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Expand your business with outsourcing!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have to be two places at once most of the time, why not try letting someone else do all the hard work? Outsourcing can save time, money and effort without sacrificing quality (if done right).

Good Outsourcing Means No Micro-Managing

The first step to moving towards a better more easy-to-manage schedule is to learn to let go. Many upstart entrepreneurs find this the hardest as it means they have to relinquish some control. The question you have to ask yourself is would a president be able to run a country if he spent the whole time sweeping the streets? Could an actor hold the camera, direct himself and play beside himself? No. People need roles and businesses need more than one person in order to grow.

It very easy for someone who has built something from the ground up to find it hard to step back. I know because I have been there more than once! A good way to get to this stage mentally

is by over doing it. Work on every little aspect until you go blue in the face and outsourcing seems like the only way out. Everyone can get there.

Find The Best Outsourcing Method For Your Needs

Everyone and therefore every business, blog or project will be different and require different skills and resources. That is why the most important factor in getting this right the first time is choosing the best place to find you new resource. By these what I mean is, if for example you make websites or blog you can use Freelancer.com to find the talent you need or if you need an online or telePA (just coined that term!) service you can use Money-Penny. The trick is researching your field and looking thoroughly through what is out there in terms of outsourcing you tasks.

Some Useful Outsourcing Resources

www.guru.com – Online marketplace for freelance talent.

www.elance.com – Matches people who want to work remotely with employers.

www.freelancer.com – At a small commission, programmers can bid on projects and buyers can post their projects.

www.odesk.com – odesk is a global service marketplace for small and medium sized business to hire, manage, and pay remote freelancers or teams. A great outsourcing resource.