Mistakes of a Modern Human Being

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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The twenty first century is not the worst period to live in, it is quite fun actually – we have the internet, which is the greatest source of information ever, we have cable TV, mobile phones, fast vehicles, and many other commodities, but how is it then, that in this day and age, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety are on the rise, along with obesity, diabetes and cancer? The truth is, people are living their lives wrong, and aren’t even aware of it. Let’s try to point out some mistakes that a great number of people make while trying to lead a perfectly normal life.


Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”. If you have, what are you then? I don’t think that we should be built from chemicals and food additives, and it seems that it is exactly what most people in the world are trying to accomplish right now, but it is not possible, trust me. A diet of a modern man is full of processed food, sodas, instant microwave junk food, etc. This is not what a human being should eat. There are numerous studies suggesting that this kind of food is not appropriate for the proper development of the human organism, because it mostly contains empty calories, which means that it doesn’t provide important nutrients, essential for one’s health. Fast food and fizzy drinks are often linked to the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. Because of the fat and sugar it contains, this kind of food makes our stomach seem full, but it leaves the body hungry, craving for nutrients. Many people believe that following a well balanced diet is hard and demanding, but that can not be further from the truth. If you would only replace candy with fruits, potato chips with nuts and seeds, hamburger with some grilled lean meat – you would be halfway there.

Lack of physical activity

Most people nowadays are going to work by a car, sit in a chair while working and lay in bed while watching TV. This is not all bad if you include some exercise in your daily routine. The human body is meant to be used. We are built for hunting animals with a spear, climbing trees and conquering mountains, and spending all day motionless will make you evolve into a kind of cripple who gets tired when taking the stairs to the second floor. Don’t divide yourself from your true nature. If you exercise three to four times a week, for about an hour, you will definitely feel and look a lot better, because the more energy you spend, the more will return to you. It is a fact that people who are in good physical condition have more confidence and are often better at dealing with everyday problems. Running, swimming, pumping iron, whatever you choose is a good choice, just don’t let the chair eat you and spit out an obese, unhappy and sick individual – which you are NOT, believe me.

Avoiding to visit a doctor

Not going to regular check ups at the doctor’s office now, when medicine is reaching its peak, is more than irresponsible. Some modern illnesses are very hard to spot, because at the early stages, there may be no symptoms at all. You shouldn’t neglect minor health issues, because they can become major in no time. Many people skip going to the doctor’s, and especially the dentist, because they fear them. However, this fear is more than irrational because those people are here to help, not to hurt you. When dentists are in question, you should be more frightened of the consequences of avoiding the dentist than the dentist himself. Tooth cavities can be the trigger for many other, more serious and even life threatening health issues, which can not be neglected, no matter how hard you try. Don’t let the fear take control over your life and go to the dentist as soon as you notice something bad going on.