Awesome Videos of the Week – Installment 2

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Eyern is a video blog site that provides The Best YouTube Videos from around the internet which are uploaded daily. Eyern takes awesome videos from popular websites and uploads them into one place for ease of viewing. We truly hope you enjoy these videos. Cheers,
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Samsung vs. iPhone - Commercial

Samsung vs. iPhone – Commercial

All of the awesome videos below were  uploaded on Eyern which provides the Best YouTube Videos from around the web. We truly hope you enjoy these 6 videos:

Samsung vs. iPhone – Commercial

Samsung mocks the release of the iPhone 5 as Samsung phone owners chat with people in line to get the new iPhone 5.

The Birth Of A Tool – John Neeman

John Neeman creates hand-made forged woodworking tools and knives and demonstrates how an axe is hand-made in this short documentary. (Music by Bon Iver called Holocene)

It is a tragedy of the first magnitude that millions of people have ceased to use their hands as hands. Nature has bestowed upon us this great gift which is our hands. If the craze for machinery methods continues, it is highly likely that a time will come when we shall be so incapacitated and weak that we shall begin to curse ourselves for having forgotten the use of the living machines given to us by God.“ – Mahatma Gandhi

See the
Second video in the Birth of Tool series.

Monsters Calling Home – Honda – Jimmy Kimmel

Monsters Calling Home is a band who filmed one of their music videos (Fight to Keep) in a Honda CRV. Honda saw the music video and told them they were going to play for some Honda employees. The gig was actually a set-up and the band was told they were actually going to play on Jimmy Kimmel.

Mind Reader Accuracy

This mind reader is 100% accurate due to a special ability revealed at the end of the video.

Lego Ball Machine

A Lego Ball Machine was created which took 600 hours to construct and moves 1 ball every second. (Pay attention to the blue and red ball as they are tracked during the video)

Change for a Dollar – A Short Film

Change for a Dollar was directed by Sharon Wright and it follows a homeless man as he affects many people’s lives.

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