How to Control Your Expenses and Run a Successful Business

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Controlling costs is not something that any business owner should take lightly. It is probably the thing where a lot can happen, and which can endanger everything. This is especially important when the business is still young since mistakes that happen at that time can create a lot of trouble, and that is a period where you do not exactly have room to allow yourself such occurrences.

The proper way of having every cent in mind is to run everything by yourself, or to hand it over to someone you trust, and this can escalate once your business starts expanding, but this is the problem anyone would be more than happy to deal with – or so they say. The growth is the point of every business, but a lot of good things, too early in the game, can be overwhelming to a startup company owner.

Hire an accountant


There are two sides to this coin: on one hand, we are strong endorsers of the fact that the boss of any small or medium sized company must be the one who is aware at all times when and where the money is being spent. On the other hand, one can easily get lost in the woods called finances, especially if someone does not have the right education, and the only solution would be to hire some help. This is an extremely good advice, but make sure that the accountant is someone you can truly trust, someone with good qualifications, and probably the most important – someone who will not try to cheat you out of your money. If you find a person that is suitable for this job, even then you will have to check up on them and make sure that everything is in order; you can ask for some clarification, and it is always better to ask about the things you do not understands than to pretend to know everything, but end up a fool. The reality is harsh, and you will need to be extra cunning if you want to succeed and earn some profit at the end of the year.

Manage your employees


This is a two way street. The same way your employees want to know their exact tasks and deadlines, the same way you want to know how

dedicated they are to their work positions and how wisely they are using company assets. The number of employees needs to be strictly controlled, and you want to be aware of their exact duties and how well they are performing – this does not mean that you should watch over them every second of the way, it just means that you should be aware of how things are done when you are not looking. Encourage everyone to treat the business as it was their own, and let them know that good behavior and hard work will be rewarded. There is some modern technology that can help you keep track of everything – the current location of the company vehicles, fuel consumption and even the copy machine usage. All of this is done in order to weed out all those who are trying to abuse their privileges or who are simply not doing their part properly.

Be open for discussion


In order to run business successfully, you will need to have eyes in the back of your head, and sometimes, even perform miracles. But that does not mean that you should create a workplace environment where everything is controlled and triple checked, as that can easily turn things for worse and negatively influence productivity, which will show in your financial statements. When implementing new solutions, explain to your workers why something is being done and how it will help the company grow. Only when everybody knows that by doing that, their actual careers will move forwards, everybody will accept it. The same thing applies to your customers – explain the prices to them, be open to suggestions and always have in mind that if you are not providing an efficient and affordable service, they will surely find someone that can do that for them. In any case, the overall goal is to be a proactive business owner, someone who will try and acquire the knowledge about everything that is happening, yet someone who is not afraid of asking help from those more experienced.