Using Online Press Releases for SEO, Building Traffic, and Lead Generation

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During the heyday of print media, press releases used to be an effective means to promote a certain business, company, or product. With the advent of the internet, press releases took on a different purpose; which is to drive traffic to different sites, improve SEO, and generate leads. Online press releases are used by prominent […]

How I Got 240 Unique Visitors To My Site By Just 1 Comment!

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My Weblog known as Tech fanboys is a technology blog that gets some 500 guests daily. Here are some excellent opportunities for generating many visitors to your website by leaving comments on some excellent high-profile blogs. This content which i’m composing today will describe how I got 230+ unique visitors in a week by posting […]

Get Your Website More Visitors with Google In-depth Articles

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Google Indepth Articles

As the name suggests, in-depth articles are articles that Google considers authoritative on a broad topic on the web. It has been a while since Google rolled out this new update that focuses on in-depth articles on a given subject. Lately, you might have seen a new box labeled ‘in-depth articles’ while googling for a […]

How To Rank Number 1 In Google Search

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One of the most consistent and popular search term in Google search is how to rank number 1 in Google search engine. I also carried out an extensive research on how to get on the first pages of SERP. I always thought that to get on search result first pages is exclusively reserved for the […]

17 Most Effective Traffic Pulling Strategies For 2014 Bloggers

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17 traffic tips

It’s the dawn of a new year and as bloggers, we are all thirsty of the best working strategies to pull massive traffic to our blogs. Guess what, I have fresh ideas that can turn your blog into a traffic sucking machine. 17 Surefire Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog 1. You can write […]

5 Social Networks to Get Authority Backlinks That Google Loves!

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social networks

After the latest google visible penguin 2.1 update, it has come to light that what google really needs from bloggers is quality backlinks, which in another word can be called “authority backlinks” Before proceeding, I really want to make you understand what an “authority” and “quality” backlinks. Okay, I know am not talking to an […]

Index Your Blog/Blogposts Within 25 Seconds in Google!

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Have you ever post and hit the publish button only to notice that after 2 long hours+ google bot have not yet index the post? did this ever fustrate you or made you a little sad? well, if yes, then you’re my ex-brother/sister. Because i was in the same boat for more than 3 months […]

How to rank with reverse-engineered Step by Step

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Competitors Rankings

Did you know you can rank higher than your competitor with reverse-engineered plan? Yes and indeed I’m ready to show you how to today so as to boost your rank higher. Reverse engineering is a method used in seo to find out where your competitor is getting the backlinks. With this you will need to […]

Combining Blogging and SEO Can Help Your Business Perform Better

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Blogging and SEO

In this age of competition, it can be real hard to push your business ahead. Hiring a SEO company to take care of your site’s optimization can help leverage your web presence. While SEO has helped businesses grow for a long time now, blogging too in the meanwhile has evolved into a big player in […]

SEO ALERT! Is your blog too slow? Performance check and recommendations

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wordpress speed and performance check

One of the top things we want as bloggers and webmasters is to take our sites or articles to position #1 of page 1 of main search engines. Now, a lot is written out there on improving ones SERP position and one of the things that are under looked is the load speed of your […]