How to backup PC using Free PC backup software

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Are you fed up of the computer problems?

PC users will encounter certain problems that would not be preferable. Some of the most common problems that occur are hard drive failure, corrupted files, hit by viruses, accidental theft and a lot more.

These problems are not avoidable but we have a solution for these problems. Occasionally you need to look for the older files that might have got lost due to the above specified problems. You just need a backup program in case you can lose any of your documents in future.

The backup software creates the duplicate copies of all your files, documents, audio and videos and stores them on your hard drive or any portable device that you can recover back whenever you want.

You might get a number of PC backup software on internet that would promise to create a safe and reliable backup of your files. But to choose a best one is difficult. We have the best free backup software called Todo Backup free which is really safe, reliable and easy to use


Why Todo Backup?

The first thought that would come to your mind would be the reason to use Todo Backup. We are here to give you the right answer.

The foremost reason is that it is free of cost and no one would like to spend bucks if they are getting the best for free.

Most of the famous websites also suggest you to use the Todo Backup software instead of all other choices. With the passage of time there have been significant changes and upgrades

in this PC backup software such as support of Windows 8 that would be admirable by most of the users.

They provide a highly supportive customer care services that would always be ready to help you anytime you want. I hope all these reasons would be sufficient to convince anyone to use these. The rest all depends upon the usage.


The fantastic feature of this PC backup software is that you do not need to reinstall your operating system to get your data back. You can back up the data, hard disk, individual file or directory according to your choice that you think could be needed by you in future.

So whenever you need to recover back the data, you can choose yourself and do not need to recover the whole data. The new feature that has been added to the PC backup software is that you may even create a backup of contacts, messages, call logs, music and videos in the android phones and tablets.

It is really easy to use and do not need any technical skills for use. Once you have installed it, you will get a lifetime free updates and upgrades as well as the free customer care services.

How to use EaseUSTodo Backup?

EaseUSTodo Backup comes with a very user friendly interface that can be operated by newbies even. You don’t need to have high level of technical knowledge for using it. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Download EaseUSTodo Backup from official portal.
  2. Install it (like any other app/software).
  3. Open it, you will see a screen full of various potions like Backup, Recovery, Schedule Backup, Clone etc
  4. Choose the appropriate option and follow some simple onscreen instrucions.

So with EaseUSTodo Backup software you can protect your PC from various data loss threats. It is free, simple, reliable and provides great output that can solve all your PC Backup problems.