DiTesco of IBlogZone the SEO Guru Who Helps You Succeed Online [Featured Blogger]

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Francisco Perez is known to many people on the Internet as DiTesco. He is one of my favorite bloggers and a top expert in the areas of SEO, Social Networking and WordPress Blogging. He’s been a huge supporter of CommentLuv and keep reading to find out about his latest contribution to the project.

Something You Might Not Remember About DiTesco

DiTesco from IBlogZoneThis might come as a surprise to many of you, but a few years back his now famous blog IBlogZone was running on the Blogger platform for several years before he migrated the blog to self-hosted WordPress. We all learned a huge lesson back then about migrating a successful Blogger blog over to WordPress and here it goes:

When you have a successful, highly-trafficked, Blogger blog – migrating it over to self-hosted WordPress is no walk in the park! (even though there is quite a bit of hand-holding involved during the process).

The good thing is that Francisco outlined every detail of the process that he went through and when you follow his Blogger to WordPress Migration Guide, he will take your hand, and lead you through the entire migration step-by-step.

Where Has DiTesco Taken IBlogZone Today

That’s enough about our trip down memory lane, let’s talk about the now!

Today, DiTesco has built his home base to be one of the most popular blogging hubs on the web!

“iBlogZone’s primary objective is to help internet users to establish a profitable online business by providing information and resources about:

The blog features several guest authors and he puts a ton of effort into making sure each post is top-notch material featuring tutorials and guides for using best practice while achieving your success online. One of the coolest features of his blog is the weekly edition he calls

target="_blank">SpeedLink! By highlighting the best articles in his niche each week in the SpeedLink series, he demonstrates the importance of content curation and, at the same time, he fortifies his community and keeps his devoted audience of readers coming back for more.
iBlogzone DiTesco

Starting the SpeedLink series is an absolutely brilliant idea, but wait, DiTesco has even more brilliance up his sleeve – read on!

By now you might have seen Andy announcing that there is a new plugin available for people who use CommentLuv and LIKE the Facebook Page and it’s called the CommentLuv Link Cleaner plugin. 

When you get a chance stop by and say THANK YOU  to this week’s Featured Blogger for that little piece of work! He put a bug in Andy’s ear and we all know what happens when Andy gets a bug – he can’t resist and he has to fix it right? One of our previous Featured Bloggers Adrienne Smith can vouch for that one too. So thanks to the suggestion from DiTesco, we can take care of the broken links without harming our blog’s SEO and rankings.

Stay in the Know With DiTesco and IBlogZone

By now you should be convinced that my friend Francisco Perez is someone you need to connect with. If you’re not following him already, what are you waiting for?

Here’s where you can connect with him: