5 Horrible Website Hosting Failures

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Mitz Pantic
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Mitz Pantic
Mitz Pantic
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Cheap or free website hosting often means the system administrators are overworked and underpaid. That’s an unfortunate situation for anyone who depends on them for business or professional website hosting. We have all heard the horror stories and like everything else, we presume it will never happen to us. It is far better to do your research when you are creating a WordPress website from scratch as you will need to place your hard work in the safest place possible.

Here are a few things that can go wrong with your web hosting:

#1-Defaced Websites

There are two main types of website hosting hackers. The “professional” hackers go after money, which is bad enough, but the amateur hackers usually just want credit for hacking your website, so they deface your home page.

Having your homepage defaced can make you the mockery of your customers and even your friends. Worse, security problems often occur because system administrators are too busy-so don’t expect them to rush to fix your site. I have had a forum defaced and my hosting company repaired it for me within an hour but others have not been this lucky.

#2-Website Hosts Lose Data

Although backups are a priority for every system administrator, they’re easy to put off when they get busy. At most website hosting companies, there’s no way for you to know whether your data is really backed up-or if they just say that it’s backed up.

The chronically busy system administrator at the cheap website hosting company may have been putting off backups for months the day your server crashes. After that, the only thing he can do for you is send a terse apology and get the billing department to refund last month’s bill. To avoid this situation we all need to be responsible and backup our website files before disaster strikes.

#3-Over-Use Charges

Profit-seeking hackers may not attack your website because it has anything

of value, but because it serves as a useful platform for attacking other websites.

Many website owners without unlimited bandwidth or disk space plans have discovered massive over-use charges on their bills after a hacker attack. But keeping your server safe is a shared responsibility between you and the website hosting company.

#4-Canceled Website Hosting Accounts

WikiLeaks discovered recently how easy it is to lose your website when a hosting provider no longer wants your business. One moment their website was running an Amazon.com’s cloud-based servers, the next minute it was gone.

Most cheap website hosting companies depend on you having a low-traffic website. If you get too much traffic and they need to actually spend money on you, you may get a nice notice from them saying, “we’re no longer interested in your business. Thank you.”

Also many webmasters simply get their websites taken down when the bandwidth limit has been exceeded. At this point you have no choice but to upgrade your hosting. I would die if this happened to me! Imagine opening your blog to the world, making a huge launch slamming you with traffic, then getting shut down due to exceeding bandwidth? Oh no…

#5-Pathetic Downtime Guarantee – Website Hosting Failures

It’s standard to offer an uptime guarantee in the website hosting business, but some of the guarantees are laughable.

For example, a 99% uptime guarantee means your server could be down 446 minutes every month without them breaking their promise. For most people and nearly all businesses, that’s unacceptable.

But even website hosting companies that offer 99.9% guarantees or better often skate out from serious consequences by pro-rating your refund. So, on a $5 a month plan, your refund will total $0.01 after a four-hour outage-hardly just compensation for all the business you may have lost and all the people who no longer think you run a reliable site.

When you put it like this the 99% uptime guarantee sounds like a nightmare!


High-quality hosting plans cost only a few dollars more a month than the low-quality plans, but they’re much less likely to suffer from horrible website hosting failures.

Please share your experiences below in the comment section.

Have you been faced with horrible website hosting failures before?