is Top Rated for a Reason

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Commentluv is a website that can help bloggers get a ranking boost for their blogs when they post comments or do guest blogging for the site. It is a PR 4 website, which means that it has a very high rating that Google loves. ComLuv stands for “comment love” and that’s what fellow bloggers get […]

How to: Content Marketing

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If you were on the planet Earth during 2013, than you have probably heard about what Red Bull did. What we saw was such a creative way of brand promoting that it is simply hard to explain with words. As a business owner, you need to look into the future, having what Felix did in […]

5 killer ways to get the best out of your guest post

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guest blogging

Guest blogging seem to be one of the best but stressful traffic strategies ever. No wonder most of us prefer blog commenting to guest blogging because it takes no time, 5 minutes is enough to read a blog post and drop a comment but guest blogging is on the contrary. Guest blogging is all about […]

Karen Woodham Does Movie Reviews and More at BlazingMinds [Featured Blogger]

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Karen Woodham is the beautiful human being behind the red-headed caricature best known to everyone as BlazingMinds! Her blog’s been around since 2008 and she started rockin’ with CommentLuv shortly after the blog was launched. In the last five years Blazing Minds has transitioned and evolved into a place where you’ll find: “Entertainment, Music & […]

Kimberly Castleberry Makes Internet Marketing Easy [Featured Blogger]

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Kimberly Castleberry

Got a Facebook question? Just Ask Kim Need help with Twitter? Just Ask Kim Want help understanding Affiliate Marketing? Just Ask Kim WordPress plugins gone wild and you don’t know where to turn? Just Ask Kim! Kimberly Castleberry is one of a kind and she’s one of the smartest CommentLuvvers on the planet! Kim is this […]

DiTesco of IBlogZone the SEO Guru Who Helps You Succeed Online [Featured Blogger]

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DiTesco from IBlogZone

Francisco Perez is known to many people on the Internet as DiTesco. He is one of my favorite bloggers and a top expert in the areas of SEO, Social Networking and WordPress Blogging. He’s been a huge supporter of CommentLuv and keep reading to find out about his latest contribution to the project. Something You […]

Bonnie Gean The Community Enthusiast [Featured Blogger]

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Bonnie Gean

Let me introduce This Week’s Featured Blogger Bonnie Gean! Her blog is Bonnie Gean dot com and Bonnie’s tagline says that She Helps Budding Entrepreneurs Become Community Celebrities Through Their Marketing Efforts! She reminds me of myself in some ways, since I’m usually helping people with their blogs. On Bonnie’s blog you’ll find tons of helpful articles, […]

Hesham Zebida Founder of Famous Bloggers [Featured Blogger]

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Hesham Zebida

If you try to claim Hesham Zebida as a blogging mentor you will be standing in a long line with hundreds of other bloggers ahead of you. Hesham is a mentor and a leader in blogosphere and I bet not one person is surprised to know that he is this week’s CommentLuv Featured Blogger. Hesham […]

Adrienne Smith: Her Mission Is to Help You Achieve Online [Featured Blogger]

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Adrienne Smith

Adrienne Smith is one happy, helpful, CommentLuver! Adrienne Smith is the Engagement Superstar She blogs at Adrienne Smith dot net and as soon as you land on her blog you are greeted with that lovely welcoming smile of her’s, it’s no wonder they call her the Engagement Superstar. And she certainly does shine.  Not just […]

Mitz Pantic: Build a Website, Get Traffic and Make Money Online [Featured Blogger]

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Mitz Pantic

Mitz Pantic is an extremely popular and prolific blogger who runs the site called Let’s Build Websites, among other things. That’s why I’m thrilled to kick off the new Featured Blogger series at ComLuv by putting Mitz in the spotlight. If you’re a regular reader of this blog I’m sure you’ve seen Mitz around. She […]