Ideas for the Carnivorous Meat Eater

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Liz Krause
Liz grew up the youngest in an Italian family of seven. She enjoys cooking and experimenting with various dishes and likes to share easy Italian recipes with readers on her website. She also writes reviews of various Italian kitchenware used in cooking from sausage making to stove top espresso makers. Stop by and visit her online!
Liz Krause
Liz Krause

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Liz Krause
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Food appliances and gadgets for the true meat eater at heart

When it’s time to buy gifts for loved ones, finding the right choice matters. Luckily, if you have to buy presents for meat lovers, the selection is better than ever. Not everything is expensive either, so you can always find something that fits your budget.

Rotisserie Equipment

For anybody who likes to serve their poultry whole, the challenge of cooking the dark meat thoroughly without overcooking the breast meat can be daunting. Some recommendations include using rotisserie equipment. Rotating the bird on and off of its back during the cooking process or marinated for hours in salty brine before cooking.

These ideas work, but can be expensive or time consuming. The easiest and most reliable way to guarantee juicy white meat is to use a thermometer to closely monitor the temperature and remove the bird from the oven at precisely the moment when it is perfectly cooked.


When choosing your thermometer, make sure that you are choosing a meat thermometer. Candy or appliance thermometers look similar, so read the package carefully. Your choices include regular, oven proof thermometers, instant thermometers, and thermocouple thermometers.

Oven proof thermometers are inserted into the food prior to putting into the oven and are the easiest to use. Instant thermometers are not designed to resist high temperatures, but are able to be read within a short time. Thermocouple thermometers are the most accurate, but for home use, their high price generally makes them impractical.

Meat Grinders

Meat grinders are not a necessity for most homes. However, for somebody who enjoys the high quality burgers and sausages, this is the best way to get fresh ground meat. The fat content of the ground meat is easily controlled when

the meat is purchased. Creating custom blends of meat for meatloaf or sausages is no extra work if the different meats are put into the grinder at the same time.

Meat grinders come in different sizes with motors that range all the way from multi-horsepower models down to ones powered by elbow grease. You can also purchase grinder attachments for food processors and stand mixers. Any of these will work to help make the best ground meat your meat lover has ever had.

Meat Slicers

There are few things more disappointing than eating sliced sandwich meat from the supermarket deli counter. Flaccid, soggy and tasteless, lunch meat is generally not worth bothering with. Home roasted beef and turkey breast is flavorful and has a satisfying texture, but is difficult to slice by hand. This problem is easily solved with the purchase of a home meat slicer.

While food slicers aren’t inexpensive, the money saved by not having to purchase pre-sliced cold cuts will pay for itself quickly.  However, because of the price tag, it is important to do your research, ask around and read various home meat slicer reviews which can help you make an informed decision.

Outdoor Grill

For many, using the outdoor grill is the only way they will cook. Not only for burgers or chicken, grills have become far more sophisticated over the past few decades. Today’s models boast electric, propane, charcoal or wood heat. The fancier models not only grill, but double as smokers and even offer burners for cooking side dishes without needing to leave the yard.

Some popular accessories include rotisserie attachments, griddles or even woks for quickly cooking fresh vegetables. Don’t forget to pick up wood chips to soak and scatter over the heat source to give your food a luscious smoky flavor.

If you choose any of these gifts for your carnivorous buddies, you are guaranteed to find a winner!