Tips for Using Twitter to Engage Your Customers

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Nowadays, social media has become a very valuable tool for every business. Twitter is one of the most powerful social media channels for interacting with customers and promoting goods and services. It is not only efficient, but also a very cost-effective marketing tool.

Here are some of the ways you can use Twitter to engage your customers:

Twitter customer engagement

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1. Customer service

In earlier years, customers usually aired their grievances by making a phone call or sending an email. Nowadays however, many people are more likely to talk about their complaints through social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Google+. If not handled properly, such negative publicity can have a very adverse effect on your business. Twitter allows you to create custom searches which will help you keep track of tweets which mention your brand or company name. When you find grievances from customers, take time to respond in a professional way. Seek clarification where necessary and resolve any problem presented. Responding to complaints in a polite and timely way will help win the trust and loyalty of your customers.

2. Business updates

Besides handling complaints, Twitter is also a great way of keeping your followers informed about the latest developments in your business. You can share information such as changes in physical location, new appointments or updates about new products and services. However, be sure to capture

all the important details within the 140-character limit. If you want people to read further, you can include a link to a more detailed post in your business site or blog.

3. Ask for feedback

Anytime you think of creating new products and services, you need to keep your customers in mind.  Take time to engage your followers to find out what they really need. One of the best ways of doing this is by taking surveys using Twitter. The information collected will greatly enhance your chances of success.

4. Follow others

Following and promoting others is a great way of engaging your customers. Look for companies which deal in related products and services. For instance, if your company sells fitness equipment, you may want to connect with another which deals in sporting apparel. You can then post tweets about their products and encourage your customers to buy from them. When you do this, the other company is likely to return the favor.

5. Brand yourself

Branding is very important for the success of any company. Having a unique brand will make it easy for customers and prospects to identify your business. Take time to customize your Twitter account with your official company colors or logo. In addition, remember to use your actual business name as the Twitter account name.

6. Share your company bio

Your followers might be interested in knowing more about your business. Therefore, you need to take time to create a full Twitter profile which explains the history of your company. Talk about your notable achievements, as well the challenges you have faced. Write short profiles of some of your staff members. You could even post photos of a recent company event. Sharing such information will demystify your business and encourage customers to interact with you.


  1. In addition to what’s given, I’d like to add a few tips that I thought of.

    1. Increase your followers – For example, if you specialize in marketing, follow other marketing professionals for tips, information or just to connect with them.

    2. Create Lists – You could add your potential customers to one list and have another for those loyal customers that you already have. By creating lists, you are following them more closely and keeping track of their needs.

    3. Post interesting Tweets

    4. Be active

    5. Be local

    6. Use an effective Twitter handle and image

    When it comes to advertising, Twitter has a couple of features that help in marketing and lead generation. Try Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts.
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  2. Twitter is really a great market to promote our ideas and promote our biz. I’m revealing a secret trick, we could promote our brand a lot with using dedicated #tags and addind non relevant high popular tags. That drives traffic and money.!!!
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  3. What a great post, we have recently started using twitter to help build our brand and business, we have also linked our website to it so every new post we place on the site is shown on our twitter feed! Would you say this was a good idea?

  4. Charles,
    you are right, twitter is a great tools today to find potential customer. By using appropriate tags, you can of course targuet relevant customer. But it’s not easy to do that.:(
    marc.donovan recently posted…List of 45 Best Android AppsMy Profile

  5. Great article and tips here. Twitter can really powerful if you can write the perfect post that catches attention. Thanks for sharing!
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