My 5 Best Ways To Get Safe Backlinks For Google

stop wasting your time with pointless backlinks

Google has introduced a huge number updates and changes in its algorithm because like every business it also wants to improve its users experience and quality of their search engine. In these changes a lot of webmasters had to suffer, their rankings went down, traffic started to decrease and ultimately they lost there steady earnings. […]

2013 Safe Link Building Info

Penguin Safe Linking

2013 Safe Link Building Info 2013 is the year that you need to be extremely careful and safe with your link building. It is all about being safe, natural looking, and mirroring a site that tons of people are visiting and linking to daily. If you do not follow certain guidelines, and you take the […]

Top Ranking SEO Companies Hiding Links In JavaScript & Widgets – Ethical?


Note: I will not be naming names or companies here, it is not my intention to harm or slander anyone, I just want to bring awareness to people about this horrible tactic that companies are using. Many of the Top Ranking SEO Companies are hiding links in JavaScript & Widgets on their clients sites which […]

Backlinks From Porn Sites Can’t Hurt Your Rankings – How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

How To Improve Your Search Engine Rankings

Yes you read it right. Building backlinks from slum sites such as porn, gambling and pharmacy can’t hurt your ranking results. In fact you can use such sleaze ball tactics to boost your results on Google. Well, at least that’s what I read from my inbox today. Yet another email from yet another company promising to […]

What Is Linking To Your Website?

link building

The “Dofollow” Link Building Strategy We all want dofollow links. These are what ranks our sites higher and higher on the search engines. This is how we are able to get our blogs in front of the eyes of the readers to actually have a chance to make money. Link building is probably the number […]

Content Is King

google content

The Google Race For those of you that have websites with great content and the idea to make money from them, you know what an ordeal it is to get on Google’s coveted first page. We all have a dream to make money, therefore we frantically race to backlink everything we come across, either paid or […]

Rel=Nofollow Links:The Protector of Sites


Let Me Set the Record Straight It seems I have struck a nerve when I posted about Backlinks For Your Site. I thought I could help a few people out with showing different methods that I use to get good quality backlinks. One of the ways that I do this is through forum posting. As […]

Revealed: A Fool Proof Way to Teach Google What Your Page Is About And Where It Should Rank!

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Quality is of the highest importance to Google. There’s no question that your websites should be of the highest quality. It’s even more important to Google that your backlinks, the pages that link back to you, also be of the highest quality. Once upon a time, Google depended heavily upon the number of backlinks, whether […]

Guest Writing Is A Great Traffic Building SEO Strategy – 3 Ways To Further Boost Its Effectiveness

Boosting Your Importance

I would think by now most involved in some form of traffic building SEO understands the intent of the Google Panda Project. Google is continually refining it’s ability to measure the value of a page to determine where it should be placed in the search results. And as usual it’s all about quality. Quality content […]

Improve your Blog Page Rank Using CommentLuv

Growing your Blog

I am always looking for more ways to build blog traffic and gain back links. When I started using CommentLuv, I found a better way to gain back links when commenting. Bloggers who enable plugins such as CommentLuv are more likely to allow DoFollow in their link comments (since they want to reward their readers), […]