6 Great Reasons to Build Your Own Computer

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Aliaksandra is the creator and contributor to the Tech Boot Camp - technology blog that teaches the beginners to build a computer. Having been passionate about computer hardware for years, she wanted to share her knowledge with others and jumped into blogging.
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Aliaksandra L
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Reasons to Build a PC

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/azwolskiart/7040753697/

If you believe in the death of a desktop PC, I am sorry to disappoint you. Desktop is very much alive and is doing fairly well. No matter how many tablets you might have in your household, or how many cell phones you go through each year, all mobile devices are much rather a complement to the desktop PC than a viable threat.

So if you are in the market for computing power and outstanding performance, you should be heading to the desktop aisle. If you consider yourself a smart shopper, you could be thinking of building one yourself. Why wouldn’t you? Here are some great reasons that might inspire you to build your own PC.

1. Get Exactly What You Want

It goes without saying, you are your own boss when it comes to building a PC. You choose the kind of computer you want to build, select the components you like most, and customize it for whatever you want it to do.

With pre-built computers, very often you will have to compromise on something. Whether it is the graphics card that could be better, or the storage capacity of the hard drive that could be larger, the looks of the case, or something else, it is very rare that you would like all the specs. You could upgrade, but why would you want to try to fix something when you could get exactly what you want with a custom build PC?

2. Save Money

You won’t save money every time you build a computer yourself. Lower-end or mid-range desktops are already offered at reasonable prices through the manufacturers. They will do great for an average user who needs it for web browsing or e-mail, but it may not be powerful enough for much more.

Professional or gaming computers tend to be more expensive. In this case, you are much more likely to spend less by building one yourself. There are many ways to save money when building on a budget. If interested, you can read about it here.

3. Gain Knowledge

You don’t need to have a degree in Computer Engineering to be able to assemble a computer on your own. However, it is definitely worth reading through a few articles or watching a couple

of videos to familiarize yourself with the process. Computer components are not cheap, so educating yourself about computer parts and reading the manuals can help you to avoid many expensive mistakes.

The knowledge you gain by building your own PC is extremely valuable. Not only it expands your understanding of how the computer works, but it also can come very handy in future. Knowing your way around troubleshooting or part upgrades can save you both time and money.

4. Help the Environment

One of the reasons why the sales of mobile devices are soaring is their extremely short lifespan. Whether it gets old too quickly or breaks, your options of upgrade or repair are very limited or non-existent. You might not even think about what happens to that thing you drop into a recycling container on your way to the store for a new one, but it surely doesn’t magically become completely harmless for the planet.

Custom build computers, on the other hand, are much greener for the environment. Desktop repairs are much easier, and outdated components can always be upgraded, thus increasing the longevity of the custom build PC. As a result, you can use the same computer for years before it will need to be completely replaced, which certainly results in less of them getting buried in the landfill.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Software

If you ever purchased a new computer from the manufacturer, you should know what I’m talking about. Even if you don’t pay attention to the kind of programs you have installed on the computer, you will be reminded of some of them soon enough. Whether it is an annoying pop-up window asking you to continue the trial of the program you never needed in the first place, or the application from the manufacturer you cannot establish the purpose for, most likely, you will end up uninstalling and deleting all the unnecessary software that came pre-installed.

When you are building your own computer, you have the power to install only the software you want. Building your own computer with the sole purpose to avoid unnecessary software from the manufacturer may be an overkill, but not having to deal with it in custom build PCs is certainly a pleasant bonus.

6. Have Fun

As if the above mentioned reasons are not enough, you might want to build your own computer just for fun. Just like an exciting, but challenging project, custom build computers bring pride and sense of accomplishment to its makers. Although that might not be the kind of fun that suits everybody, there are many people who do it as much for a journey itself as for the end result.

If you were to build a computer, what would your reasons be? Please share your thoughts in comments!


  1. Hi Aliaksandra L, great write up. I used to be big into building my own computers, but that was many years ago. At that time components were much cheaper to assemble as opposed to buying one already configured. Now days you can’t really get out much cheaper in self built PCs. But there are still many advantages to building your own, as you’ve already mentioned.

    I just recently purchased a new Tower with an i7 and 16 gigs of RAM, and fortunately all the specs were just what I needed. I do a lot of digital graphics artwork and video processing so it handles the job well. Plus I didn’t have to take the time to put it all together. But I agree there is a lot of joy and a sense of accomplishment in building your own computer. I think everyone should do it at least once!

    Thanks again for a great post
    Best Regards,
    Robert Tuttle
    Robert Tuttle recently posted…Body Jerks and Brain FreezesMy Profile

  2. hi Aliaksandra, nice info too for me. Quality parts i choose myself, this is important reason to build my own computer . A retail PC may carry a storied brand logo on the front panel. And if you bought an Intel or AMD PC, you can probably count on that actual CPU being inside. But who makes the parts in the rest of the machine? Often, the vendor’s support team won’t know, either.

    That’s because from week to week, a manufacturer may switch OEM suppliers for the memory chips, hard drive, optical drive, and other components all to get the best deal for that batch of machines. Choose your own parts with our help, of course and you’ll always know what you’re getting.
    anastris recently posted…Para perempuan yang ingin hidup lama ayo lakukan diet kaya kalsiumMy Profile

  3. I am also of the same feeling Aliaksandra, tablets or smartphones are not going to completely replace PC for sure. Tablets are being purchased as an additional device, not replacing the primary desktop or notebook, so they are bought more frequently. Any of these reasons mentioned in the article is quite enough to go for a PC to do things you like the most.
    alan recently posted…Whatsapp for PC Download, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  4. I appreciate your feedback, alan! Sometimes I think that the whole hype about the desktop being dead actually comes from the manufacturers of the mobile devices to promote their product. People still use a desktop for graphics-heavy applications and gaming, as there is no replacement powerful enough that could offer what the desktop delivers in terms of performance.
    Aliaksandra L recently posted…Is There Any Harm in Leaving the Computer On 24/7?My Profile

    • I am a gaming addict, I always prefer a desktop PC for gaming as I can make any changes with its specification whenever I feel that I am not getting 100% from it. Same case is not true about tablets or smartphones as you can only change the device if it doesn’t fit to your basic need. Most importantly you won’t be getting the same feeling you get with these PC’s while playing games on these Tabs. So for me, there is still a long way to go for these tabs if they want to replace PC, however I don’t thing it is possible in coming 15-20 years.
      alan recently posted…Whatsapp for PC Download, Whatsapp for Windows 7/8/Vista ComputerMy Profile

  5. Aliaksandra, I didn’t think anyone still built their own PCs. I thought about it years ago and I used to pick up the big Computer Shopper catalogs. My current desktop is getting a little long in the tooth and will need to be replaced soon. Before heading out to Best Buy or Walmart, I will consider building my own and getting it just the way I want it. Thanks for awakening a long deferred dream!
    Jack Malone recently posted…Winter Tires – Chuck the Chains and Grab Some Good ChemistryMy Profile

    • I hear that a lot! Many people think that it no longer makes sense to build your own computer. But after having worked in a big computer retail store, I noticed that there were so many people coming to purchase computer parts every day! Go to any tech forum and you will see hundreds of feeds asking for help with custom build PCs. Besides, Newegg.com will be out of business by now if that was the case!
      Aliaksandra L recently posted…Is There Any Harm in Leaving the Computer On 24/7?My Profile

  6. Great idea Aliaksandra! I’m a fan of DIY and do a lot of things on my own – like homemade cleaning products. So what would stop me from making my own computer. Its fun, I know what goes inside and I can build a machine that I exactly wanted (minus all the bells and whistles that I don’t want).

    Of course, I could use some expertise – I have friends who are good at this. Thanks for sharing!
    Jane recently posted…Useful Digital Camera PDAs You Should ConsiderMy Profile

  7. Desktops are still my favorites. As a coder by profession I have to change 3 to 4 keyboards per year. And I just have to get a new one and plug it in.

    I can never dream of doing web development on a tablet. LOL.
    Keral Patel recently posted…5 Important Steps for Improving Your WordPress Website TrafficMy Profile

  8. Assembling a PC of your own is still in fashion in my area. Hardcore Gamers especially prefer this option as they can choose what configuration they want in their machines. There are still very few branded PCs for gamers and they are too expensive.
    By assembling a desktop of your own, you can decide on its parts, cut your costs and most importantly you get to know whats inside your cabinet.
    And desktops are going nowhere. Most of the graphic intensive application users are still prefering desktops over both laptops and tablets. Neither laptop nor tablets can replicate the blazing performance of a top level desktop, anytime in near future.

    Thanks for sharing this informative particle, Aliaksandra.

  9. Hi,

    I agree with Aliaksandra, tablets or smartphones are not going to completely replace PC for sure. For a hardcore gamers like me Desktop PC will be 1st priority :)

    Sushen recently posted…Free Download Viber for PC on Windows 7/8/XP and MacMy Profile

  10. well whenever there comes the issue of compatibility, computer systems lag behind.
    But for high performance gaming purposes, they are still in use widely across the globe.
    yogesh recently posted…Space Telescope: The James Webb Space TelescopeMy Profile

  11. The fun part is actually a bit scary. If a person does not know the stuff, he will end up doing something wrong. But the fact that you can make your dream combo if you plan to built it yourself, this is what the beauty of this thing
    SAJID recently posted…FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  12. Reasons to build your own computer is all about customization and control…
    1) fun
    2) learn a lot at the time of the study to build the “perfect”
    3) be able to save a lot of money
    4) make it look however you want
    Chetan recently posted…Choosing Real Estate Builders & Developers in MumbaiMy Profile

  13. True you can get a better PC by building it. But all the time spent getting it together and maintaining it (drivers et all) is a hidden expense, which marks it out as enthusiast territory. I’m a laptop user now, but when I did make my PC I spent almost more time getting it ‘just right’ (I know, my addiction, not everyone’s) than using it.
    If you pay more, you can get PCs with better video cards and so on. It really depends what you want to part with- your time or your money
    It’s really interesting post

    • Thank you for sharing your story, Sagar! You’re right, the building process does take time, but I believe that very often it is as much about the process as it is about the end result. A lot of people enjoy putting computers together, so I think, if building your own computer is not an exciting project for you, than maybe you shouldn’t do it. Because you don’t have to, as you can pay somebody to assemble it for you, or buy a pre-built PC.
      Aliaksandra L recently posted…Is There Any Harm in Leaving the Computer On 24/7?My Profile

  14. Pretty True….;)
    I am really thankful you have atleast made me think of building new one this time…;)
    SAJID recently posted…FIFA 14 free for iOS and AndroidMy Profile

  15. Leon Bailey says:

    Yep! After my last PC died I decided to go ahead and build my next one…used old parts from my old PC until I could afford to get everything piece by piece. With me being a video editor I needed the ability to customize what I wanted and get the strongest parts that I could afford. It worked out great and a lot cheaper than buying say a MACbook Pro. Very good post!

  16. It’s feel so great when you assemble your computer on your own. I had one old computer at home, I bought a new pc recently with good configs and to utilize the abandon old PC I opened it and take its fan, ram out of it and put it in a new PC. It’s really a fun :)
    Sushen recently posted…Free Download Nimbuzz for PC on Windows and Mac OSMy Profile

  17. Actually, I’ve always been a kind of DIY man and a real hacker, so I’ve always built my machines on my own. When it’s about pc’s, you don’t have to pay the companies for assembling the cheapest hardware if you want a sustainable desktop computer. It is different with laptops, there isn’t enough space to some hacks, but some mods can make your factory-built machine way much better (I’ve just removed the optical drive from my laptop to make enough space for a brand new ssd drive, which is so cool!).
    And let’s talk about the macs as well… I’ve owned several macbooks and macs in the last couple of years, and I have to say that the laptops of the Cupertino company are really well-assembled. None of the hackers or builders could do it better, but you have to pay the (too high) price for that professional hardware. And what about the iMacs? The most professional graphic designers and visual artists prefer the OSX system because its stability, although they just want a powerful desktop machine. MacPros are extremely expensive, so I’ve decided to build my own hackintosh. (I know it might be a crime, but… you know:)) All the hardware must be selected carefully, you have to search for drivers, but after you’ve managed it, you’ve got a powerful workstation (much more powerful than the MacPro) for the half price, with the most stable system. So a fact is a fact: I absolutely agree with your points, it is really worth to build your own computer, not only because it’s more affordable and you can learn a lot of the tech stuff during the building process, but it is so much fun! best, Peter from Hungary
    Peter recently posted…3D nyomtatás otthon speciális anyagokkalMy Profile

  18. Great post Aliaksandra:)
    Being a Green dreamer , I always opt for Customized PC :)
    Though the time we spent to make it ‘all right’ is long, the enjoyment and the feeling we own after making it up is something that you cant own for dollars.
    Jessica Parker recently posted…Why Healthcare Practices Need Claims Management OutsourcingMy Profile

  19. Big Idea there Aliaksandra. And it is also a good way to exercise what you get in school especially for those who have specialized in the technical part of computers. The fact that you can save money, save the environment and finally make money is enough reason for building your own computer.
    Anetta Bursh recently posted…Viber for PC (Windows & MAC Computer) DownloadMy Profile

  20. Thanks Aliasksanda for the post. I use to install any software I see at first and it really affected my computer’s performance negatively. I think you make great points with your post.
    Ngah Bneoit recently posted…Interview with Adamu Melo: The first time he fell in LoveMy Profile

  21. A nice post that can to building a pc at an affordable price, but still have a good performance,Thanks Aliaksandra :)
    nugroho recently posted…Cara Alami Mengatasi RematikMy Profile

  22. The biggest reason to build our computer ourself is that we only know our needs and requirements better than anyone else or the product selling company knows. If we make it ourself, it would be more satisfying than ever.
    Jafar Dhada recently posted…Samsung Galaxy Y Price in IndiaMy Profile

  23. I absolutely agree with you. these are all the same reasons that i am looking forward to build my own computer. Well done with the writing. They are thought provoking points

  24. I’m planing for long time to build my own PC, but still never done it. I really like the feeling of working on a PC that i build it, i suppose it is great. My next PC will be: Made by Tamara :)
    Tamara recently posted…15 Best Websites to Watch TV Shows Online FREEMy Profile

  25. Ya every thing has its own features and limits. Smartphones and tablets are the main part of our life today but desktops are still of a lots of importance. Thanks for providing nice read.
    Mahendra recently posted…Aakash 4 specifications and price detailsMy Profile

  26. Hey Aliaksandra,
    Nice post and Yes, building your own computer really helps in saving our money. We all know that no single company build everything good, so using best component of different company helps us in making our computer work good. Thanks for sharing this post.
    Sudipto recently posted…Best Android Phone Under 12000 In IndiaMy Profile

  27. I agree with your points, you have raised good points in this post. This is really nice post, thanks for sharing this.
    Prakash recently posted…InstaFrame for PC, InstaFrame for MAC, InstaFrame for AdnroidMy Profile

  28. Days of getting customization done is gone, now a days there are so many options that you will get one of your needs without hassle. Nice post by the way

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