A No-Nonsense Guide to Grooming and Dressing for Men

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Ali Asjad
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Ali Asjad
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Let’s talk serious grooming and style. We’ll break our conversation into two parts and cover the things that really matter. After reading this article, the average guy in the world today will be able to completely refresh and re-design their look with ease.

Part 1: Grooming is Half the Battle

Man-hair, while it can be a nuisance, it’s also one of the most potent tools at a man’s disposal to show his virility, personality and character. In truth, men on the lower end of the metrosexual scale really have no clue what to do with the stuff. They either let it grow wild or typically just get rid of it all on a somewhat regular basis.

Let’s cover the primary grooming bases and their rules of thumb that every man should at least consider or keep safely tucked away in their mental file cabinet for an extra special night.

That Burly Chest of Yours

Chest Hair

[Credit: The image is from Wikimedia Commons]

The 90’s are over and looking as smooth as a baby’s butt isn’t natural. It works well for magazine ads, but not in real life. It’s about grooming. Take a look at the biggest actors, from Colin Ferrell and Hugh Jackman, to Jude Law, Jon Hamm and Steve Carell. Hairy chests rule, but they’re trimmed to perfection.

  • Not too long as to look shabby, but not too short so as to look freshly cut either.

  • Make sure not to trim against the grain here because that hurts and creates sores.

  • Balance chest hair with facial hair. Don’t sport a full beard and a completely barren chest.

Get rid of any hair that’s going up around the neck towards the back and vice versa. This hair is usually really fine and can be easily buzzed or whisked off with your razor while shaving.

The Never-Sexy Back Hair

Once you reach a certain age it really doesn’t matter anymore and most people will tolerate some for their special guy, but it never looks good. And, what’s worse, using clippers isn’t effective. No one wants to shave your back for you.

  • Book an appointment and get your back waxed.

  • No, it’s not expensive and should last anywhere from 3-5 weeks.

  • Yes, it’s actually incredibly common for men.

  • No, it doesn’t hurt. It feels rather nice and you’ll usually get a free backrub at the same time (from them rubbing the cloth into the skin to really grab the hair when pulled).

The Arms & Legs

Some men just can’t stand to have hair anywhere. Typically just a buzz maybe once a month on either the arms or legs is enough to prevent you from turning into a werewolf.

Now, with the armpit it’s best just to buzz off any extra-long hair that sticks out even when your arms are at your sides. Use a longer clipper attachment or scissors to trim, but don’t take it all off. That will undoubtedly cause razor burn and irritation, especially if there’s any alcohol in your deodorant.

Facial Hair

[Credit: The image is from Wikimedia Commons]

Here are the two tried and true steps to mastering the art of shaping your facial hair:

  • Go out and buy a quality facial hair carving set. Anything below $80 is ridiculous. Go for high quality packages because they’ll have the better tools.

  • Stand in the mirror and

    practice a ton. It’s going to take time to find something that works. The good news is that it always grows back and you’ll get another shot in a few days.

Work with your face not against it. Pay attention to the height of your cheekbones and the prominence of your chin before deciding to go straight for a traditional beard or Goatee. Finally, strike a balance between what’s on (or the lack thereof) your head and on your face.

Part 2: A Streamlined & Effective Approach to Men’s Style

Like you, we really don’t want this article to turn into a collegiate-level dissertation on the intricacies of modern style. So, what we’ve done is break down a process that can work for any man alive today that’s looking to take more control of the way he presents himself to the world.

Step #1: Work With What You Have & Improve

The more in-shape you are the more versatility you have to work with. The slimmer and trimmer the tummy, the more types of fashion will look completely natural. That’s just a fact. With that said, start wearing clothes that FIT. Workout, get in shape, eat right and enjoy the fruits of thy labor through the perks of looking good.

Step #2: Kill Your Style-Darlings

If it’s not necessary, get rid of it. Killing darlings is what writers are told to do to tighten up their prose. If the sentence makes sense without a word, get rid of it. Minimize. Simplify. Retract. Go through your wardrobe and remove every shred you don’t really need. Most men are left with two pairs of pants and a few t-shirts at this point.

  • Nasty old socks and underwear.

  • Torn anything.

  • Old vintage thrift-store t-shirts (within reason of course because these can be legendary in comfort).

  • Consider branding. Are you really a walking billboard? It’s tacky. Corporatism has faded, dude. Get over it. If it’s got a big fat brand label on the front you may want to get rid of it.

Step #3: Rebuild Your Wardrobe

[Credit: The image is from Wikimedia Commons]

Make your first real clothing purchase a tailored suit. Yes, start from the pinnacle of your new wardrobe and rebuild your way back. It works wonders. The process of finding a good tailor and then getting a suit that fits perfectly will be an education unto itself. Get a fresh pair of high-brow ($200) quasi-formal/informal shoes that suit your personality but fit with the suit as well. While you’re at it, you’ll need…

  • Get your new blue jeans fitted. Same goes for slacks, blazers and collared shirts.

  • Grab some v-necks and solid colored blank undershirts.

Now, color blindness is far more common in men than women. If you want to spot a color blind man just look for one that naturally drifts towards white, black and blue. If that’s you just add some earthy tones and you’ll be fine. This will be a great foundation for a new modern wardrobe, regardless of where you decide to take it with personalization.

Step #4: It Fits with Personality

Again, make sure everything fits. Does that mean skin-tight? No. Regardless of what your particular classy and clean style becomes, clothes that fit are the hallmark trait a man that’s sure of himself and how he looks.

Step #5: Accessorize

Everything is amplified once you understand how they work together within your look. A watch is a big deal. Cufflinks are huge. Belts, hats, glasses and jewelry all make statements and add wiggle room for creative expression. Just accessorize with caution. If you’re trying to hide or make up for something, fix the problem first and then simplify.