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Show the world you spread the luv with one of these cool CommentLuv badges.

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by Byteful Traveller.

If you have created a CommentLuv badge and would like to see it here along with a link to your site, leave a comment with the html and I’ll download the image and put it on a Google code server so it wont use any of your bandwidth when people display it on their site.



  1. Kathi Wilson

    Just a quick note to let you know that I had some issues with the smart quotes in the code boxes, and also the smaller two badge names are case sensitive so did not show up on my sidebar until I edited to CL91x17-black2.gif and CL91x17-white2.gif

    Thanks for this great site and the ongoing updates! I was surprised and pleased to get the newsletter today and have updated my own listing and added the badge to my sidebar :)
    .-= Kathi Wilson´s last blog ..Finally official! Freya’s TT =-.

  2. Pinaybackpacker says:

    I’ve tried adding the 2nd badge (black2.gif) to my sidebar widgets and it doesn’t appear.
    .-= Pinaybackpacker´s last blog ..Newsletter =-.

  3. wharriman says:

    Hi, I tried replacing my old CommentLuv badge with one of these new ones and I can’t get it to display in my sidebar at all, either as HTML or as text (the old one had reverted to displaying as text for some reason). I have a hosted WP blog running WP 2.8.1 and Thesis 1.5.1. Any ideas?
    .-= wharriman´s last blog ..Newsletter =-.

  4. Andy Bailey

    Sorry about this everyone! it is a formatting issue when you copy and paste from the textarea. I will try to rectify it asap.
    in the meantime, you can check the code to make sure the ” quotes are the proper ones, try deleting them and replacing with your own typing.
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..New site Content: Newsletter, Ads, Affiliates, URL Registration =-.

  5. RennyBA says:

    Worked for me – thanks for your support and updates & for an excellent service!
    .-= RennyBA´s last blog ..Magic moments of Rainbow and golden Sunset in Scandinavia =-.

  6. katakataku says:

    adding 4th badge (dance)
    .-= katakataku´s last blog ..Bayangan Perubahan =-.

  7. eliz

    I love the commentluv badges and placed one on my blog. However, I now see a bunch of codes where my cute red heart used to be displayed on my blog. I didn’t change or do anything to prompt this and would like to correct the problem without creating new ones or disabling my commentluv.
    Thank you!
    .-= eliz´s last blog ..Myth meets Mystery: For the Love of Rainbows =-.

  8. Is there a directory somewhere or commentluv users so that I can visit their blogs? Seems like there would be a directory of some sort. It would be easier to support the community if ya knew where to look.
    .-= Jesse Jameson´s last blog ..‘Cove’ Director Surfaces Deep (And Dark) Secrets : NPR =-.

  9. lawmacs

    just wondering will comment luv be available in the near future for other blog platform like
    .-= lawmacs´s last blog ..Search Engine Optimization and Advertising =-.

  10. jaydipparikh

    Wonderful plug-in. It really helps to spread love.
    .-= jaydipparikh´s last blog ..How to Update Sitemap automatic to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other leading Search Engines =-.

  11. reinossy says:

    This tool is one of the most enticing ones I´ve see since I started my blog.
    Great idea and well done and brought into life.
    Congrats and thx
    Greetz from the german guy with hat on :-)
    .-= reinossy´s last blog ..Rapid Affiliate Success Review =-.

  12. Pavan Somu

    great plugin.. thanks buddy
    .-= Pavan Somu´s last blog ..Create Ringtones & Send To Your Mobiles =-.

  13. eof1

    Found it! Thanks for the badges… I’ve been calling them buttons! LOL!
    .-= eof1´s last blog ..NFL Team Spirit: Building Community the Football Fan Way… =-.

  14. sofyanr

    great plugin, nice badge. I really like it
    .-= sofyanr´s last blog ..Free WordPress Template: Hijau Pupus Theme =-.

  15. Jill says:

    CommentLuv is amazing. I just started to use it on my blog and it really does increase the amount of REAL comments from readers, as there is an incentive for them to post. Thanks for the plugin.
    .-= Jill@Home Theater Surge Protector´s last blog ..Importance of a Home Theater Surge Protector =-.

  16. Angie says:

    By the way, CommentLuv is cool. I have definitely seen an increase in the amount of visitors and page rank since I have been using it. Spam has increased buy that’s ok.
    .-= Angie@Ping Pong Tables For Sale´s last blog ..A One-Page Guide to Buying Ping Pong Tables for Sale =-.

  17. I’ve just installed CommentLuv and I’m looking forward to seeing more comments posted on my green blog… Bring on the Luv :)
    .-= oureverydayearth´s last blog ..LED Decorating Equals Huge Energy Savings =-.

  18. Mick Morris

    Hi Andy,

    Having some difficulty, I have installed comment luv (after seeing it used to good effect elsewhere), however it does not display at all when people are leaving comments…. I’d love to use it… any suggestions on what I may be doing wrong?

    .-= Mick Morris´s last blog ..A sad reflection on choices. =-.

    • Andy Bailey

      the values you put in for name, url and comment are wrong in the commentluv settings page in your dashboard. you need to put the name values of the fields there. best thing to do is click the “reset to default” settings button and that should get you working.

      in the future, please use the support tickets section under ‘support’ if you’re having problems.

  19. nismion

    Thanks a lot for this plugins. They are very nice and helpfull tools.
    Thanks a lot for shareing them. ;-)
    .-= nismion´s last blog ..CommentLuv und TwitterLuv =-.

  20. ale8oneboy

    I’m badged up! Proudly displaying it on my site!
    .-= ale8oneboy´s last blog ..LEGO, Star Wars and The Biggest Loser Update =-.

  21. Dak Wan says:

    Can this system be integrated with disquss commenting system or blogger by blogspot?
    .-= Dak Wan´s last blog ..Cari Jodoh =-.

  22. Adam Haider

    CommentLuv is a great tool!

    One thing I have noticed is people might not know what the CommentLuv badge is meant to represent. It would be better to include badges which include something like ‘Add Your Latest Blog Post’. Wouldn’t you agree?

    .-= Adam Haider´s last blog ..How to Increase Your Blogs Credibility To Gain Your Readers Trust =-.

    • Andy Bailey

      glad you like it! as for the badge, I think it’s fine. People have got used to looking for the heart icon in a speech bubble now and it’s used by more than just English speakers so having it as words wouldn’t be as effective.

  23. DesignLab10

    Thanks for the badge! Can’t wait to see results. :-)

    DesignLab10 recently posted..Design Lab 10 Signs Hearths of Fire for Website RedesignMy Profile

  24. Thank you…for your badge… but also upload more variety of badge so we can show them on our websites.

  25. I am loving these badges folks, I am loving them.
    Adam W. Prillis recently posted..The New Amazon Kindle Reader 2011 – Where to Buy Kindle 4?My Profile


  1. Comment Luv says:

    [...] More badges here. [...]

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