How to Leave an Amazing First Impression

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Ivan Dimitrijevic
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Ivan Dimitrijevic
Ivan Dimitrijevic
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You might ask what a first impression really represents. Well, that is the first thing that happens with any social interaction. When you meet new people and talk to them, they immediately judge you and form their opinion, whether you like it or not. So, because of this, you need to always leave an amazing first impression, since who knows, maybe that new person will become one of your closest friends. If you want to approach random people and make small talk, you will have to have amazing social skills. So, when you are meeting someone, here are couple of things that you should practice so that you always leave an amazing first impression.


First of all, you have to be comfortable with touch, because it is can be pretty powerful, and whether you consider yourself a touchy person or not, first contact is always necessary. So, when meeting someone, introduce yourself and then put your hand forward for a handshake. Whether it is a male or female, always shake their hand firmly and confidently. Don’t give out a dead handshake like a loose fish, there is nothing worse than that. Your handshake should be powerful and confident, and you will see how much you will surprise people when giving them a strong handshake because many of them are used to getting limp ones.


Smiling is maybe one of the most important things to do when meeting someone new. People get drawn to someone who makes them laugh and has a good sense of humor. Don’t worry if you are not a comedian – you just need to keep the conversation light. Have a nice healthy smile and laugh when appropriate. If you feel there is a place to tell a joke, do it – this is a nice ice breaker. But don’t be sarcastic or make jokes at

someone else’s expense, because you can be portrayed as someone who likes to gossip – this will make the people you meet be on their guard.


Always have your body posture in mind. Don’t slouch, because you will give out an impression that you are lacking confidence or that you are lazy, and those are not very attractive qualities in a person. So, stand tall, even if it is a little difficult – you will master it over time, and before you know it, you are going to do everything tall – sit, walk, and stand. You will see how people will immediately think that you are a very confident person. When you are meeting someone new, they will notice your good posture and that will give you some positive points, not to mention that people who already know you will notice your new found confidence.

Be Interested


When talking to other people, pay attention to their stories – it is nice to develop an interest when getting to know them. Seeing you being focused on what they are talking about will make them happy. Even if their stories are not really interesting, you can always fake it. It looks much easier than it sounds, and people can sense that energy and respond very well on the feedback they will get from you.

Focus and Listen

Don’t just black out or wait for the other person to finish what they were saying so that you can take over and start talking about something you want. That is not active listening. It is a known fact that everyone loves to talk about themselves, but if you are a good listener, other people will enjoy your company more than if you just talk. So, give your complete attention to what your new acquaintances are saying, nod and look interested like we already said above.

We have given you some tricks and tips for making an amazing first impression, but now, it is up to you to get out there and start making new connections. Everything we said above, you can use in both a personal and a business setting, but always pay attention to the context of the situation. So, what are you waiting for, go out and start introducing yourself – who knows – maybe you will get to open some important doors for your future life.