Best 5 Video Sharing Websites – Watch Your Favourite Videos

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Hamza Ahmad
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Hamza Ahmad
Hamza Ahmad
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Video Sharing

Videos are great for entertainment and getting the latest information from all around the world but if you know how to use this tool correctly you can definitely end in gaining a lot of benefit from it especially in monetary terms. Yes, you could promote yourself or earn money from it but everyone needs to find its own way. People could just help but no one will tell you the exact step by step guide to earn money.

Anyway, these networks are made to provide entertainment and you can use them to watch out all your favourite videos in no time. Let me start with the most popular video sharing network.

1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing network which was started by Paypal workers in 2006 and later bought by Google Inc after seeing how rapidly it has been growing since its start. People use Youtube for promotion and to share what they like in form of videos. It is among the world top 10 most visited sites. If you have a Google account then you do not need to register to Youtube. Just upload your favourite videos and enjoy.

2. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is again a popular video network with a huge database where you could watch all your favourite videos without any problem. As Youtube has been banned in many countries Dailymotion acts as an alternative in that countries for people who love watching videos. Recently,

it has gained a lot of strength and those people are really working hard to improve there rank. They have options to earn money by producing videos for them. You may find many more things after taking a thorough look at there site.

3. Metacafe

I keep Metacafe because of its overall popularity. Anyway, I have been watching Metacafe since it started and with the ability to upload videos it also embeded Youtube videos but now there database has grown a lot. It is also an impressive site with great looks and a huge amount of traffic is received by Metacafe. They have some limitations in uploading videos but there quality and speeds are just awesome. So people can basically use it for entertainment.

4. Vimeo

Vimeo is also a popular network but basically it is a bit different from the 3 above. The all above are almost free and do not have any kind of premium packages but vimeo has some free limitations and offers a Vimeo Plus package for users to enjoy video streaming. They do not put that annoying ads a lot to earn money like every other video sharing network does but rather they provide some awesome services through which they generate revenue like Videos on Demand etc. Overall Vimeo is good and can be used to store your personal videos.

5. Trueflick

Trueflick is a newly emerged and rapidly growing video sharing network. It is good for watching videos rather than promoting or uploading because they do not have a lot of traffic right now as compared to Youtube but they have some good speeds. You should check it out for sure. You could watch your favourite videos at high speeds here for free.

I know there are many other Video sharing networks which I have missed but you could share them below in comments.