Top WordPress Themes for 2016

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Waqar Hassan
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Waqar Hassan
Waqar Hassan
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Top WordPress Themes for 2016

When you are kicking off an online business venture, one of the first things you need to consider is how your website is going to look. It is essential for you to present your clientele with high quality content in a simple and comprehensive way that can engage your audience. Your website has to be organized, clean and functional for delivering your content and you need a premium theme to accomplish it. WordPress is the best platform available and you should definitely opt for it, especially if you lack a background in website administration. However, lack of experience is not the primary reason why you should opt for a WordPress theme.

WordPress also offers you a reliable, highly organized and time-saving content management system and this is why they have become the popular choice of both new and experience website administrators and designers. Here are some of the top WordPress themes for 2016 that you can use for making your website appealing and unique:


Oshine WordPress Theme

This is a visually stunning, incredibly dynamic, appealing, technologically modern, attractive and interactive WordPress theme. It is considered a one-stop solution and this responsive multipurpose, multi-layout theme is designed to be eloquent, creative and expressive. Oshine has been developed with powerful and unique capabilities for a vast range of website applications from small to big, commercial to personal and from corporate to business. You don’t need to have any coding skills at all and Oshine is quite intuitive and easy to use.


Shopkeeper WordPress Theme

If you want your online website or store to have an elegant and trendy template, Shopkeeper is the best choice for you. You can take advantage of a flexible and fluid layout, which can easily adjust on different screen sizes and devices. Shopkeeper is a good choice for both novices and seasoned website developers and it is loaded with customization options and amazing features, which can aid you in developing an appealing website for your business. There are various pre-made page layouts that you can use for making a unique website in a jiffy.


Kaliun WordPress Theme

One of the best WordPress themes you can find these days is Kalium, which is ideally suited for blogs and portfolios. You can create streamlined and well-designed pages and your customers are going to be amazed when they navigate your blog. As the quality of your website has a huge impact on the visitors, Kalium ensures that you can leave a powerful first impression on everyone. This theme offers you a whole lot of customization options so you can alter and change every feature as per your preference. This guarantees that your blog is going to have a unique and exquisite look.


Amax WordPress Theme

If you are looking for a theme that can be used for just about any website, Amax is your go-to choice. This is a multi-purpose and authentic theme and provides you a horde of website building tools. The theme allows you to change the color palettes and fonts of the page and you can also choose multiple tiles, headers and site layouts. With this theme, you can get complete creative control and you will be able to provide your website with increasing and distinct brand recognition. There is a built-in visual composer that you can use for designing a huge number of different



Brixton WordPress Theme

An aesthetically refined, elegant, pristine, clean, well-structured and sophisticated WordPress theme option for everyone is Brixton. The best part is that it is quite user-friendly easily navigable and also technologically competent. Brixton is an ultra-responsive WordPress theme and is quite flexible and innovative and has a dashing sense of style. Regardless of your niche and nature, you can use this theme for impressing and dazzling your audience as it has all the tools and features needed for making professional and polished blogs and websites.


Uncode WordPress Theme

Uncode is basically a supremely engaging, visually vibrant and attractive theme that has been efficiently coded for enabling fast-loading. It has been cleanly designed and is undoubtedly one of the most responsive and sophisticated WordPress themes you can find today. An amazing set of features and tools have been incorporated in this particular theme, which can be used for churning out professional, fresh-faced and highly interactive websites and webpages. The best part is that you don’t have to write a single line of code in order to accomplish this goal. The latest web development technologies power Uncode and can be used for numerous market segments.


Divi WordPress Theme

When you get this theme, you will truly understand what sky is the limit is. You will find access to a plethora of customization features that provide you with superior functionality, which you usually get when a professional web developer is hired. One feature is the Divi Builder that can be used for creating the layout you have always dreamt of. The advantage of this feature is that it allows you to change whatever you want in the layout ranging from post formats, icons, to page and colors. You don’t have to write a line of code and still get a dynamic interface.


BookRev WordPress Theme

If you plan on developing an online book store, you must not ignore BookRev by ThemeIsle. It is a beautiful, responsive, multi-purpose theme, especially designed for businesses selling books online. The best thing about the theme is that even a novice can use it. You can easily update all the website settings, such as colors, social links, logo and layout from an easy to use interface under Theme Options. It’s a premium theme, priced at $67, but you can easily find a ThemeIsle coupon code online and install it without paying in full.


Monstroid WordPress Theme

Another popular theme for WordPress websites is Monstroid. It has a large roster laden with features and boasts a stunning design. Most of the heavy lifting is done by the theme and you have the ability of personalizing every aspect of your webpages. You can have access to various layout variations and enjoy a modern video background instead of the conventional and bland one. It is quite responsive for both smartphones and tablets.


Azoom WordPress Theme

A distinct and refreshing WordPress theme, Azoom has been designed for users who are fans of quality and consistency. You can find a horde of features that have been included for enhancing and completing any webpage. This theme is definitely worth the time because if offers great functionality and is also visually impressive. You will be able to design a responsive website with Azoom and they can adjust to numerous websites.

There may be a lot of other options for you once you are setting up your website, but you are highly encouraged to do try some of the WordPress themes listed above. These themes are known for having helped many in making unique and distinguished digital presence. Share your opinion in comments if you know of more great WordPress Themes available.