Why Auto-bloggers Must Die

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Well, now that I have your undue attention with my captivating link baiting tactics, allow me to explain why auto-bloggers must die. What are auto-bloggers? How do they do it? In this post, I will explain how auto-bloggers do their business and why they must die.

What are auto-bloggers?

Auto-bloggers are individuals who use automation in order to develop, popularize and grow income with the least amount of effort. With the right synthesis of seo optimizing tools, plugins, and content-grabbing software, they are able to make loads of money. It’s obvious why they do it, to make money. At what cost? Just keep reading and I’ll tell you why. They could make, say, 30 websites with select niches (this requires heavy statistical analysis and eventually good execution) using a variety of tools. You can use them yourself in order to SEO-optimize your posts, one of them is obvious–SEOPressor. Whilst it does not automate, it aids in the automation process by propelling your posts to higher SERPs with relevant keywords.

According to Darren Chow:

In theory, an auto-blogger could make 100 websites, which generate only $2 of ad revenue per day for a total of $6,000 per month. Over the course of a year, those websites, which after initial setup would be largely self operational, could produce a hands free income of $72,000.

Sounds very attractive, right? Well, it comes at a heavy price–my fanatical desire to kill all auto-bloggers. It’s not jealousy, it’s just simple ethics.

How do they do it?

auto posting, auto blogging

Example of Auto-posting Capabilities

As stated above, they could use serious semi-automatic tools like SEOPressor or more destructively using fully automated systems to propel unnatural website growth and popularity. SmashingShares.com explains in this post five WP robots one could use to dominate in the SERPs and SEO:

  1. WPRobot
  2. Autoblogged
  3. ZipPoster
  4. PLR to WordPress
  5. DataFeedr

These plugins are sometimes semi-automatic, but when it comes to information stealing, it’s fully automated. One of the most debilitating features for REAL bloggers is that these auto-bloggers use article spinners, here’s an example:

article spinner, article rewriting, wp-robot, wprobot

Autopost Rewriting

Knowing that your article is out there on the internet waiting to be snatched by an article spinner and an entire machine that automates it all is pretty f*cking daunting. You can’t just one day decide to become an auto-blogger, it takes actual knowledge of how these work in case you end up with some huge complicated problem. While I’ve shown you what they can do, you need to know why you must die if you choose to become an auto-blogger.

Why Auto-Bloggers Must Die

In that list above, you can see that they use ArticleBase.com articles. I recently submitted an original post titled “10 Reasons why you should invest in Forex”. It was a unique article

that took a little bit of research to prepare and some effort. Guess what? Got snatched by a f*cking auto-blogger. According to ArticleBase, “Our TOS basically states that you must keep full author credit with all its respective links, a link to ArticlesBase.com, must keep the article intact (no editing)  and keep all links active.” The auto-blogger used this article from ArticleBase and guess what? No active links back to my website, no credit, no nothing, plaigarized and for what? To make an extra buck? Matt Ward got it right when he said:

I find auto blogging tremendously uncool. To me, it amounts to little more than ripping off other people’s content, and as someone who works really hard to write and create high-quality articles for my own blog, it really makes me mad when I find some other site – usually with a poorly implemented WordPress theme – ripping off what I worked so hard to create.

You can find my original article here and its blatantly violated plagiarized version here. At the bottom of the posts, you can see the difference:

auto-blogging, auto-posting, plagarism

Before Auto-Post Theft

auto-blogging, auto-posting

After Auto-Post Theft

Holy Sh*t, Right?

Now let me demonstrate what happens when original articles get caught into a deadly automation and article spinning. In another post, you can easily see what happened before and after:

article spinning, autoblogging, autoposting

Before Article Spinning

article spinning, autoblogging, autoposting

After Article Spinning

Holy damn, look at that? The spun article did not even undergo simple proofreading. Can you believe these people try to make money off of this crap? They referred to my staff as “employees” and me as “it” and retitled my brand and website as “the blatant facts” instead of “The Glaring Facts”. Now you know what I mean, it’s a pretty simple conclusion: auto-bloggers must die. You in?