Some like it hot, but I like it simple

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They say nothing quite strikes fear into the heart’s of people like speaking in public. I have never quite understood this fear, as for me it is actually something I quite enjoy doing.

There is something however that is my kryptonite, and that is closing sales or asking for the order. Not a good weakness to have when you are building a business!

I guess the big problem for me is the whole sales process seems so complicated, well it did until I watched one of Frank Kern’s video’s earlier this week.

Frank as he has an excellent knack of doing, took the whole process and broke it down into three simple steps. Well actually Frank told the story of how he was struggling to come up with the sales copy for a huge product launch that he was involved with. As it happens he found himself with a little one on one time with legendary copywriter John Carlton. So John gave him these three simple steps, and Frank has been generous enough to pass them on.

Any how, enough small talk. Let’s get straight into these three steps, so that you can go away and implement them just like I have done, and put some added confidence in your sales system.

Step One…. Here’s what I

You can literally use that term in your sales copy as well just like I did in the picture below. Alternatively you can refine it a bit, but you need to tell your prospect exactly what you have on offer. I decided to go with the theory, don’t mess with what Kern told you to do Beanie, just spell it out nice and simple.

Step Two…. Here’s what you get

Again I used this just the way Frank said it. This is the part where you sell the prospective customer on exactly how they will benefit from your product’s and services. Or as it is universally know. Radio station WIIFM

Step Three…. Here is what I want you to do next

Very simple tell them what they need to do so that you can supply them with the product’s and services that they require.

And that is it! Simple isn’t it? But don’t let the simplicity fool you, this is an exceptionally powerful system. Try it for yourself as quickly as you can, and see how it transforms the way you approach your customer’s and write your copy.

So what is your kryptonite? Is it public speaking? Sales ? or something completely different?