NYC & Business: Tips on How to Get the Most out of Your Trip

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Business trips usually aren’t that difficult to manage, but if you’re going somewhere huge, like to NYC, you need to do your homework. Every week, over one million people come to this city, so even if you haven’t been there, you may assume that it gets a bit crowded. All these tourists have enabled NYC to go unreasonably wild with the prices and hit rock bottom when it comes to food quality, but this shouldn’t be a problem if you know where to go. When you’re on a business trip, you have less time to explore and discover, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stay locked up in your room and do nothing – you just need to be resourceful!

Pack Light & Fabulous


As we all heard, NYC has an insomnia problem, but that’s not the only thing they are famous for – New Yorkers pay close attention to what they put on. Blending in implies that you need to be fabulous. However, packing your entire closet won’t do you any good, because that will make moving around even more difficult. So, pack light and pack only the classic pieces, and you’ll be just fine.

Go with Alternative Accommodation

Instead of the traditional way of staying in a hotel, you should search for alternative options if you’d like to avoid wasting your money. Hotels are expensive in general, but hotels in NYC try really hard to live up to this standard. So, instead of booking a small room and pay a small fortune for it, you might want to reconsider and rent a place – getting an apartment is way more practical and a lot cheaper. You won’t have to deal with lack of privacy, small rooms, overpriced meals or poorly trained staff, which gives you more time to explore.

Take Subway, Not Taxies


Another misconception people all over the world have is that NYC has a poorly designed subway, and that all locals use nothing but cabs to get from one point to another. Considering the fact that traffic is absolutely horrible, it will take forever

to get somewhere by Yellow Cab or Uber, and that will definitely reflect on the price of your ride. If you take enough time or simply ask for help, you’ll be able to find the right subway line and get to your destination a lot faster.

Eating Might be Tricky

Being busy with meetings and other work obligations won’t leave you that much time to look for a nice restaurant that won’t rob you blind. On the other hand, those insanely low prices you’ll definitely encounter downtown may seem inviting, but this is something you need to avoid at all costs. If you do get an apartment, you can simply enjoy home cooked meals. However, if you’re staying in a hotel you might want to consult a friend or locals where they eat, and follow their example.

Games, Comedy Shows & Exhibits


When you’re already in NYC, it would be a shame not to enjoy in their entertainment. Depending on your area of interest, you should definitely visit at least one of their world-famous shows, like Wicked, catch a Yankees game and be wowed by the size of the stadium, or visit any of their museums and enjoy various exhibits. A warning is in order – make sure you don’t decide to do any of the things mentioned above during weekends. If you do manage to find tickets, you’ll be overwhelmed by the crowd and stay stuck in line for hours.

Expect to See a Culture Clash

If you look at it geographically, NYC is one city. However, if you include a couple of different factors, like cultural background or wealth, you can divide NYC into several different not-so-small cities, because theses things are markedly different from one part of town to the other. For example, Upper East Side and Brooklyn should be on two different planets, not in the same city. So, even if you have a small traveling budget you’ll be able to see real wanders just by walking around.

In the end, no matter the outcome, visiting New York will be a great new experience. Their lifestyle and daily pace will come as a surprise, if nothing else. However, if you try to stay open minded, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it.