Use This Tool: Word Processor (Up to 5+ Languages), & Calculator

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David Sneen
David is a proud parent, with 2 daughters who are the proud parents of my 4 grandkids. David Sneen is the founder and president of the Earn More Spend More Group. He created this motivational system because he saw the need for goals with a here and now focus; not goals fixated on some distant rainy day.
David Sneen
David Sneen

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David Sneen
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Not this tool!

A valuable tool; yes and no

A tool that acts as a multi-lingual word processor and editor, as well as a calculator must be quite valuable, right?  Yes, and no.  This tool, in the hands of creative people, has produced awesome results.    Like other tools, it can have great value or be almost worthless.

I intended to imply that this tool is high-tech—even though it isn’t.  But, like many high tech items, it functions well in the hands of an expert; many great poems, stories, and songs have been written with this tool throughout the ages.  Yet, those of us who are not so highly skilled cannot create on that level.

You probably own this tool.  It is not expensive.  I am almost certain that you have used this tool.  But,  you have never used this tool like, say, Leonardo DaVinci.  The tool in the hands of an artist, architect, or scientist can create amazing things.  We are all valuable—even if we are not Leonardo DaVinci.  Your creations are important to you and those around you.   Your creations have (I hope) been on the refrigerators of your parents and grandparents.

The pen and paper; use and abuse 

In case you haven’t guessed it yet; the tool I am speaking of is the pen (or pencil) and paper.

In this high-tech world, the low-tech tools are still useful.  There is still a use for the tried and true methods.

This low-tech tool is still VERY useful!!!

Not everything needs to be high-tech.  Don’t forget the low-tech tools, such as

the pen (or pencil) and paper.   As I started this blog post, I wrote down my ideas and organized them into an outline form on paper.  That written outline helped me organize my thoughts.

The amazing pencil

The pencil is amazing.  You can break this low-tech tool—and it still works.  You can throw this tool and do minimal damage (usually) to the pencil and the object it hits.  How far can you throw your pencil?  Do you ever get angry at your computer?  How far can you throw your computer?   [Disclaimer; don’t try this at home, or anywhere!]

Goals and schedules need to be written

Every evening before bed, I write down my goals for the next day.  What do I hope to accomplish?  How many hours do I have to devote to my business?  Once I started writing down my goals each evening, and focusing on those written goals, I became more productive.

When I wrote my goals down on the computer; they disappeared when I turned the computer off.    Now, I write down my goals and my schedule for the next day; they are there as soon as I rise.  Next morning, when I look at that paper and review the goals I created and the schedule I committed to; I am far more likely to achieve those goals and follow my planned schedule . When my goals and schedules were on the turned-off computer, there would be no such hard copy.

Have you been using the computer, when you should have been using a pen and paper?  Did you ever turn off your computer and decide you needed to change something you just typed?  What did you do—not make the change, or fire up the computer again?  And did you secretly wish that you had a hard copy of your work; although you did not go to the bother of printing it?

In this high tech world, there are still uses for low tech devices.  The pen (or pencil) and paper are still valuable.  Changes can always be made—and made easily.   They create an instant hard copy.  (Yes, computer work can be printed; but that is an extra step.)   Pen and paper  hard copy is right there for immediate use.