10 Super Foods To Help You Lose Weight

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I am Saanvi Chaturvedi, My field of interests are beauty and health. I tend to write about things that I feel can benefit other peoples health in this way. I'm an active fitness instructor & swimmer as well as founder of Health and Beauty Station, always trying to stay in tip top shape for my age. When I'm not working out I'm reading, experimenting with both raw and organic cooked foods as well as playing the acoustic guitar. Find me On GoogleTwitter, and FaceBook
saanvi chaturvedi
saanvi chaturvedi

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saanvi chaturvedi
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10 Foods To Help You Lose Weight

Many wise people say that ” you are what you eat” or ” your body is what you eat” . Well they are correct in every aspect to say that. Our body is complex machinery. It is a compilation of various systems like nervous system, respiratory system, digestive system, immune system, reproductory system and excretory system etc. These systems work unanimously and simultaneously together to keep our body working in an orderly manner. A time comes when these systems begin to slow down, which we call as ageing but if we eat right and avoid various health problems, then this process of ageing slows down and helps us live longer and healthier life. Obesity is one of these problems which should be avoided to live a healthy and longer life. Many people struggle with this curse and the easiest solution to lose weight is to maintain a balanced diet. Here are 10 foods that help you lose weight and fight obesity:

1- Oats:

High fibrous diet is a great food to help us lose weight. Oatmeal diet is not only rich in fiber but also rich in various nutrients. Fiber keeps your digestive system working at its fullest and prevents constipation whereas the nutrients and proteins it has help you eat to your tummy full without making you fat.

2- Nuts:

Everybody loves to eat nuts. Be it peanuts, walnuts, pistachios and cashews etc. The health benefits of these nuts are numerous. They provide the body with good fat and keep the heart healthy. Moreover they have the capability to cut down your desire and appetite for unhealthy and salted food.

3- Lentils:

If you ask me the name if the gold standard diet for a food that helps lose weight, then my instant answer would be Lentils. These are packed with fibre, foliate and magnesium and contain zero fat. Not just that, they help you cut down the unhealthy and saturated fats that you have consumed earlier.

4- Cucumbers:

Although cucumbers are not so rich in essential nutrients that our body requires, they still come in pretty handy for people struggling to lose weight. They have high water content so they make you feel full after you eat them. Plus they are easy to eat and you can fight your binge eating with it by eating it every now and then whenever you have a craving to eat chips.

5- Eggs:

Eggs are your perfect everyday protein supplement diet. Both the egg yolk and white have high protein content which is very nutritious to the body. Eggs keep you feeling full for long time intervals without the feeling of being starved as you might have not eating anything at all. So if you are on a diet scramble a couple eggs and have a healthy dieting.

6- Chia Seeds:

Chia seeds are heavenly for weight loss. They work magic. Chia seeds act like a sponge and absorb all the excess carbs and keep the blood sugar level stable which is a great helper in losing weight. Plus they are very fibrous and when mixed with water become plump and a bowl full can keep you satiated for a long while.

7- Apples:

An apple a day does not only keep doctors away but it also keeps obesity and fat away too. It is a diet rich in nutrients that help you stay healthy. It keeps the fat levels in check and prevents the deposition of fat in the belly. Plus it’s anti-oxidant properties help prevent any metabolic diseases that can cause the accumulation of harmful fat in body and obesity.

8- Goji Berries:

These are the magic berries which help you lose weight at a higher rate than other fruits. That is right! These berries have the capability to decrease the desire to eat and curb the hunger. Plus they are rich in healthy nutrients which keep us healthy without the need to eat again and again. Their low calorie count makes them a perfect day time snack for people who want to lose weight eating healthy.

9- Salmon:

Salmon is a fish which is eaten widely all over the world. It is rich in protein and omega 3 fats which are the good fit for our body. It not only keeps our heart healthy but also helps reduce the fat that causes obesity. It’s high protein content help to reduce the fat and build more muscle in the body which is excellent for people who work out.

10- Chillies:

It must surprise you a bit to hear that chillies help you loose weight, surprising yeah, but true as well. Chillies have a nutrient that has thermo genic properties which produce a burning sensation – signature for chillies. It does not only burn our mouth, it burns our fats too. It keeps burning calories for 20 minutes after you have eaten the chillies.