Simple Anti ageing exercises you can try at home

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saanvi chaturvedi
saanvi chaturvedi

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saanvi chaturvedi
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exercise you can try at home

Who does not want to look young and youthful? We all want to of course. However this is something which does not seem to be in your control. You are told that youth and being youthful is all about your age and once the age is gone appearing youthful becomes a dream. In order to refute this popular belief you will see various ads and endorsements of anti ageing creams which are made to make you look young and as elegant as you were in your early twenties. Yet it is argued by some of the women that these anti ageing creams do not serve the purpose well and apart from giving temporary results they give them adverse effects on the skin which makes them look and feel even bad and uncomfortable. This instills the idea of the non-existence of any anti ageing remedies in the minds of the public.

However the reality is opposite to this popular belief. You can actually look youthful even in later years of your lives. This is possible by employing easy to do and very simple anti aging exercises at home. In case you want to look youthful and smart in your later age then follow the following simple anti aging exercises at home. However the key to all such simple anti aging exercises is that you need to start them at an early young age so that by the time you reach the when age signs start appearing you will look younger.


Squatting right is one of the simple anti aging exercises and can surely signs of old age appearing both apparently as well as internally. Squatting right is a very simple fix and lets your femur to line up correctly in to the hip joint that causes your knees to track down your ankles instead of caving in. The result will be a much stronger knee joint and less chance of knee pain which is a sign of ageing. Since men have a quite different structure of hip so they will squat in with their toes forward. Also it is advised by experts that women essentially do need to step their feet a little or wider than the hip. You can do this for about two to three times and still manage to evade your ageing.

Play on the brain gym

This may seem a little pointless but the reality is that it is one of the most effective and simple anti aging exercises you can do.  Our anti ageing exercise experts say that exercise is more of a physical crossword puzzle. This implies that the more activity you indulge into (that also engages your brain) the better and effective it is for anti ageing dynamics. Such activities can  react by training (such as playing tennis or racquetball), memorizing choreography and changing directions in common in step, kickboxing, and dance classes which are quite mundane.

Do more cardio

Cardio exercises may seem to wear you out but the good thing is that they are great anti ageing exercises. Although the US guidelines advise some 150 minutes of cardio per week, our experts’ examination of this research concluded that 240 minutes per week is optimal for heart health and is effective too. All aerobic activities improve your mitochondrial function that work by producing organelles in cells by producing energy. This process is most likely to decrease as you age. So our experts advise you to have four hours of cardio a week. Although it sound like too much but the results are worth the while and you get used to it rapidly.  In case you cannot take out this much time, you can always got for interval training which is one of the most efficient and effective ways to exercise at high enough levels to improve aerobic fitness.

Try these simple anti aging exercises and remain young and youthful all along. Good luck!