The World of Exotic Cars and Why People Buy Them Despite Their Price

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Waqar Hassan
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Waqar Hassan
Waqar Hassan
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The World of Exotic Cars and Why People Buy Them Despite Their Price

Photo courtesy of RSdBarros

When you have a lot of money you need to find the right ways to spend that money. Of course, investment in a good market is the best choice for any millionaire or billionaire because this causes the money to increase. However, you don’t always feel like making investments from your money. Sometimes it is about your passion, spirit and dreams. Buying a house on the hilltop is not just an investment but it is more of a realization of a dream. Even a person living in a small house with a family of 10 would think of having such a house.

Keeping novelties, buying expensive musical instruments, making people’s wishes come true etc. are also a few things people with money like to do. Among these things, there are some people who have the passion of owning exotic cars. These are the cars that are close to the ground in height, look out of this world on the road and are made in a very small number because of the huge price tags. Why do people like to buy such expensive cars when they can travel in other ordinary cars as well?

Why Do People Like to Buy Exotic Cars?

There are many reasons for people to buy exotic cars and they can change from person to person. However, a few common reasons are given below:

  • Exotic cars are a status of symbol. It is a known fact that an ordinary person cannot buy an exotic car from his/her regular savings. As soon as you see a person riding an exotic car, you can bet that this person is rich.
  • These cars are also a reflection of the passion of people. Some people could be rich and still without an exotic car. You don’t always see politicians riding exotic cars or owners of huge companies driving them. There are only a select people who have the passion of riding these bullets on the road and so the car tells you a lot about the owner of the car.
  • Another reason why you would want to buy an exotic car is to look different from the rest. In reality, every human is different from other humans and showing this individuality through your possessions has nothing wrong with it. You like a certain exotic car in a particular color with a specific style of rims – this tells the world about you just like a logo of a business tells about it.
  • This is an obvious reason and probably the most potential one. They have enough money to buy an exotic car. Otherwise, why would you buy something that you can’t afford? And why shouldn’t you buy something you like so much when you can easily afford it?

Are Exotic Cars Only for Men?

The World Of Exotic Cars And Why People Buy Them Despite Their Price

Photo by Moto “Club4AG” Miwa

Spending money on looking rich and having a high status was once only associated with men but that’s not the case anymore. Today, there are just as many Hollywood celebrities with exotic cars as there are male celebrities. There is a huge list of modern celebrities who have astonished even the male celebrities around them with their choice of cars and how they converted those cars to exactly how they wanted them. A great example is Paris Hilton who got a custom Bentley

Continental GT with a shiny pink color and pink rims.

Similarly, you have Nicki Minaj who has her Lamborghini Aventador painted with matte pink not only on the body but also on the rims. Beyonce has taken things a step further from all other female celebrities with her passion and purchase of 1959 Silver Cloud Rolls-Royce that has a value of more than $1,000,000. On top of everything, this amazing old classic is a convertible so it will be a bit frugality of words to say that Beyonce has got a gem.

Some Mentionable Exotic Cars

The World Of Exotic Cars And Why People Buy Them Despite Their Price

Photo by Mauricio Lima @ Flickr

As it becomes easier with time to earn money – thanks to the internet jobs – more and more people are buying the exotic cars. Not all exotic cars are made equal and while some look great, some have the looks from out of this world that make every head turn on the road when they pass. There are quite a few exotic car brands that are known all around the world and are considered the face of exotic car manufacturing. However, some brands are known for their uniqueness in what they do and Jaguar is one of them. The new entries into exotic cars from Jaguar need some special mention.

The recent 2016 F-Type series from Jaguar is no doubt one of the coolest out there. The power of these cars is to be talked about later, the first thing that blows you away is how these cars have been designed. There are coupe and convertible models available of this car. The exterior of the car is tremendously beautiful with headlights that are more like tear drops stretched at one side. The side skirts are fully crafted with proper care of the aerodynamics and the back lights are as thin as they could be. The dials on the interior are analog with options for auto and sport mode available at your fingertips.

The interior can be designed as you want so the personalization of the car depends completely on you. The engine on the car is V6 with best acceleration available on F-Type S that allows you to go from 0 to 60mph in just a little less than 5 seconds. On the automatic models you get 8-speed transmission and almost all the different models are available in the coupe and convertible form. Jaguar exotic cars needed a special mention because one has to agree that these are currently the coolest looking cars on the roads compared to the still old styled exotic cars mostly popular among people.

A few other cars that need to be mentioned for offering some cool new looks are Lotus Evora 400, Porsche Cayman GT4, Audi R8 with V10 etc.

Before Buying Your Exotic Car

The most obvious thing that you need to have before you buy an exotic car is of course the money. However, there is some other stuff that needs your attention before you buy one. First, you have to make sure to buy an exotic car that matches your personality. Some personalities are more like sober personalities and they look cooler when they are riding the more down-toned and subdued exotic cars like R series from Audi. A lively personality with a passionate look on the face would look great in a car like Jaguar F-Type.

Furthermore, you have to know that exotic cars are already designed with intricate details and attention to even the most minor things that count. If you want personal changes in these cars you have to be very intelligent and careful with that. You don’t want to ruin the great looks of your exotic car. For example, Nicki Minaj is not praised much for painting her Lamborghini pink. However, if you are a person who cares less about people’s opinions, you can have your exotic car just the way you want. You can also choose your car according to the event you are about to attend.