Adsense, every blogger’s dream!

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get adsense approved

Getting your Adsense approved is the most prevalent dream of any blogger. Making money has always been an arduous job, be it online or offline. I started blogging around three and a half months back, the only motive behind my blogging was earning money. I am from a middle class family with gargantuan dreams, be […]

Promote Your Dental Clinic Using the Internet

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Being a small business owner can be a very satisfying, yet sometimes extremely troublesome experience. Not only do you have to work with everyday tasks and problems, but you also have to have in mind a bigger picture, which is expanding your business. Of course, every business is made to produce money, and running a […]

3 Ways to Get More People to Consume Your Content

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You hear it time and time again, “Content is king!” And it is hard to argue with that mantra when you consider the following statistics: Companies that blog receive 55 percent more visitors than those that don’t Content produces 3 times more leads than legacy channels do Seventy percent of consumers prefer to get to […]

How I Got 240 Unique Visitors To My Site By Just 1 Comment!

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My Weblog known as Tech fanboys is a technology blog that gets some 500 guests daily. Here are some excellent opportunities for generating many visitors to your website by leaving comments on some excellent high-profile blogs. This content which i’m composing today will describe how I got 230+ unique visitors in a week by posting […]

Why Businesses Cannot Ignore the Importance of Facebook

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Importance of Facebook for Businesses

Be it is a small bakery in your locality or the popular emblem that we all have renowned for years, you will find small and big enterprises hardworking on social networking. It is factual that the social media revolution has had a huge influence on the small-size enterprises more by supplying them infinite opportunities to […]

Own Your Content Channels (Why Email Is An Old Friend)

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The strongest way to build your digital space is to own it. Don’t build it on someone else’s terms. Anyone who thinks that Facebook or Twitter is a place owned and controlled by yourself is bonkers. Whether you’ve taken your time to go through Facebook’s 14,000 word terms and conditions or think that it’s ok for Twitter […]

Should I Give Content Away Free (Or Keep It In Storage)?

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If you give content away free it encourages your audience to see you as an honest and selfless authority within your industry. Don’t become a hoarder and keep your expertise in storage and finally open the doors when there is a desperate need for it, when all along the only person who cared about it most was yourself. Lets […]

Talking Content Marketing – Sonja Jefferson Interview

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To have the opportunity to discuss content and the role it plays with one of the creators from one of this year’s truly insightful books, was always going to be an interesting chat. Sonja Jefferson is co-author of Valuable Content Marketing, a truly valuable book from 2013 that helps others understand the importance of content in […]

4 Things Candy Buffets Can Teach You about Marketing

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From Flickr user Natalie Kerschner via Creative Commons

I’d like to kick off this small lecture on small business by talking about candy. Specifically – candy buffets. If you aren’t familiar, candy buffets are those decorative spreads of sugar sticks and bon-bons, often presented in apothecary jars, which have taken wedding receptions and other celebratory gatherings by storm recently. At first, these tooth-racking […]

Content Marketing’s Paperboy Comparison

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Design and content marketing Bournemouth The ID Group

The role social media plays in the progress of your content marketing is similar to that of the role of a paperboy. Yes, it’s another article with a metaphor. Your Website Is Your Primary Source Your website represents your key platform of information and the main source of content. The role that the channels you use form the distribution of information where […]