7 Hacks To Get the Most Out of Your 24 Hours


Each person is unique in countless ways, but we are all alike in one way. No matter the status of our births, our heights, our weights, our experiences, our hopes, our dreams, we all have one thing in common. We will have it common from the day we’re born until the day we die. We […]

3 Free Tools That Make a Freelancer’s Life Easier (Plus Bonus Free Tools!)

Freelancer At Home

If you’re not a freelance worker now, you very well might be in the near future. While full-time work has become scarcer, freelance work has grown in the last few years. Not only that, but according to a recent Elance report (PDF link), freelance wages are on the rise, too. Sounds great, right? Not so […]

Bloggers: Avoid Legal Trouble With These 5 Tips

Blogger legal issues

Blogging might seem like an innocent activity, but it is riddled with potential legal issues. OK, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration. Most bloggers won’t break the law, and those who do probably won’t get caught. It’s a fool’s errand to police the entire internet. That doesn’t mean that bloggers are immune from the law, though. […]

Expanding Your Solo Startup Without Breaking the Bank (or the Law)


It starts with something small: a passion-fueled blog, a consulting contract, a few freelance gigs. If you’re lucky, you build up some momentum and see opportunities to build something bigger. With those opportunities come greater responsibility, and individuals are often ill-equipped to handle such a workload by themselves. There comes a point when expanding a […]

4 Things Candy Buffets Can Teach You about Marketing

From Flickr user Natalie Kerschner via Creative Commons

I’d like to kick off this small lecture on small business by talking about candy. Specifically – candy buffets. If you aren’t familiar, candy buffets are those decorative spreads of sugar sticks and bon-bons, often presented in apothecary jars, which have taken wedding receptions and other celebratory gatherings by storm recently. At first, these tooth-racking […]

How Google’s New Guidelines Help Digital Publishers


Say “Google” to a website owner, and you might get get a reaction as though you’d said “boo.” In the last few years Google has rolled out a number of impactful updates that have changed the face of their search results pages. People who prospered on the backs of Google for years have found themselves […]

How To (and Why) Prepare for Next Summer Now


Labor day quickly approaches, marking the unofficial end of summer. A few weeks remain, at least as far as the lunar calendar goes, but for most of us Labor Day marks the end of beach trips and half-day Fridays at work. Soon enough the leaves will start changing color, snow will fall, and we’ll all […]

Why Summer Is the Best Time to Buy A Car


Are you expecting to purchase a car this year? That’s actually good news. While people typically don’t like car shopping — it means spending an absurd amount of money, after all — there are ways to get a good deal and go easy on your wallet. Summer is actually the best time of year to […]

4 Rooms, 4 Small Project for an Improved Home


The big secret to home improvement that many people don’t know: little upgrades can make big differences. So while you save your pennies for the big projects, like remodeling your kitchen or finishing your basement, you can continually improve the look of your home by undertaking smaller tasks. Given enough time you could probably come […]

3 Major Ways Mobile Payments Will Change the Way You Shop


The physical retailer is making a comeback. The online shopping revolution left many physical retailers reeling. Mom and pop shops around the globe closed as people explored convenient and less expensive online alternatives. Can anyone blame them? For non-urgent purchases, online shopping is the superior experience. The latest development in payments might turn the tables. […]