Cheapside Street: How to Get Education on a Tight Budget

Ali Asjad
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Ali Asjad
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Thanks to tech-innovation, you can get the information you need for cheap, and oftentimes for free. In this article, we’re going to investigate some of the ways people today are saving money and still getting the niche educations they need to partake in the modern workforce.


Information Products

For anywhere from $50 to $150 bucks or so, you can buy big packages of information products around just about anything you can think of, from bass fishing to options trading. ClickBank sells legions of them and modern information products are high value, in-depth and all digital. We’re talking video courses, ebooks galore, PDF guides, print books, and so on. Many of these information products are connected to online communities that focus on exchange of information, which is kind of like being in a collaborative classroom – only a lot bigger.

Open Source Education

What’s the difference between actually attending a lecture and watching one on your computer, live or recorded? MIT established the OpenCourseWare back in 2002, but today there are countless universities that offer free classes and courses to anyone with a PC, an internet connection and an email address. Then there’s sources like the Khan Academy and Academic Earth which make it possible to get access to valuable information for absolutely nothing.

Online Tutoring

Online tutors cost money, but compared to the price of an AA or BA degree, we’re talking pennies on the dollar. It’s one-on-one time with an industry professional/specialist and the student typically for an hourly rate. Oftentimes there are live online tutoring sessions with students from around the globe. A tutor these days can go online and create a successful company around there services that can reach the entire planet!

Media Networks

How many skill-sets could someone learn from YouTube videos for free? How many DIY projects can you learn from Pinterest? How many different professional groups can you hook up with on Facebook? How many free tutorial videos are floating around the social web? How many more are being made at this moment?

Hell, in reality what can’t you learn by using a Google search engine? Within a few years the vast majority of all human knowledge will be available (mostly for free) and a few clicks away.

Online Specialty Degrees

Along with online-specific universities, many technical schools and community colleges now offer specialty degrees (think MBA) and certificates through exclusively online courses. What good is a “well-rounded” education anymore? It’s all about very specific knowledge and skill-sets. What can you deliver? That’s what counts.

Freelance Work – Get Paid to Learn

This is a relatively new path to gaining expertise that you might not have considered before. The big upside here is that you actually get paid to learn rather than the other way around. Anyone can head to major freelancing platforms like oDesk, Guru or Elance, and set up a contractor profile for free and begin taking jobs as a researcher.

They can optimize their profile around a certain type of research, for example, business, nutrition, marketing, technology, etc. and begin getting paid to search the web and collect information on any given topic.. How much would you learn about online marketing if you were asked to read 100 unique blogs about the subject, all 500-1200 words long, within 1 month?

These last 6 options are by no means all-inclusive. Each month that goes by, more information becomes available at our fingertips. Information is flowing in so many different forms now. Ebooks, webinars, videos, streaming, social media, search engines, open source, and on and on we go. That you can educate yourself for cheap is the reality – the only choice is how much you need to know and how fast you can absorb it. Get started!


  1. This is a perfect article for me as i’m in a dilemma of continuing my higher study as it needs a huge amount to do the graduation in our country.Online tutoring is actually can help me and also loved the part where you wrote about getting paid for learning as it will catch attraction of anyone.Great post.
    James Frost recently posted…5 Great Reasons To Personalise Your Phone CoverMy Profile

  2. Hello Ali,
    Getting higher education is dream for those who doesn’t have money. But you said correct that one can get educated by online tutorials in very lucrative manner rather than paying high fee to institutions. Thanks for sharing nice post.
    Mahendra recently posted…True Samsung galaxy S5 Specs, Price, New Features and Release DateMy Profile

  3. How cool is that? Getting paid to learn. All other options are viable, too; you can educate yourself on the cheap if you are hungry to do so.

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted…1 Minute Video: 1 Universal Wealth AffirmationMy Profile

  4. Currently, the internet is developing, we can gain knowledge from it without having to go to college. However, the knowledge that which can only for those who really need it.

  5. I’m very grateful to you guys for providing such important post like this one which helped me a lot.
    James Frost recently posted…Google Projected Mode, the idea to bring Android to the carMy Profile

  6. Zaid Niazi says:

    I’m agree with you that one get educated by himself using the internet, but it requires dedication and handwork.If one got that, he/she can definitely get better education than big institutions.Thanks for sharing such a great post.

  7. Very useful post, esp. considering the present global trend when everything is available via opencources such as edx,coursera etc.
    Shubham recently posted…What is the Difference between Cookie and Session in PHP or Any languageMy Profile

  8. Hi Ali

    thanks for the article for the alternative of education however i am already using YouTube to learn new thing and this is a great way of learning because you get top lndustry leaders who explain you in details and even there are plenty of videos on every subject so if anyone want to learn something than they should try YouTube, it is Highly recommended.

  9. Hello Ali,
    You are absolutely correct. When there is a Will , Then there is a Way. If any one want to study he/she can try it out. Awesome article good job.
    Thanks and Regards
    Ritul Gangwar
    Ritul Gangwar recently posted…Best Features Of VLC Media PlayerMy Profile

  10. Get paid to write articles is great if you are good writer.. Their are various bloggers and business owners that need ghost writer for the online business.
    Olayinka recently posted…Valentine’s Gifts Ideas For Men and WomenMy Profile

  11. Hey great idea about taking up freelance work and getting paid to learn! I’ve been learning everything from YouTube videos and Google and online courses but never thought of going for a research job. By the way, Lynda is a great source for video tutorials if you are a web developer or designer.
    Mike recently posted…Top 5 Best Selling Juicers 2014My Profile

  12. Indeed ClickBank is rocking when it comes to digital products. For some internet marketers ClickBank is a real source of income, I too recommend ClickBank to anyone out there struggling to make money online.
    I. C. Daniel recently posted…Domains and Web Hosting Promo Codes / Coupons for 2014My Profile

  13. I understand what you are saying. If anyone wants to learn a trade or topic there are plenty information online. But it must be stressed that nothing can really replace a proper education. Everyone should try to get into university. It is not about studying for certain degree. It is about the culture you develop there.

  14. Online learning includes the same high-quality instruction and course content provided in our on-campus courses, but in a format that addresses the academic needs of students who are seeking further education but are unable to participate in on-campus courses and programs.

  15. Well, this is one of the best article, I have ever read hats off to you!
    Enstine Muki recently posted…WhatsApp for PC or WhatsApp for Computer DownloadMy Profile

  16. Hey Ali,
    Nice post and Thanks for sharing this post with us. This post really gonna help other who wanted higher education but doesn’t have enough money for it. Online tutorial is very best way for learning things.
    Sudipto recently posted…Flappy Bird FOR PC / Computer / WINDOWS 7/8, MAC AndroidMy Profile

  17. Everything has become WEB. A person can get anything from web and more ever its also a cheap side for education. There are many free web services. Nice article.
    Dilip Win recently posted…SMS Alert Service for Waitlisted Railway PassengersMy Profile

  18. Heyy There
    thanks for the amazing share. I am sure there are lot of people who can benefit from it. Looking forward to read more from you.
    Ashi recently posted…World’s Slimmest Smartphone will Launch Tomorrow in IndiaMy Profile

  19. If being a coder for example is your dream job, then yeah you can learn all you need online. If however you want to become a doctor or something that requires offline hands-on specialization, you obviously can’t do it only using the internet.

    Also, I think working as a freelancer when you’re not at least decent is a bad idea. That’s a reason so many freelancers are very, very bad.
    Andy Kent recently posted…Blue Jasmine – A Movie Worth WatchingMy Profile

  20. Education is one of the most basic, important, useful yet difficult to get sometime due to increasing fees. Any person belonging to any state city, caste must be educated to make this world a beautiful place. Thanx for sharing this amazing post.
    Prerna recently posted…PONDS Daily Face Wash for Healthy Glowing Skin ReviewMy Profile

  21. Hey Ali,
    Thanks for sharing. There are also a lot of really neat online learning programs as well such as Khan Academy Lynda, Udemy, Udacity and a couple of others whose names escape me. I use them often and it’s been amazing. The internet has definitely made education a lot more affordable!
    Laura recently posted…Family Reunion IdeasMy Profile

  22. Never live below your means.

  23. Hi,
    Thanks For Sharing This article.
    I think everyone should know these things. Because Many people has suffer to study in the higher school. Those kind of people will definitely this article helps you.
    priyamathi recently posted…Various Posts In Rail Land Development AuthorityMy Profile

  24. Great article Ali!
    Education is a must. I strongly believe that if you have true passion of learning and knowledge, there is nothing in the world that can stop you from attaining it, least of tight budget. All the steps you mention will help in attaining education. The most important thing is to work hard with passion and true grit.
    Lalina recently posted…Best Installous AlternativesMy Profile

  25. Open source education can be quite affordable when compared to physically attending classes. I had the same thoughts in mind when I was in need to higher education 3 years ago. I finally decided to move to a country where the tuition fees is cheaper. I also agree with you on Freelance Work. They indeed does help in learning a lot.
    Arun Chandran recently posted…2goMy Profile

  26. Very Informative post and it will helpful for many students who are not sufficient with money, situation etc.,
    sasirekha recently posted…Top Engineering Colleges in KaradMy Profile

  27. Thank you for this hepfull article.
    marc.donovan recently posted…Whatsapp for PC or Computer Free Download (Windows 7/8/XP)My Profile

  28. Hello Ali,
    Thank for sharing. You are absolutely righ about that.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…WhatsApp for PC Download Free (Windows 7/8)My Profile

  29. I’m agree with you that one get educated by himself using the internet, but it requires dedication and handwork.If one got that, he/she can definitely get better education than big institutions, I love education
    lalina recently posted…Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  30. Hi,
    Now a days people wants to learn new things, interent is the only plotform to learn new things with out go to institutions and spending money . All the information will be available in youtube and other sites. I am also using youtube for learning new things. One more point you mentioned also good i.e freelancing work. We can explore our knowledge with this freelancing work.

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