Fight Focus-Block with these 3 Productivity Apps

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Shane Jones
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Shane Jones
Shane Jones
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It doesn’t really matter how comfortable that executive office chair or shaker furniture in your office is – when you can’t focus, you just can’t focus.

Many times, that dreaded focus-block occurs at the most inopportune moments. You know you have a huge project to finish, and you know it’s due in four hours “¦ but you just can’t think.

Well, while there isn’t a whole lot that can help you in those situations – aside from just digging in and getting it done – you can increase your productivity overall to avoid those situations in the future.

Check out these 3 apps that don’t have anything to do with to-do lists:

Pages by Apple

Let’s face it: your iPad isn’t the ideal place to compose documents and reports, but it beats the heck out of a tiny smartphone when you have to work on-the-go. And how many times have you had trouble focusing, stepped out to clear your mind, have a brilliant thought, only to have forgotten it by the time you get back to your solid wood desk?

The pages app lets you take your work with you in Word or PDF formats, so you can update that report or chart the moment a

brilliant idea strikes. You can also review your documents while you wait in store lines or on the bus ride home.

Notes Plus by Viet Tran

This is a clean little app that offers a few bonuses over standard note-taking apps. Using just your finger, you can jot down notes on the wonderfully ruled pages, to have for future reference.So if you’re trying to brainstorm ideas to break through a focus-block, you can use it as a mind-mapping tool. If, on the way to getting to the real goal, you have another wonderful but unrelated idea, you can have a record of ideas to pursue later without cluttering up the real project at hand.

You can even voice-record your notes, so it’s perfect for those times you need both of your hands for other tasks.

iQue from Infomato, Inc

If you share a network or computer at work, you know it’s a bad idea to store your passwords in your browser. You also know writing them down to keep in your desk is just asking for trouble. But you have a hard time remembering all of your login information for critical websites that you need to access to continue your tasks.iQue is a free iPad app that will help you remember that information – and anything else – without spelling it out to potential hackers. It uses association to trigger your brain into remembering what you need to know. So now you don’t have to worry about losing focus after racking your brain just to get into your project.