4 Tips To Land Your Dream Job

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This article is going to be a little different. I know a lot of the content in ComLuv deals with internet marketing, generating traffic, making money online, establishing your own online business(s), etc.

But what if you’re not interested in leaving the “rat race” to earn a living online?

What if you much rather work (or continue to work) for someone else instead?

Well if that’s you, then there’s really nothing wrong with that. After all, a lot of you reading this article right now has either worked for someone else or is currently working for someone else.

Additionally, in spite of the growing number of people making money online, there’s still a need for other professions that can only come with working for a boss.

People still crave interactions with employees (and leading them); a desire to achieve and maintain a certain status; having someone else deal with benefits (health and dental); receiving W-2 forms; and there are just those who simply don’t want change.

In the end, we all want to land our dream job – whether it means working in a traditional job, owning your own business, or making money online. If you’re a recent college graduate or someone who has yet to find his/her dream job, then this article is for you.

Here are four practical tips to land your dream job:

1) Create Your Dream Job Scenario

You need to plan ahead. Regardless of your age and current status, where do you see yourself in five or ten years from now?

Are you content with your current employer?

Do you feel like the job you’re in is fulfilling and rewarding?

These are important questions to ask yourself because it provides you with a reality check on your current situation. Most of our time is spent working for someone else; therefore, you need to ensure that your time is spent wisely and purposefully.

To create your dream job scenario, there are six components to consider:

1) Your ideal location – is it close to where you live; close to outdoor activities; climate choice.

2) Your ideal work schedule – hourly; specific days; flexibility; part-time or full-time.

3) Your ideal work environment and culture – diversity; fast-paced or your own pace; structured.

4) Your ideal job function – micromanagers; analytic or creative; isolated or maintain close interactions.

5) Your ideal salary or compensation – hourly pay; monthly pay; full commission or base + commission.

6) Your ideal employer size – small business; family business; large company.

Narrowing your choices to these six components helps you make an informed decision – instead of wasting time, effort, and resources to land the perfect job. How you make these decisions are based on your personality, character, work ethic, and social acceptance.

Only you know what your likes and dislikes are; what makes you tick; what satisfies you; how fast or slow do you build relationships; how hard you work; what skills you enjoy applying; so on and so forth. It’s not rocket science…it’s about knowing who you are.

2) Your Time Is Now

Here’s an obvious choice that’s not so obvious. After planning ahead and narrowing your ideal job description, if you want to land your dream job, you need to start while you’re still young and hungry. Because the longer you wait, the farther it is for your dream job to become a reality. One week becomes one month; one month becomes one year; so on and so forth.

Not young anymore?

It’s OK. As long as you still have the desire, drive, and hunger to pursue your dream job, it’s not too late. But be careful…for your motivation can also decline as time goes by.

For instance, when I was still in the military, I’ve always wanted

to become a Personal Trainer. I told myself that I can study personal training while I was still serving. Well, this was a problem considering the nature of my job. And so, I decided to wait until I got out.

Now that I’m separated, I’m still not studying for my personal training certificate. Instead, I’ve been doing other things and studying other disciplines. My dream of becoming a personal trainer is slowly slipping away.

Don’t let this happen to you. Start now.

3) Don’t Create a Backup Plan

This advice may contradict the advice of your parents, mentors, or school counselors; but if you think about it, having a “backup plan” is really a subtle way of saying you might fail.

“If I don’t land my dream job, well at least, I have something else to fall back on – even though it’s not what I want to do.”

A job’s a job after all, right?

Although I cannot disagree with you about being employed rather than unemployed (especially in this economy) – after all, you have bills to pay and mouths to feed – you still have to fully commit and not lie to yourself that you’ll eventually land your dream job.

Sure, it may take you a while, and in the meantime, you may also have to work with an employer you don’t love – but that doesn’t also mean there’s no hope. Don’t let your current situation stop you from staying focused and committed to working for an employer in your target market someday. Do what you need to do with no regrets, doubts, or excuses.

Whatever it takes.

4) Network the Right Way

Yes, you should always be networking. The problem is, however, most people don’t know what it really means to network. To better understand what it means to network, here’s what networking is not:

1) It’s not about collecting business cards – It’s more about quality, not quantity. There’s more value receiving one business card from someone whom you connected with and have a meaningful conversation, as opposed to 20 business cards from superficial conversations.

2) It’s not about annoying others – Don’t try to establish relationships based on insincerity, or flatter a potential employer without being genuine about it. Flattery does go far, if done right and with some strategy behind it. Always be genuine and sincere.

3) It’s not about whom you know – Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not about “who you know” or “who knows you.” It’s about who likes and respects you.

For instance, my sister once attended a job fair and landed a job that she wasn’t qualified for because they loved her personality, character and ethical beliefs. They found that she was the right fit, because everything my sister is, matches the company’s own values and culture. They also saw what a valuable asset she can bring to their team.

Concluding Thoughts

As I mentioned earlier, working for someone else may not be what you’re looking for. But I also know there are those who are more satisfied to work a traditional job and maintain a certain status – whether it’s a banker, lawyer, doctor, military member, CEO of a company, etc. – as opposed to earning a living online.

If your dream is to maintain or build a profession, then there’s nothing wrong with turning that dream into a reality – even though it doesn’t have anything to do with making money online. As long as you stay focused, driven, and know for sure that this is what you want to do for the rest of your life…then landing your dream job is within reach.

It’s your move. Go for it!

What do you think about working for someone else, instead of making money online? Do you have a problem with change, or are you satisfied where you’re at? Have you landed your dream job yet? I would love to read your thoughts in the comment section below.

photo credit: geralt via pixabay.