6 Great Reasons to Build Your Own Computer

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Aliaksandra L
Aliaksandra is the creator and contributor to the Tech Boot Camp - technology blog that teaches the beginners to build a computer. Having been passionate about computer hardware for years, she wanted to share her knowledge with others and jumped into blogging.
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Aliaksandra L
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Reasons to Build a PC

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/azwolskiart/7040753697/

If you believe in the death of a desktop PC, I am sorry to disappoint you. Desktop is very much alive and is doing fairly well. No matter how many tablets you might have in your household, or how many cell phones you go through each year, all mobile devices are much rather a complement to the desktop PC than a viable threat.

So if you are in the market for computing power and outstanding performance, you should be heading to the desktop aisle. If you consider yourself a smart shopper, you could be thinking of building one yourself. Why wouldn’t you? Here are some great reasons that might inspire you to build your own PC.

1. Get Exactly What You Want

It goes without saying, you are your own boss when it comes to building a PC. You choose the kind of computer you want to build, select the components you like most, and customize it for whatever you want it to do.

With pre-built computers, very often you will have to compromise on something. Whether it is the graphics card that could be better, or the storage capacity of the hard drive that could be larger, the looks of the case, or something else, it is very rare that you would like all the specs. You could upgrade, but why would you want to try to fix something when you could get exactly what you want with a custom build PC?

2. Save Money

You won’t save money every time you build a computer yourself. Lower-end or mid-range desktops are already offered at reasonable prices through the manufacturers. They will do great for an average user who needs it for web browsing or e-mail, but it may not be powerful enough for much more.

Professional or gaming computers tend to be more expensive. In this case, you are much more likely to spend less by building one yourself. There are many ways to save money when building on a budget. If interested, you can read about it here.

3. Gain Knowledge

You don’t need to have a degree in Computer Engineering to be able to assemble a computer on your

own. However, it is definitely worth reading through a few articles or watching a couple of videos to familiarize yourself with the process. Computer components are not cheap, so educating yourself about computer parts and reading the manuals can help you to avoid many expensive mistakes.

The knowledge you gain by building your own PC is extremely valuable. Not only it expands your understanding of how the computer works, but it also can come very handy in future. Knowing your way around troubleshooting or part upgrades can save you both time and money.

4. Help the Environment

One of the reasons why the sales of mobile devices are soaring is their extremely short lifespan. Whether it gets old too quickly or breaks, your options of upgrade or repair are very limited or non-existent. You might not even think about what happens to that thing you drop into a recycling container on your way to the store for a new one, but it surely doesn’t magically become completely harmless for the planet.

Custom build computers, on the other hand, are much greener for the environment. Desktop repairs are much easier, and outdated components can always be upgraded, thus increasing the longevity of the custom build PC. As a result, you can use the same computer for years before it will need to be completely replaced, which certainly results in less of them getting buried in the landfill.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Software

If you ever purchased a new computer from the manufacturer, you should know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t pay attention to the kind of programs you have installed on the computer, you will be reminded of some of them soon enough. Whether it is an annoying pop-up window asking you to continue the trial of the program you never needed in the first place, or the application from the manufacturer you cannot establish the purpose for, most likely, you will end up uninstalling and deleting all the unnecessary software that came pre-installed.

When you are building your own computer, you have the power to install only the software you want. Building your own computer with the sole purpose to avoid unnecessary software from the manufacturer may be an overkill, but not having to deal with it in custom build PCs is certainly a pleasant bonus.

6. Have Fun

As if the above mentioned reasons are not enough, you might want to build your own computer just for fun. Just like an exciting, but challenging project, custom build computers bring pride and sense of accomplishment to its makers. Although that might not be the kind of fun that suits everybody, there are many people who do it as much for a journey itself as for the end result.

If you were to build a computer, what would your reasons be? Please share your thoughts in comments!