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Vaibhav Gupta
I am a student of Computer Science and Engineering and a born entrepreneur. I am the founder of AppsForLumia
Vaibhav Gupta
Vaibhav Gupta

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Vaibhav Gupta
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get adsense approved

get adsense approved

Getting your Adsense approved is the most prevalent dream of any blogger. Making money has always been an arduous job, be it online or offline.

I started blogging around three and a half months back, the only motive behind my blogging was earning money. I am from a middle class family with gargantuan dreams, be it related to my family, my career or my future.

It’s been past three and a half months that I dedicated everything to blogging, my happiness and my pain. All I could see was just to get my application approved anyhow. And so results and my hard work finally got paid, I got my application approved today. Congratulations to Me.! Hurray!

Now the question arises that how was I able to make upto their policies?

I am the owner of this website, and it is just because of this website that my application was approved. Coming onto to my stats:

Neither my traffic is that high, it fluctuates around 70-80 visitors per day as per my Google Analytics are concerned. I even have some adult content on my website, be it in terms of relationship advices.

So finally after doing 6-7 hours of research I have come up to the conclusion  about AdSense that:

  1. Content is the king.
  2. Traffic has nothing to do with your disapproval.
  3. Have a clean theme setup; buy a good premium theme that may add charm to your blog.
  4. Search Engine Optimization is all bull.
  5. Don’t give any thoughts to any of the crawling errors or 404 errors. They just divert your mind.
  6. Buy a good domain of length ranging between 7-14 characters.
  7. Keep your content within your niche.
  8. Regular updating is must; try to capture the depth of the post.
  9. I forgot to write the key point, building up back-links is very important. Find some good sites, and try and drop a link onto them be it in terms of comments or by simply registering.
  10. Age of domain doesn’t matter at all. For Indian bloggers, six months line has been setup but I finally got my Adsense approved in just three and a half months.

There are some points that I wanted to share them with you about Google AdSense. If you have something more to share do feel comfortable to comment. Your feedback will be appreciated and Happy Blogging!