5 Tips for Generating Buzz on Your Blog

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Generating buzz that all blog owners covet can be a challenging task. While you understand that business blogging is an important component of the formula for success, the process of developing a following of significant size is daunting.
Here are some pointers that can guide you in this endeavor:

1. Excel in Your Content

As they say, content is king. If people know they can come to your blog and obtain real help for the issues they face, they will continue to come back. In addition to providing excellent content substance, tailor the content style to your visitors. A relaxed, conversation style works best in most cases. Also, incorporating trending topics into your posts can make your visitors feel your blog is current and up-to-the-minute.

2. Impart Visual Interest into Your Posts

The right image can make your content come alive and help your readers to connect with the topic. For example, if you are blogging about migraine headaches, you can actually find an image of a person clutching their head, grimacing in pain. Or if your blog topic deals with the calming benefits of massage, you can find a picture of a person having a massage whose facial expression portrays the most sublime feeling of relaxation.

Another visual tool you can use is charts. They provide a succinct way of summarizing data that can enhance your content, enabling the reader to quickly digest the information.


graphics can break up the monotony of continued text and also serve to emphasize content you don’t want readers to overlook. When used with discretion, they can be effective.

3. Make it Easy for Readers to Share Your Content

Install the gambit of social media buttons next to your posts to make it convenient for readers to share your content. Don’t hesitate to add all of them, including Facebook Like and tweet, as well as share and email buttons.

4. Interviews

An interview of a noted expert or leader in the blog’s niche can be of great interest. For instance, let’s say you have a natural healing blog on cancer. If you interview a naturopath who has had good results with a cancer treatment, your visitors will hang on every word and likely hit the “share” buttons like crazy. Or if you have a blog that caters to restaurant owners, you could interview a successful restaurant entrepreneur. Your visitors would be keenly interested, since they would want to know exactly what this person did to attain their success.

5. Facilitate Reader Engagement

Be sure to enable your comment section so visitors can share their opinions. Brief surveys can also be helpful in making readers feel involved. You want your blog to foster a sense of community and not be strictly a place where readers seek information.

The art of generating buzz centers on providing valuable content. This perceived value could be enhanced through adding images, interviews and interactive tools. Use your imagination to incorporate additional factors that would make your content more helpful and appealing.