How to Create a Memorable Webinar Hosting Experience

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Christopher Jan Benitez
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Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
Christopher Jan Benitez
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In case you’re not aware, holding webinars are a great way to educate your audience about your products and services. By getting attendees to sign up to your webinar, you already have them at the palm of your hand.

When your webinar runs according to plan, expect attendees to not only become advocates of your brands, but also become your customers!

As the webinar host, the challenge now is making sure that your webinar’s message is sent across to attendees in a clear manner. It’s not simply about following a script that you prepared for the webinar, but you need to come off to your attendees as natural as possible so that your audience will be able to identify with you and what you’re saying.

Even if you’re not a charismatic person, creating this kind of experience that will convert your attendees into believers of your brands is possible. Below are tips that will help you pull this off.

Know your product

Pretty basic but it needs to be said – you need to learn and ins and outs of the online tool or you’re promoting or topic you will discuss through your webinar.

By becoming the subject matter expert of the webinar, you will be able to entertain all questions from your attendees. Answering them correctly will go a long way when it comes to being an authority about the subject, which in turn puts a positive light to your brand.

Know the webinar tool you’re using

The tool you’re using to run your webinar can make or break you. Not all webinars are made the same. Some have features that others don’t, and vice versa. Doing your diligent research will help you find the right webinar tool to use. For example, there are webinar hosting tools that let you run audio and video conferencing (for the benefit of those attending the webinar using VoIP), analyze your webinar performance, and more.

Set up a Plan B

When running webinars, there’s always a chance that you’ll encounter problems along the way such as losing your internet connection,

your computer freezes, and others.

You need for prepare for these issues regardless of how slim the chances of them occurring.

Make sure to have alternative internet connections available as backup if your current one fails during the webinar. Also, get someone from your team to learn the script in case of emergencies that will force you to leave the webinar.

By being prepared, you ensure that the webinar run smoothly and your attendees won’t notice a thing.

Make your presentation pack a punch

How your presentation will come off to attendees is your biggest concern when hosting your webinar.

While most effective presentations are done using slides, there are still some who forego their better judgment by producing really bad slideshow presentations. This will not only cast a bad light on you, but will also have an adverse effect to your business.

Creating a compelling presentation isn’t always about making the best slide deck that you can, but it also involves the mental aspect of presentation. Rehearsing how you will present your slide until you perfect it and showing enthusiasm during the entire webinar will go a long way in getting your attendees to buy into whatever you’re saying.

This excellent article will inform you even further on how you can prepare your presentation by looking at the components of effective oral presentation.

Interact with attendees

It is important in a webinar to talk to your attendees, whether it’s them asking questions or you making small talk with them. How you will interact with them will determine how invested they will be with your presentation.

Aside from encouraging them to ask questions about your presentation, you can use attendees as examples during your discussion. Also, interact between you and your audience can take place outside the webinar. This post will help you identify the different types of interactions and how you can implement each to help strengthen your brand.

Final thoughts: The success of your webinars depends on how willing you are to go that extra mile and provide attendees an unforgettable experience. Following the tips mentioned in the post should help guide you in hosting a webinar that will help hike up your sales and boost your brand.