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get adsense approved

get adsense approved

Getting your Adsense approved is the most prevalent dream of any blogger. Making money has always been an arduous job, be it online or offline.

I started blogging around three and a half months back, the only motive behind my blogging was earning money. I am from a middle class family with gargantuan dreams, be it related to my family, my career or my future.

It’s been past three and a half months that I dedicated everything to blogging, my happiness and my pain. All I could see was just to get my application approved anyhow. And so results and my hard work finally got paid, I got my application approved today. Congratulations to Me.! Hurray!

Now the question arises that how was I able to make upto their policies?

I am the owner of this website, and it is just because of this website that my application was approved. Coming onto to my stats:

Neither my traffic is that high, it fluctuates around 70-80 visitors per day as per my Google Analytics are concerned. I even have some adult content on my website, be it in terms of relationship advices.

So finally after doing 6-7 hours of research I have come up to the conclusion  about AdSense that:

  1. Content is the king.
  2. Traffic has nothing to do with your disapproval.
  3. Have a clean theme setup; buy a good premium theme that may add charm to your blog.
  4. Search Engine Optimization is all bull.
  5. Don’t give any thoughts to any of the crawling errors or 404 errors. They just divert your mind.
  6. Buy a good domain of length ranging between 7-14 characters.
  7. Keep your content within your niche.
  8. Regular updating is must; try to capture the depth of the post.
  9. I forgot to write the key point, building up back-links is very important. Find some good sites, and try and drop a link onto them be it in terms of comments or by simply registering.
  10. Age of domain doesn’t matter at all. For Indian bloggers, six months line has been setup but I finally got my Adsense approved in just three and a half months.

There are some points that I wanted to share them with you about Google AdSense. If you have something more to share do feel comfortable to comment. Your feedback will be appreciated and Happy Blogging!


  1. I am a regular reader of this blog and today while opening the site, this post brought tears in my eyes. I have started a blog 2 years back and I wanted to earn money from that. But unfortunately adsense didn’t approve me. I tried a lot, used several ids to get into adsense but they disapproved by not less than 10 times. Yes, adsense is really a dream of every blogger.

    • Oh! I am sorry to hear that, don’t loose hope buddy. Try try untill you suceed. I too faced many hurdles, i gave up many a time. But still somehow managed to get through.
      Vaibhav Gupta recently posted..PicsArt App For LumiaMy Profile

    • Twitter:
      Hello Kartik,

      It is my understanding that Adsense is a bit overrated. Why not try other monetization methods like selling Ad space directly and maybe sponsored posts? You’ll be amazed by the results you’ll be able to pull!

      Kindly think outside the box.

      Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..TOP 10 WORDPRESS PLUGINS YOU SHOULD USE ON YOUR BLOGMy Profile

      • Yeah this time I am actually gonna try some other affiliate links but as everyone knows that adsense is the king, I will try my level best to get approved this time. I will take all these tips in account and will succeed some day.

    • wow this information is amazing and yes your totally right Google Adsense is the real deal once you master blogging, I am new to blogging and online marketing but I have read a lot of successful stories from people who use google adsense, thanks for sharing and keep up the great content :)

  2. Twitter:
    Vaibhav 6 month restriction for adsense approval is apply for Pakistani blogs also and what adsense categories you will suggest to earn maximum as I earn just 2 or 3 cents on my ads clicks.
    Mahboob Amjad recently posted..4 Reasons why you should refer to Professional SEO CompaniesMy Profile

  3. Twitter:
    Hey Vaibhav,
    Nice post and Yes, approved adsense account is dream of every blogger. These days every blogger start blogging to make money online and adsense really helps in making money. Thanks for sharing this post with us.
    Sudipto recently posted..Best Android Phone Under 5000My Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Hey Vaibhav,
    You are right! It happened to me a long time back where my adsense account got approved when my blog was just started off with some 20 good quality post. At that time my blog traffic was less than 50 a day but still my application was accepted. I think you were right, Content makes the huge diff rather than the traffic of a website in approval of adsense application.
    Abinav recently posted..Zoutons Honest ReviewMy Profile

  5. Twitter:
    Placing ads at the appropriate place on a website is the most important as I myself have tried different position, although at some location it’s very obvious to be seen but then the click through rate was low! Always follow Google’s guideline of ads placement will help one to achieve their adsense target. Cheers!
    Nick Chan recently posted..Vienna: The Original Cafe Sacher & Night In Inner StadtMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Hello Vaibhav,

    Interesting piece. While I must congratulate you, please kindly note that Adsense is a bit overrated and it would perhaps pay you better if you have other great monetizing options on ground too…or else, you have tons of traffic – which you sadly admit you don’t.

    Take care – and enjoy the learning curve.

    Akaahan Terungwa recently posted..TOP 10 WORDPRESS PLUGINS YOU SHOULD USE ON YOUR BLOGMy Profile

  7. Twitter:
    Depending on the niche, AdSense might not be the best option. Simply AdSense isn’t the best money maker for blogs. My account was approved in 2007, though at that time the procedure for approval was very easy.
    Kaloyan Banev recently posted..Rank Ranger – SEO Campaign Management and TrackingMy Profile

  8. Vidushi says:

    Great Article. Will definitely help me when I will try getting Adsense approved. Wanted to ask what is the right time to apply for Adsense? Like my blog is just few weeks old and have only 7 posts. I am updating it on a regular basis. So when should I apply for Adsense or even think about Adsense? I am newbie so don’t have much knowledge about this.

    Thanks in advance :)

    • Hello Vidushi, I appreciate your comments.
      Keep updating your blog regularly, and try and apply for adsense in more or about 8-9 months time. Initially your application will be rejected but dont give up. kepp trying and happy blogging!
      Vaibhav Gupta recently posted..PicsArt App For LumiaMy Profile

  9. Twitter:
    Hey Vaibhav,

    First of all congrats to you for getting approved your adsense application. Not many bloggers are able to do that. Apart from that you mentioned some controversial points here as well, like domain age doesn’t matter, 404 error pages doesn’t bother. I’m sure not many people would agree with you.
    Pankaj recently posted..All in One Recharge SoftwareMy Profile

  10. Dasangam Rahul says:

    Adsense is one of the best way to Monetize our website.but getting approval is very tough in these days.You gave some Perfect points to get adsense approval easily.thanks for sharing these valid points.

  11. Having adsense account is not the issue here, what makes adsense adsense is the ability to monetize and the traffic that’s coming to your blog. when you have adsense with out good keywords and good clicks, you will never enjoy it until your do things the right way. check my posts on how to verify your adsense account in 24 hours by clicking on my profile

    • Hello Chris. May be your views are quiet different from mine! Adsense is not just a pich of sand to get in your hand. By the way, i appreciate your views and will look forward with that

  12. gkduniya says:

    Congrat for your approval. I also try sevaral times but fail. It is more than 18 months old. No adult content there also. I think actually adsense approved sites more with mobile, technology , application types of website.

  13. any other alternatives you would like to mention then?

  14. Twitter:
    Can you take a look at my site (, i got rejected by adsense recently. But i got other services acceptance but i wanna try for google adsense only.
    Nithesh Chakravarthi recently posted..Create And Host Your Own Online QR Generator | Download ScriptMy Profile

    • Hello Nitesh, It would be useless for me to look at your site as I am in no state to decide your application acceptance or rejection. Still il try and have a look and will surely inform you about your weak points.
      Vaibhav Gupta recently posted..PicsArt App For LumiaMy Profile

  15. Twitter:
    It is good if we are approved to join adsense publisher program though it is not easy thing to do. Another problem once we get approved is to increase our adsense revenue. Many bloggers disappointed by their adsense revenue performance.
    Okto recently posted..Why Has No One Clicked My AdsenseMy Profile

  16. Twitter:
    but my request to upgrade the account is still under review :/ it’s been 12 days you know
    Jakaria Hassan recently posted..5 Killer Tips To Be A Successful BloggerMy Profile

  17. Alessandro says:

    Cool, great article!I wrote a similar post in italian on Network di Successo

  18. Your title line is 100% true. However, many people are finding it hard to get an approved Adsense account. Google have strict policies for Asian applicants.
    Deeepak recently posted..Maharashtra SSC Result 10th Class 2014 DeclaredMy Profile

  19. Twitter:
    I am reading these articles on the website for the first time. I am happy to reading this article as i m trying to approve my AdSense from last two months. But every time it got disapproved & i was looking for the criteria or points to approve adsense. I made mistake by not making backlinks and i was focusing on visitors per day. My website average visitors are 100 to 200 per day and even people liking my article but still my adsense got disapproved. I want to thanks Vaibhav Gupta for sharing these important points with us. Hope my adsense also got approved.
    NitinDabas recently posted..Saturday Box Office Collection of Holiday | Holiday 2nd Day IncomeMy Profile

  20. Hey Vaibhav, Very congratulations that you made it just in few months, but unfortunately i am still waiting to get the google adsense approval for my website… I really wish i could it approved soon ;) Anyways really great and helpful article Vaibhav!

    Keep it up buddy

  21. Twitter:
    Amen VB ;) So much potential with Adsense. Thanks!
    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..How to Be Happy If You’re Struggling to Make Money OnlineMy Profile

  22. I guess it’s harder for certain websites to get approved on adsense. The struggle for me wasn’t getting approved, but it’s actually earning any real money. Content is definitely king in both situations.
    Adam recently posted..HTML 5 and CSS jQuery Log-in and Registration Popup BoxMy Profile

  23. Twitter:
    Hello Vaibhav, I guess the title of the post is bit controversial as it says, “Adsense every bloggers dream”. Well most of bloggers who have sprouted up recently it might be a dream for them as their man concern is to earn money but believe me there are many others out there who do not blog just for adsense. Even Darren Rowse didn’t monetize his blog for first year and only started it as way of earning once he had a large base of followers.
    Prateek recently posted..Download Azar for PC | Azar for Windows, MacMy Profile

  24. Rameez Malik says:

    Though all the points that you explained were fantastic and up to the mark but I would strongly favor the quality of the content as it can never deceive you despite of the presence of vast competition in every niche.Yet the final decision is always in the hands of Google

  25. Twitter:
    It’s great that you got approved for Adsense. Now you need to focus on keeping within good standing. Google can just as easily kick you out of the programme with no explanation needed.

    I think it’s a good idea to have a back up plan as there isn’t as much money in Adsense as there used to be.
    Pasha O recently posted..How to stop people hotlinking to your images in WordPressMy Profile

  26. I personnaly moved away from AdSense after one year for something with better and more consistent CPM and more than tripled my income that way. The problem with adSense is their “Page CPM” system : You get paid for page views where all others pay for Ads viewed.
    It makes you feel like you have a great CPM rate compared to other services when you’re only just below average of most, if not all the decent ads providers out there.

    • What methods did you implement? After leaving Adsense… Any alternatives that you would like to mention?
      Vaibhav Gupta recently posted..Collages Maker App For LumiaMy Profile

      • Most professional ad networks have some form of criteria before accepting your website or blog. On our website, Arcana Gaming, we ditched adSense for Waypoint Media, an ad network specialized in gaming, and overall awesome guys. We still use adSense to fill ads spots that were not sold though, that’s about 2% of ads impressions. For other niches, off the top of my head there is Coversant (ex-valueclick, CPM/CPC) who requires a minimum of 3000 montly pageviews and provides a good CPM (depending on your niche, could go up to $0.40, maybe more), but there are many, many more like BuySellAds (CPM), Medianet (CPC) etc… The hardest part is to find the network that suits you. At least, that was the hard part for us.

        One of the most important thing is to always look for other networks, stay up to date with the ad publishing scene and NEVER think you’re married with your ad provider. If the neighbor offers better income, go for it without hesitation. Test it out for a couple weeks and stick with it (or not) until it’s not the best value for you anymore. There is no such thing as brand loyalty in this business.

  27. Twitter:
    Nice Article in which you highlights some aspects regarding the approval of Google Adsense. No doubt the criteria of getting Adsense is very much difficult specially for Asian countries. But its the dream of every single blogger.
    Muhammad Mairaj recently posted..How To Write Articles For MoneyMy Profile

  28. Yes you are right adsense is the dream of every blogger. And it is hard to get approval from them. If we follow all the guidelines you have mentioned here then it is easy to get approval. Thanks for this nice post. This is really helpful for me.
    Neha recently posted..Acne Vulgaris | How Does Acne Develop | Types of Acne | Types of PimplesMy Profile

  29. Karan Bhagat says:

    I think all of the above points are absolutely accurate and thanks for including the most important thing in your write up that it is not necessary to wait for 6 long months to get adsense approval. You are the live example of it.

  30. Twitter:
    Adsense is the dream of every blogger You are absolutely right Vaibhav. The tips you have provided here for getting approval is really great. Thanks for this nice share.
    Riya Khurana recently posted..WhatsApp for PC Windows 7/8/MAC, WhatsApp Para PCMy Profile

  31. Twitter:
    Sometimes adsense rejects applications for really small reasons, and they don’t even tell you where the problem lies. I got rejected and they didn’t even told me what was the problem. I read on a blog that they even match the personal information you provided while registering your domain with the information you provided while creating your account. My phone no wasn’t matching. I fixed that problem up and I got accepted in adsense. I can only advice you to never give it up; you never know how close you are to your destiny.
    Hamza Butt recently posted..How To Change Or Remove Showing Posts With Label Message In BloggerMy Profile

  32. Great post. I waited 6 months before applying for Ad Sense and it did get approved.
    Lalina recently posted..Gmail Login – – Gmail Sign InMy Profile

  33. Let me add this to your write up. I observe that most of the time when Google rejects application for adsense, it is due to insufficient content. I later on discovered that if you can write post of 00 – 1500 words, you will be approved even if it only contain 8 pages
    Alabi recently posted..How An Award Winning Writer Loses Weight QuicklyMy Profile

  34. sri katyayani says:

    Hi All,

    I am also a new blogger, and started only to earn some money. But all my trials are going waste. Slowly I am loosing hopes also. I tried CJ,Clickbank,Amazon but of no use.

  35. Alok Krishali says:

    Thanks for giving these tips. But i have suffered that pain of not approved adsense..My first website was updateshunt. I have done hard work for that but i couldn’t get adsense.. Than i have just forget about adsense. But now i have got some confident and now i am making new website . Please tell me does this website good for getting adsense..?

  36. I am totally agree with you. clean and unique content are the key to get adsen approval. I got the approval of Google ad-sens account for my romantic couple wallpapers blog at first instance and without any problem.
    Saidulfeni recently posted..Creative Photography Ideas For Romantic CoupleMy Profile

  37. Twitter:
    hello Vaibhav, I have applied for adsense and got a rejection. Then i create some informative and user friendly contents and re-applied. Now,i have a adsense publisher account ! Thanx for your tps about adsense :D
    Krypto Mehedi recently posted..An Ultimate Guide to Approve Adsense for BloggerMy Profile

  38. Twitter:
    Great article, in my opinion getting adsense approval is very easy. I got it within 2 moths with almost 19 posts. May be it is my luck. Thanks for sharing :)
    Sreeraj M Ajay recently posted..5 Benefits of Internal Linking in SEOMy Profile

  39. You must have a really bad site to not get it approved in AdSense. For those who think Adsense is difficul to get in, try some of the premium CPA networks…
    Andy Kent recently posted..Superficiality, Attention Beggars and AlcoholMy Profile

  40. Twitter:
    Hi Vaibhav!! I was earlier blogging through blogspot. I applied for google adsense for that blogspot.
    Later on I switched to wordpress blog. And again applied for google adsense for wordpress blog through same gamil id.
    Now I have received the google adsense confirmation for google blogspot blog. I have deleted my blogspot blog. Can multuiple adsense be taken through one gmail id for different blogs?
    Rajinder Sanwal recently posted..World’s Cheapest Android Kit Kat 4.4 SmartphoneMy Profile

  41. You are 100% right. Adsense is the ultimate way to make money for bloggers.
    Paul recently posted..The Best American Car BrandsMy Profile

  42. Twitter:
    Hi Vaibhav
    Thanks for sharing useful info about Adsense.
    I am also from India and I have approved Adsense account. But the problem is that I did not receive the PIN to activate it even after 6 months and after 6 months, it is inactive. I even closed Adsense account once and reapplied with another blog and got approved again, but again, I did not receive the PIN. Can you help me out how can I get the PIN. Currently my Adsense account is lying dormant.
    Hope you can help
    Jupitor Chakma recently posted..How to Tell When Hip Replacement Surgery Is NecessaryMy Profile

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