Are you a Social or a Hermit Blogger? My Tips for New Bloggers out there!

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Are you a Social or a Hermit Blogger? My Tips for New Bloggers out there!

Having a great looking blog and writing great content for it just won’t cut it anymore. Ten (or so) years ago when blogging (or web logging as it was known back then) took off it was quite easy to build your blogs audience, reputation and authority.

Of course having a great looking blog and writing great content is of course important, but especially if you’re a new blogger building your blogs audience can be an uphill struggle and can be quite disheartening if you have put a lot of effort into your blog and not seeing any return on your investment.

I have recently set up a third blog that’s all about my other obsessive hobby of birds and birding. And as yet I have not got an audience for it but I am quite lucky as over the years I have learned a few lessons when building your blogs audience, rank and authority. So to that end I am going to share with you in this first post for Andy’s Comment Luv Network a few tips on building your blogs audience.

  • Post Often, my numero uno rule when blogging is to publish posts often by that I mean setting a timetable of publishing posts. As your audience will come to expect to see posts by you at certain times of the week. Start of small and post once a week at the same time and day as the week before, then as your confidence grows you can post more often but once you do that never drop back to just one post a week as you can lose a chunk of your following that way. Make sure you don’t fall back on posting when going away on Holiday (vacation), Phil Lusted a fellow Blogger has written on this very subject HERE
  • SEO, Spell check and grammertize your posts, the first thing I always do is to write my posts in word. To check for any spelling and grammar mistakes as not doing this can not only be embarrassing for you but you’re not helping your blogs authority as well as looking unprofessional. WordPress has 2 great features for seo. The first is the ability to send trackbacks to other sites related to your topic. Not only is this great for others by sending link luv but is also great for building your blogs backlinks. The second is to use the tags feature. Post certain keywords and phrases when posting. One more thing I have not mentioned is a great plugin called the all in one seo pack that can be found HERE.
  • Forums. These are great places to be social, give value and build your audience! The great thing about forums is not only can you find current topics to write about but most have a feature called signatures! For maximum impact I tend to use banners in my sig where I can! Some forums won’t display your sig file until you have made a certain number of posts so it’s always important to stay active in these places as they are a huge resource of traffic to your blog especially if you give great content. Now I could list a load of forums and a few like bigboads and warrior forum come to mind but what I tend to do is search Google by using this text string in Google search: {forums} Keyword (or multiply keywords related to your blog).
  • Find Other Blogs. Have a list of about 10 or 20 similar blogs that you visit and comment on can only build your blogs audience especially if they have the great comment luv plugin, always try and provide value in your comment never put things like “great post, really enjoyed this”. For me that is a kind of spamming especially if you have your link attached to it! I always try and add value by leaving my thoughts, ideas and tips that are related to that particular post.
  • Don’t Be Selfish. After a while you will start to build your audience and start getting comments if you use my tips here! But make sure you are not selfish when it comes to comments. People have took the time to read and leave feedback on your writing so the least you can do is acknowledge them by replying and reciprocating even if it’s just to say thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
  • Become a Guest Blogger. For me this is the ultimate, as your confidence grows you will want and desire a larger audience. Guest blogging is a great way of getting traffic back to your blog. Guest blogging here on Andy’s Comment Luv Network or Hesham’s Famous Bloggers is a great way to start. Of course there are many criteria to guest blogging and certain rules to adhere to. For me guest blogging is akin to someone letting you into their house and using their kitchen to cook your own dinner. So above all always treat the blog owner with respect and never tread on his or her shoes.

Patience is a Virtue. Building your blog’s Audience will take a long time after all this game is a marathon and not a sprint so have patience. Don’t just throw out loads of posts and sit back expecting an audience. Blogging is so much more than writing great content of which that is just a small part of the experience. The tips I have mentioned here encompass only a small fraction of a bloggers job there is so much more you can do and learn out there.

I am still learning new things all the time and think that I will never fully understand this hobby of blogging fully! But I do know that being a Social blogger rather than a Hermit blogger will bring you success in gaining a strong following for your WebLog.

What are your thoughts? Have you any other tips or advice that I have not mentioned here? Do you disagree with anything I have said here?

Thanks for reading?

-Phillip Dews