Rajasthan – Travel Photography Paradise

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Natan Dotan

Natan Dotan

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I am 48 years old and a retired business man,I have spent the last 8 years as a nature wildlife photographer in middle east , Europe ,India and Africa. i have published coffee table photography books on Kenya, Tanzania,Ethiopia,India and middle east demonstrating the breadth of my photography knowledge and diversity of my life experiences.. My blog is all about sharing and free photography tips&tricks
Natan Dotan
Natan Dotan
Natan Dotan
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The Colorful Place On Earth - How Does It Make Your Photography Better?



Rajasthan – The Colorful Place On Earth – why it is the best travel photography destination


Rajasthan,the land of kings is the largest state in India. The magic of this place is its royalty, vibrant colorful art, culture and heritage. From the sun kissed Thar Desert to colorful cities, breathtaking palaces, exquisite handicrafts and magnificent forts delights every traveler. The state falls mostly on the in-habitable Thar desert, with valley’s of sutlej-indus bordering on the left to Pakistan.

Contrary to the great Thar desert there is this world’s oldest mountain range the Aravalli Range the only hill station, and Mount Abu famous for its Dilwara temples.

3 women in Jaislamer India,by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/ the amazing colors of India,by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

Ok, when we analyze how all these great palaces and forts of rajasthan came into existence, we understand that rajputs, jats, yadavs, gurjars and many other tribes had a major contribution to the rajasthan what we see today.

Rajasthan has been ruled by numerous kings over the period of time. After the decline of the Mughals during 18th century, it was the rajputs who took control. Even as they were facing defeats in 19th century they concluded a treaty with the British. Since this land had many reign’s of Emperors the wealth it has enriched with is, plenty. The forts, Mahals and Haveli’s today are a mix of traditions. The Camels, Snake charmers, Acrobats, Puppeteers its a huge boon for one’s vision.

Pushkar Camel Fare by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

It is not a surprise that the tourism in Rajasthan takes a great account into the state’s revenue. With huge amount of natural beauty and historical importance rajasthan is a great tourist spot. The folk culture and tradition here symbolizes how Incredible India can be, The ghoomar dance with some folk music and the traditional songs which are so simple

usually about the daily life of the natives adds to the don’t miss icon.

Rajhastan India,By Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

The best time to visit Rajasthan is during festivals like Teej, Holi, Diwali, Ganguar, Gogaji, Devnarayan Jayanti, Janmashtami, Sankranti. During these festivals everything lits up, the mood sets in its all celebration everywhere.

So why it is “the travel photography paradise” you ask?

well, let me put it that way:

If  photography in one of the most exotic places on the planet with the most colorful dress and exciting locations is your dream then Rajasthan and Calcutta are your choice. Nowhere else in the world you will find such an amazing street photography scenes,such a strong dominating colors,such a breathtaking landscape and the people…oh the people they are so nice,so warm,so welcoming…

Jaipur fort by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

the holy man by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

Mark Twain once wrote, “India is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”

India, By Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/

the girl from Jaipur by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/


"the hand", by Natan Dotan http://blogwildotan.com/