Writing Posts in the Cloud – How You Can Churn Posts Out Faster

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writing in the cloud

Use the Cloud to your own writing advantages

We all have our own writing styles and niches. I write for my own Relationships Blog, my personal site about whatever doesn’t fit into the former as well as about Social Media since I’m also the Product Director of an emerging piece of software technology for Franchises and Multi-Location Retail Outlets, in them managing their Brand.

I’ve always got lots of topics and ideas floating around in my noggin. I’m sure you do too.

And I get those inspirations all through the day. Here’s what I use and I hope you gain some productivity tips along the way.

I’m a 54 year young Geek. I love the benefits technology now affords us.

Here’s how I use them in writing a post.

My Writing Tools of the Trade

  • Laptop
    • Byword App (lots of other MarkDown applications so have a Google)
    • Dunno – idea generator as well as a Wikipedia / Google search combo
  • Apple iPad and Writing Apps
  • Cloud
    • Dropbox is my Cloud storage favourite and syncs with all the apps I use on my devices.

My Writing Style Reasoning

The way I work is dependant on the Internet and access to Cloud Storage prevails. I use writing applications to tap into and add/modify my skeleton blog posts, no matter where I happen to be, with a few spare minutes.

Firstly, I keep a special text file (in the Cloud) in my /Posts directory which is a running list of topics for posts, across multiple niches. Just titles that hint at what might be within the Post – more on this a bit later.

For the last 6 months, I’m a convert for writing my blog posts in applications that use the MarkDown

language and have the ability to export to HTML via clipboard. The reasoning is there’s really only Headings, Bold, Italic, Bullets and Links that people include in webpages and MarkDown is a quick and easy shortcut in annotating for these.

When I’m at home or work and at a laptop/workstation, I’ll pull open my blogideas.txt file and select a new topic to start on. It’s immediately saved into my /Finish-These directory as I often start a post and leave those beginnings to further germinate in my mind for later completion.

The Normal Process

Start off the topic and simply brainstorm ideas. That involves “˜free writing’ in 20 minute bursts. With free writing, I keep typing out words, ideas and phrases that pop into head, with the main topic title in mind. No idea or word is deleted and it’s important to keep trucking. Forget typing errors. Keep brainstorming.

After one of two of these sessions, I give all the page a read over and pluck out a few strong threads that form the skeleton of the post. Save off to the Cloud.

Make coffee and go outside with the iPad. Fire up Dunno and do a few phrase search – I find this helps finding supporting material as well as firming up the direction of the post.

Coffee in one hand and pressing Writing Kit with the other and selecting that previously saved file. I’ll select the main SubHeads from the “˜free writing’ session which also have a natural flow. It’s just a matter of filling in the detail of the Subheads and Save again.

Export and Finish

OK, the finishing touches I find easier and faster on a laptop.
Reload the draft into Byword and simply choose to “˜Export HTML to Clipboard’. Copy that into the HTML editor of a New Post, add the Title, selected images, Tags and other SEO type material.

Hit Schedule and that’s it.

Your Turn Now

Well, thanks for reading all the way through my process. Here’s what you can do:

  • How does my process differ from yours?
  • Do you think aspects of my process will help yours?
  • What’s one extra tip you think might help mine?

Note: No hard drive space was harmed in the making of this post