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James Martell
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James Martell
James Martell
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Free Website Traffic

Anyone familiar with my work knows early on I planted my flag on “natural search”. And I’ve never wavered. For those not familiar with the term it refers to being found naturally on page one of a search engines results page.

These “organic” results are served up by Google (and others) as the most relevant and popular pages related to anyone’s search query.

Knowing how to configure your web pages so that Google ranks them highly was (and still is) the key to getting free, natural search rankings.

If you don’t get found high up in the natural search listings your only other option, as far as search engine traffic goes, is to pay for it. In other words, if you didn’t want to do the work of optimizing your site then you’d have to join the Google AdWords program (or any of a number of paid programs) and compete in the their keyword auction.

Once signed up you would write a little ad that would appear either at the top or in the column to the right. But these ads are not free. Far from it. No, your account is debited every time a visitor clicks on your ad whether they buy or not.

Yes, I’ve done that. But I do it sparingly because as I teach in my affiliate marketing trainings I’m a huge advocate of orchestrating high rankings with some on-site and off-site SEO. With a little time, effort and “know how” you, too, can get ton’s of free traffic like I do (and many of my students too).

Here are my time-tested best strategies:

  1. Write naturally – I’ll admit this was not always the case. If fact, if you wrote naturally (the way a writer would write), 6-7 years ago, you were usually outranked by those familiar with Google’s keyword protocols. All you needed was to adhere to the placement of certain keyword densities in the title, subtitle and body. This “keyword stuffing” is now taboo. The algorithms these days incorporate a lot of artificial intelligence. That means the article that most resembles an article written by a human familiar with the topic gets the better rank. For this reason I encourage students to hire writers. It’s a very Google friendly thing to do.
  2. Guest Blogging – As many now know, Google determines the importance of a page in its index primarily by taking note of who links to that page. It’s called a “backlink”. Their original name was Backrub for that reason. These days all the engines factor this “backlinking” into account.
    A perfectly appropriate way to get backlinks is to find a site that accepts guest bloggers. In your blog be sure to use at least two primary keywords as anchor text. Link these keywords to the page (or pages) on your site you want to move up in the rankings. Only blog on a site with a home page having a Page Rank of 3 or more. Search for “guest blogging” to find them.
  3. Press Releases – I’ve been using PRweb for years. For a reasonable fee they’ll distribute your press release all over the place. (or course they all have at least one backlink). Hire someone at Elance to write them if you are not proficient at it.
  4. Comment Blogging – Another neat trick is to find blogs in your niche and post comments as often as possible. Just be sure to have a link to your site in the signature.
  5. Social Media Postings – I’m a big Twitter fan (follow me). And I have a business Facebook account as well as a YouTube account. Don’t overlook the value in Google’s eyes to seeing links to and from from these amazing social networks. Remember, Google looks to see who is popular; who is relevant. The more you are showing up across social networks (with links back to you, of course) the more Google sees you as popular and relevant. Pretty simple, really.
  6. Chat Forums – I’m a big kit car guy. In fact, my hobby site www.kitcarconnection.com gives me a lot of pleasure during my down times. As a kit car enthusiast, I belong to several forums. So guess what happens when I post a comment on another popular site in my area of interest? I hope it’s become obvious that I include a link to my kit car site in my signature. This is another link back to me. Cha ching!
  7. Newsletters – Then of course there is the power of a newsletter. Be sure to have a way to collect names & emails off any site you have. On a recent affiliate marketing podcast I urged listeners to give away a free report…and make it something of value. Once subscribed, you now have a free way to generate sales with periodic offers.

Try doing it the natural way and tell me if it works.  I think you’ll find that it does.

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James Martell lives in White Rock, BC with his wife Arlene and their three children. James is a pioneer in the affiliate marketing industry and was successfully profiting with affiliate websites as early as 1999. Visit his website for the very latest in news and tips on how to make money with affiliate programs

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