The Data Behind Why Social Media Marketing

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You’ve Heard You Should Be Investing in Social Media Marketing, but Why?

Most small business owners can see some value in running a Social Media Campaign but is it worth the time and money.  The Risk vs Reward ratio is where many have a hard time in determining if it is right for their business.

In my humble opinion having some type of Social Media Campaign is no longer an option, rather just a part of doing business.  Similar to having an Email Address.

But don’t take my word for it… here is some data to back it up.

1.  US Internet Users Spend 3x More Minutes on Blogs and Social Networks Than On Email

More Time Spent On Social Media Marketing Sites

2.  People Spend More Time On Social Media Sites By a 2 to 3 Ratio:

More People Use Social Media Marketing Sites

3.  All Age Groups Are Using Social Media Sites:

All age groups are on social media marketing sites

Social Media Marketing is not a fad

4.  2 Out Of 3 Businesses Report Increase In Marketing Effectiveness Using Social Media:

href="">Social Media Marketing Increase Revenue

5.  Only 11% of Small Businesses Say That Social Media Marketing Is Not Beneficial:

Social media marketing is beneficial for small business

6.  Social Media Is Top Of The List For Lead Generation:

Social Media Marketing Leads for New Lead Generation

7.  Over Half of US Companies Report an Increase Of Sales Using Social Media:

Social Media Marketing gets new sales

Social Media Marketing Has Real Business ValueData and Charts Provided by:  Hubspot

I Have Experienced Many Success Stories, What Has Been Your Experience With Social Media Marketing For Your Small Business?