5 Ways to Hold an Effective Team Meeting

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Team meetings are supposed to inform your team about a certain topic, and when done ineffectively, they can cause a confusion and lead to various problems. Therefore, don’t improvise, but plan your meeting well and follow the rules.

1. Participants must know why the meeting is being held

Before you hold a business meeting, you should create an agenda, and write why the meeting is being held. Your team needs to know why they are coming in every day, and what matter will be discussed. Therefore, before you send out the invites and create objectives, you need to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish by holding a meeting. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be discussed and, more importantly, how.

When you have defined the purpose, it’s time to create a list of people who should attend the meeting. Don’t call everyone to the meeting, because there is no reason to waste someone’s time, if there is nothing for them to hear.

Moreover, create an agenda and a schedule according to which your team will discuss the matter. Email the agenda to all the participants in order not to waste time on explaining the whole purpose of the meeting. Also, this way, the participants will think about the matter before the meeting, and they’ll come prepared with new ideas.

2. Always stay on topic and on schedule

The participants have probably organized themselves according the time you suggested in the e-mail. So, don’t hold your meeting longer than necessary, and stay on schedule. Begin and finish your meeting on time. If you spend too much time on one topic, you might have less time for some other, equally important one.

Moreover, the usual reason why meetings become long and boring, and not effective at all, is because people tend to start talking off topic. Usually, the person who holds the meeting can get lost, they can digress, which will confuse everyone. This leads to discussing unimportant things and wasting precious time. Therefore, stay on topic and follow your points in order to cover everything.

3. Use technology to your advantage

Almost every meeting should ban the usage of smartphones

and tablets, because they can distract your employees during the meeting, and more importantly, they can be a huge distraction for you, the speaker. Moreover, it’s disrespectful to use phones while on the meeting.

However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use tech to make your meeting more effective. Use presentations and a projector. During the meeting, there should be something on the screen. Don’t write too many things, since they’ll spend too much time reading, and not listening. Become creative and innovative, and make a professional-looking video by yourself. According to a number of Powtoon reviews, you can be sure that you will easily create the best possible video, which will catch the eye of participants and make them more engaged.

4. Involve everyone in the meeting


During the business meeting, it’s not about one person speaking, and others just listening. There needs to be feedback, and everyone should be involved. Ask them questions and make sure everyone suggests something. As you have sent them the agenda before the meeting, they will already have some questions to ask and something to say something about the matter.

However, many times, it happens that only one person talks all the time, and others cannot say anything. If that happens, thank the person and ask for someone else’s opinion. Make sure that everyone is heard. If there is something to be discussed and it’s not comfortable speaking up about that, ask them to write their thoughts on a piece of paper at the end of the meeting.

5. Follow up

Many people get out of the meeting not knowing what the outcome was. Don’t let this happen, but 24 hours after the meeting, send everyone a memo containing everything that was discussed and the solutions you came up with. In this manner, everyone will be informed and on the same page.

Meetings can be very productive and effective. You just need to make them that way. Send everyone an email describing what will be discussed, start on time, talk to everyone, end on time and email what you have accomplished. You can only engage them more and take your company to the next level.