than 450px It will flow out from the main layout. Blogger default commenting system in complete failure, outdated and dull. We have advance commenting system on wordpress like livfyre, commentluv and disquis. Specifically if I say commentluv through which the readers can show their work as well,  very easy to use,  no need to link your most recently work as commentluv will do it for you, you can make your link dofollow by different options like sharing it on G+, tweeting etc. In fact you can get readers who want to comment if you are providing them backlinks. Isn’t it a fact?

WordPress or Blogger?

WordPress has unlimited resources. From the past few years blogger hasn’t bring any update to their users beside the HTML Editor and Google commenting system upgrade. Meanwhile, wordpress is going for another update plus all the resources are updating on regular basis. It is not necessary that everyone should be agreed to my points but all i want to say … Blogger S*cks.!! 


  1. No doubt about it. Blogger cannot stand against WordPress. WordPress rocks mainly because it has many functions and helpful plugins which reduce all the coding burden.
    Naser Mohd Baig recently posted…How To Root LG Nexus 4 On Android 4.3 Jelly Bean Firmware?My Profile

  2. After importing all the contents from blogger acount blog, you can change your blogger blog URL to subdomain (123.blogspot.com), so that people who bookmarked your old subdomain URL will also get redirect to your WordPress URL. And also you will not get blogger page with the message like You are being redirected.
    Martin recently posted…Is FLASH Appropriate for your Business Website?My Profile

  3. i will always prefer wordpress over blogger, because wordpress is too easy to operate due to big collection of plugins, many beautiful themes, great support and SEO of wordpress is great. thanks for your worthy post.

    • Agree with you Rahul! I noticed that SEO of the wordpress is outstanding. Believe sometimes i missed important tags in blogger but wordpress SEO always check it for you and tell you how much your article is SEO friendly!

  4. You had me agreeing 100% when you mentioned plugins mate. WordPress is the most versatile plug-and-play platform I know.
    brisrocket recently posted…Add Google Remarketing code to WordPress BlogMy Profile

  5. well it’s true. wordpress is the better than blogger. I personally prefer wordpress. Because theme and plug ins.
    Johnw recently posted…How to communicate and connect with the key decision makers?My Profile

  6. Blogger is good when one blogs for the very first time and is just playing around. Once he/she gets more familiar, I believe most people would move to wordpress and have their own domain for more flexibility. WordPress is one of the best CMS I have ever used, its juts not about the themes, but also about how easily one can configure the website and add more flexibility with plugins.
    chang recently posted…eHarmony loginMy Profile

  7. To be true I’ve chosen WordPress for its large number of plugins & thousands of theme of my choice with the best UI available for creating a website. Blogger is good but I don’t like its UI even though it is from Google. thanks for sharing the article with us Osama.
    raj recently posted…Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

    • I agree with you! Blogger is good for beginners. The time when you feel that you have limited access to many things on blogger you have to move to wordpress in order to continue your career or hobby in a professional way. Thanks Raj!

  8. I have been on blogger since 2008. I really want to take my blog to the next level and had hoped to pay someone to design my site. Just have not had the funds to do so. I am convinced that moving to WordPress is the answer for ow. Thank you for the inspiration

  9. The difference between WordPress and Blogger is very obvious… the best thing about WordPress is that it is unlimitedly expandable…
    Thanks for the article
    Ahmad recently posted…إصدار ووردبريس 3.6 المنتظرMy Profile

  10. No doubt, wordpress platform is better than blogger in many ways though many bloggers on blogger platform do succeeds but their blog look doesn’t possess enough customization and they are not always SEO friendly which make it difficult for newbie bloggers that blog on blogger platform to make thier blog SEO friend but with wordpress the deed can easilly be done with plugin like All in one SEO plugin and Yoast plugin. I have the preference of wordpress over blogger.
    Adesanmi Adedotun recently posted…Don’t die for it; it’s just 4 letter wordsMy Profile

    • I am sure that you explained a very good point. Before moving on wordpress, sometimes i missed a lot if things, like while targeting a keyword, i forgot to add the keyword in headings, sub heading, make them bold, italic but when i moved to wordpress, yoast seo checked all these errors for me to get better result. thanks for the comment Adedotun!

  11. Lauren Smith says:

    I think that, “WordPress is just plain awesome”, would have sufficed as any answer, haha, great post though!

  12. I have moved from blogger to wordpress too. As you have mentioned that in wordpress you have much more control over your website and plugins are just amazing.

  13. Hi Osama,

    Thanks for sharing this. I didn’t really move from one to another. Instead, I created a whole new one :)

    Blogspot still earning me some money so I am going to leave it there as it is. WordPress? Priceless mate.
    Reginald recently posted…WPEngine Review – The Best Managed WordPress HostingMy Profile

    • You did the same thing ! I have a template blog at blogger where i design blogger templates for backlinks :p but wordpress is for your articles! No comparison between blogger and wordpress! WordPress is beast :D Thanks Chan for the comment!

  14. hi thanks for this article I really want to take my blog to the next level and had hoped to pay someone to design my site
    vaibhav recently posted…Free quick time media player downloadMy Profile

  15. I think WordPress is truly superior. As you say the available layouts and plugins are tremendously helpful, and the level of control you can have over your site is something that I would not ever give up.

    • Lee! I founf myself in a new world after moving to wordpress! It’s really awesome. I need something and i always find it in the plugins. :D While in the blogger you have to add everything manually.

  16. I use wordpress because it’s very useful, it very easy to change theme, add new plugin …
    Alex recently posted…Virtual Staff Academy ReviewMy Profile

  17. hi Osama,
    the commenting system and the interface alone provide enough popularity to wordpress.

    Along with all this, it(wordpresss) is updated quite often and the bugs are always removed almost frequently.
    yogesh pant recently posted…The reason for high cost of goldMy Profile

  18. WordPress is very seo friendly.There have lot of plugin for every tools. Thanks for share your ideas.

  19. It’s no secret that wordpress is the better format for any type of website really. Blogger just doesn’t make the cut for most things that we need to do with sites anyway…

  20. for sure wordpress is the best, blogger is just for those that are starting out as a blogger :)
    Gilbert Samuel recently posted…5 Significance of a Quality ContentMy Profile

  21. I was only blogger for a while when I first started. I didn’t understand plugins and all that stuff – even though my husband was telling me that I should use wordpress, not blogger. I am amazed that blogger hasn’t updated their platform in a while and created something more user friendly for people. However, I have seen some pretty successful bloggers on blogger.
    Bellaisa recently posted…Technology For Kids: The Best Gadgets For You And Your BabyMy Profile

    • I agree with you that there are successful bloggers but I am sure that ratio of successful wordpress users are more. Your husband is quite right. You want to do something in a professional way, you have to select the professional platform and wordpress is a professional platform for your blogging! Thanks Bellaisa for the comment!

  22. Thanks for the post. I started with blogger when I first decided to set up International Trade Examiner. But after a few months, I switched to WordPress for more control over my site. It required a bit of work to learn but once I got the hang of WordPress shortly after, I have continued with ITE on WordPress.
    Dr Sarita Jackson recently posted…The Problem with the Argument Against Free TradeMy Profile

    • Exactly! I have a testing wordpress blog where i test plugins before using them! WordPress has a lot of tutorials where i learned many things and still I am feeling like I have to learn many more things. Anyway thanks for your comment Dr Sarita!

  23. Great post! Definitely agree with you, I am still relatively new to wordpress and am learning as much as I can, but based on comparing a wordpress blog to a blogger blog, wordpress blows blogger out of the water.

  24. Abhishek abh-i says:

    Google is passive in updating blogger. Blogger also doesn’t offer to make a customizable mobile website which gives the looks of blogger blog dirty in mobile website. But its feature are easily understable so good for newbie bloggers.

  25. I agree with all the points mate !
    But i recommend newbies to start with Blogger platform ..as they can learn the basics of blogging ,SEO and implement them on their blogger blogs .Thanks for sharing this information .

    Pramod recently posted…Lemon P102,Lemon P103 specs,price and featuresMy Profile

  26. Kartik SIbal says:

    Have been debating on this thing for ages now,
    Seems finally the debate comes to an end,
    Thanks to you!
    Simply commendable work!

  27. Blogger was the first platform I tried out too and for a newbie it was already an excellent blogging platform. But since I transferred to wordpress, I don’t see any reason in going back to blogger or any other cms.

  28. Hello Osama Zia,
    Obviously WordPress is much more fruitful than the blogger. Rich set of plugins, themes and the most important the ease of access. Like you I also start blogging from blogger but then I switch to WordPress.
    BTW Great Article bro.. Keep sharing… :) :)
    Pankaj Jain recently posted…Google Nexus 5 V’s iPhone 5: An OverviewMy Profile

  29. The only advantage with the Blogger is that the site can be protected from Hackers easily and it gets indexed in Google fastly. But, if we consider to build a business or a company site, we cannot host them on Blogger as it requires too many plugins which may not be available on Blogger. So, it is always better to use WordPress instead of Blogger.
    Ajay recently posted…How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows And Macintosh Operating System?My Profile

  30. Yaa i also prefer WordPress more as it gives more Power into our hands and east to use too.
    Gautam Kumar recently posted…How To Download Temple Run 2 For PcMy Profile

  31. Contrary to what most people believe that blogger is very easy to manage, I think is meant for those who doesn’t want to take their blogging to the next level.
    If you want your blog to stand out and want more than just a diary, (what they called blog) anyway, then you better get down with WordPress.
    With lots of plugins to ease your task, you never go wrong with it.
    shamsudeen recently posted…How Do You Write A Perfect Tweet?My Profile

  32. Moving from Blogger to WP might have been your biggest accomplishment amongst the content management systems! Good think transferring from Blogger to WordPress is pretty seamless.
    Leon Bailey recently posted…Cameraman For WorkerBee TV Premiere Orlando Keratin Complex InterviewMy Profile

  33. I just set up a blog and I never actually considered Blogger as I love the ability to customize with WordPress. It’s been a lot of learning and experimenting with coding and plugins (which continues), but I can’t imagine there is a better CMS than WP that doesn’t require programming knowledge.
    Jessica recently posted…How to Attend a Free Fashion Show in Paris at Galeries LafayetteMy Profile

  34. Hi Osama ,
    Yes you are absolutely right wordpress platform provide a lot of features that blogger can not provide.In blogger you have a lot of restriction but in wordpress you can customize it to anything. More than that what more important is that you get your self your own domain.

  35. Shreyansh Golechha says:

    WordPress is indeed very powerful blogging tool but for beginners blogger is much more easy. I have used both of them & I agree with the SEO support & plugins that wordpress provides. It also has options for layout & themes. Google still needs to develop new plugins & themes for Blogger.

  36. There are many other reason as well… As happened with me that google is too rude when it comes to blocking your legal content and you are left with no option except to move on to other platforms. :(

  37. Neurismar says:

    Great to know about wordpress. How long it takes the process to transfer the domain name?

  38. Nice. I also Love WordPress Blog because they have many features than the Blogger.

  39. I just want to tell you that I am just very new to blogging and site-building and absolutely loved your blog. Likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You actually come with incredible posts. With thanks for sharing your website page.

  40. I agree with you, but you also have to know that wordpress is very weak in terms of security, I mean sites that use wordpress platform easy to be deface.

  41. WordPress is the best . Its the plugins that steals the show . I fully agree with you, Osama. Nice post .

  42. I like blogger more then wordpress , I don’t know why but i love It :)

  43. Imran Murtaza says:

    Yeah right. WordPress is the best over blogger. Nice article.

  44. I am sticking with blogger/blogspot for now. Unlike most of you guys here, my blog is nothing special and I don’t think it will increase in popularity anytime soon. However, your points on why you switched to WordPress are valid. Thanks.

  45. You cannot use themes of your choice on blogger they are only the limited ones those older looks so prefer to wordpress rather than going with blogger.
    himanshu recently posted…Download Google chrome offline installer for freeMy Profile

  46. I think it’s not a fair fight to compare WordPress vs Blogger. Both have its own advantages and faults but for me WordPress is better. When you get use to it, there is really nothing that you can’t create

  47. wordpress is up to date in themes, widget, and plugins. I have tried blogger for several times, but more I use wordpress, more I feel blogger is for baby
    werry adnan recently posted…Mengapa Pindahan Perlu Disurvey Terlebih DahuluMy Profile

  48. Hi,
    I am a very new blogger. Just went through the post and all the comments and I think WordPress is better than blogger, but is free WordPress same and powerful as you guys have mentioned against Premium WordPress. Really like to move then

  49. No doubt. Thats the same reason why i moved since 2007. hoho..
    titan recently posted…Cara nak turunkan berat badan selepas bulan puasa/raya?My Profile

  50. Sanath Swaroop says:

    Hey there there reasons are enough o shift from blogger to wordpress.I moved to WordPress to allow users register and start writing articles withing no time …

  51. Another reason I use wordpress is that it’s more mobile-friendly. WordPress has an app you can use to write and publish posts with. Blogger is more of an old fashioned ‘drag and drop’ format.
    Matt recently posted…Godaddy Promo CodesMy Profile

  52. Akash Deep Satpathi says:

    I also think that WordPress is a great platform and I am using it, but saying Blogger bad is not good. Blogger is also good in its own place.

  53. WordPress is where it’s at! I couldn’t live without all the plugins. I try to minimize my use of them, but they sure are easy. If I want something, I can have it instantly via: plugins> add new
    dub recently posted…The Trout Fishing Tips- Fly Fishing Trouble Shooting Manual. Why Can’t I Hook Any Trout!?My Profile

  54. hasan mebel jati says:

    bogger was very competitive.but I love wordpress.cuz wordpress has many plugins and is very easy to digest among newbi ..

  55. Payal Bansal says:

    Completely agree! Used to be on Blogger, but once I shifted on WordPress I am loving blogging all the way more. Its easier, so many plugin, can give my Blog a better look, Love Word press.

  56. Hi Osama really nice and Informative post. When I used to use blogger as my prime means of blogging I was not really aware of the power and flexibility of wordpress but now I just love it..

  57. Naveen Bansal says:

    Thanks for sharing such a nice post. I was thinking to start a blog but was confused between blogger and wordpress now my confusion clear after reading your blog. Thnx!

  58. Forget how weird CommentLuv might look on Blogger. Just the Blogger commenting form itself is enough to make me run. I HATE commenting on Blogger blogs and usually just don’t. Ugh.

    Not to mention having Google own your blog. Um. No. Self-hosted WordPress ONLY.
    Alison Moore Smith recently posted…What About Socialization? The Perpetual (and Inane) Homeschooling QuestionMy Profile

  59. No doubt WordPress is the best. We can customize self-hosted WordPress freely. No required any HTML skill to edit template and It also provides us great many powerful plugins.

  60. Hello Osama Zia,
    I agree with you that wordpress have the facility of having awesome plugins and wordpress have awesome responsive themes. but i think a blogger blog have tremendous loading speed as compared to the WordPress blog or any other CMS so, what do you think Osama ?
    By, the way thanks for sharing :)

    ~Honey Soni
    Honey Soni recently posted…How to Get Free Twitter Followers?My Profile

  61. That’s great! In fact, I also switched from to blogger to wordpress! And the reason of moving my blog is same!
    Chetan recently posted…Q-veg: The natural CoQ10 supplement in IndiaMy Profile

  62. David Hall says:

    WordPress is simpler to understand and it doesnt required any coding its by default install. Complete ready-made

  63. For sure WordPress is great, however let’s not forget Blogger offer FREE space without showing ads like WordPress FREE version from what I see on my friends blogs.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Small Trailer v 1.0My Profile

  64. My first blog which is still there was and is from blogger but I had to switch to WordPress. As you said, WordPress has unlimited resources. When I learnt that there was no way I could continue using blogger. This is because I was trying to make good money. Nice post and I agree with you. ~ Anetta

  65. I worked on drupal few times, but now I prefer wordpress. I’m more confortable with wordpress.
    marc.donovan recently posted…The many options of Android Emulators.My Profile

  66. Hey Osama,
    Nice post and I am totally agree with you that WordPress is a great CMS which provide lots of amazing features and plugins. Many bloggers are using it these days including me. It is really very easy to understand it. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  67. I agree with you that the layout and plugins available in the wordpress are great. And the commenting system in blogger is not so good. So it is valid reason to move to wordpress i think.
    Riya Khurana recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Windows 7/8/MAC, WhatsApp Para PCMy Profile

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